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Webloyalty rewards their clients and, in turn, their clients’ customers for sticking with an e-commerce provider and giving them their valuable repeat business. You’ve seen similar programs, but in this case Webloyalty truly values consumers and provides excellent membership programs and service guarantees. They promise good service and they keep that promise.

How it Works

Webloyalty clients consist of e-commerce providers. Its reward programs benefit the proprietor as well as those shopping with them. The most popular way that Webloyalty promotes interest is through a $10 cash back award for the customer to use on a return visit to the selling site. With that coupon comes an opportunity to experience a Webloyalty reward program free for 30 days. If the member likes the service they remain enrolled for a low monthly cost. If the member chooses not to remain, he or she can opt out with a guarantee of no hassle and no attempt to resell. In addition, the site owner generates revenue from the marketing and/or sale of the membership programs to consumers.

Clients select the offers presented to their customers from seven, market-tested benefits packages. For example, a Web site selling travel related products or services might want to offer restaurant discounts; hotel fire, theft or overbooking insurance or road and tow service. The member might opt for reservation rewards or extra shopping or travel discounts through Webloyalty. Each time they make a purchase from the original site, the site owner receives a cash reward from Webloyalty.


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If the client wishes to offer rewards customized even more to their site he or she confers with Webloyalty’s team of marketing experts. As a group these managers have accrued over 100 years of direct marketing and Internet experience. As self-starters they offer innovative ideas sure to please clients and their customers. Their novel approach to rewarding loyal shoppers definitely establishes incentives for them to keep coming back.

Security Issues

Thanks to their wealth of experience the Webloyalty team also understands security and privacy issues. Although millions of people now shop online, not every Internet business employs the best methods for keeping customer data private. Webloyalty puts safeguarding information at the top of their priorities, achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – the gold standard in data protection – for the third consecutive year.

Customer Service

Webloyalty’s also rates customer service as a main priority. Customer service representatives are available 7-days a week to provide professional, friendly, no hassle service. Additionally, customer service is available via the Internet or automated telephone system.

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