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What causes rough skin in summer? Explains the condition of summer skin and the points of skin care

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If you are worried about rough skin in the summer, why not review your skin care? In summer, the skin tends to get rough due to the temperature and ultraviolet rays. By reviewing skin care according to the season, you can reduce the risk of rough skin. This time, we will introduce in detail the causes of rough skin in summer and how to review skin care.

I’m worried about rough skin in the summer … What is the condition of summer skin?

If your skin tends to get rough in the summer, pay attention to the condition of your skin. Summer skin is prone to the following problems.


The skin becomes dry and symptoms such as dryness and dusting appear. Some people think of winter as dry, but there are many factors that make it easy to dry even in summer, such as the wind from an air conditioner. When the skin is dry, the barrier function is low, so even a slight stimulus may cause redness and itchiness.

Acne, pimples

Acne and pimples are caused by the increase in P. acnes due to sebum clogged in the pores. In summer, it is said that acne and pimples are more likely to be annoying because a lot of sebum is secreted due to the influence of high temperature and humidity.


The true nature of the sticky skin is sebum. Sebum forms a sebum film when mixed with skin moisture and plays a role in the barrier function of the skin. However, when it increases due to the influence of high temperature and humidity, it becomes sticky. If it is sticky, acne is likely to occur, so it is important to deal with it as soon as possible.


Itching is caused by the contact of irritants with the skin, which has a reduced barrier function. In the summer, the effects of UV rays and air conditioning reduce or damage the barrier function of the skin, so itching is more likely to occur.

What causes rough skin in summer?

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Let’s take a closer look at the causes of rough skin in summer.


Summer is a season when it is easy to sweat due to the high temperature. Since the moisturizing ingredients of the skin flow out along with the sweat, those who often sweat on a daily basis tend to dry their skin. Careful moisturizing care is required because the risk of skin problems such as itching and redness increases due to the imbalance between water and oil in the skin.

Ultraviolet rays

In summer, the amount of ultraviolet rays is high, which causes great damage to the skin. It causes inflammation on the surface of the skin, penetrates deep into the skin and destroys collagen, and has adverse effects in the short and long term. Especially in leisure and marine sports under the scorching sun, you will receive a lot of UV rays, so take careful measures against UV rays.


When air-conditioned, the humidity drops and the skin is deprived of water. Also, direct exposure to the cooling air will make it even easier to dry. On the go, there are many cases where the humidity in the room is too low due to air conditioning. It is important to keep your skin moisturized on the go, as you cannot adjust the air conditioner freely.

Wrong skin care

In summer, I’m worried about the stickiness of my skin, and I tend to wash it with a cleanser that has strong detergency. Even if you have a lot of sebum, do not use a cleanser with strong detergency or scrub. It will wash away even the sebum that keeps the skin moisturized.

In addition, the stratum corneum, which moisturizes the skin itself, will be damaged, making it more likely to become dry and dusty.

Leave sweat

If sweat is left unattended, it will deprive the skin of water as it evaporates. When sweat evaporates, it cools down by removing heat from the body. Therefore, there may be some people who dare not wipe their sweat.

Review skin care! What you can do to prevent rough skin in summer

To prevent rough skin in the summer, review your skin care as follows.

Moisturize well

In summer, people tend to refrain from moisturizing because they are concerned about the stickiness of their skin. Even if you have a lot of sebum, you may not have enough water, so be sure to take moisturizing care. Toner is used to replenish water, and milky lotion is used to replenish oil. Also, apply cream to areas where the skin tends to dry out.

If you don’t replenish the oil just because you are worried about stickiness, the water on your skin will evaporate. Also, be careful about moisturizing when you go out and remake your makeup. There is a possibility that the skin’s moisture and oil have already been lost due to the effects of ultraviolet rays and drying by the air conditioner.

Take measures against UV rays

Take thorough UV protection to prevent damage to your skin. It is important not only to protect yourself from sunscreen, but also to protect yourself from UV rays with a parasol or sunglasses. Choose sunscreen by looking at the SPF and PA values.

SPF exhibits the ability to prolong the effects of UVB, which causes inflammation on the surface of the skin. The higher the SPF value, the longer the effects of UVB can be prevented. And PA shows the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and prevent UVA, which will cause wrinkles and sagging in the future. The higher the number of +, the better the ability to prevent UVA.

For light outdoor sports, SPF30 and PA +++ are recommended, but for leisure and marine sports under the scorching sun, SPF50 + and PA ++++ are recommended. Also, sunscreen is sweaty, so no matter how high your SPF or PA is, reapply it often.

Wipe off sweat diligently

Wipe off the sweat diligently, as it will deprive the skin of water as it evaporates. We recommend that you carry pocket tissue, hand towels, and deodorant paper. When sweat flows to the cheeks, the makeup from the forehead to the cheeks collapses.

If you wipe off the sweat after it has flowed, you will need to remake it many times, so it is important to wipe it off if even a small amount of sweat accumulates on your forehead.

Don’t wash your face too much

If you wash your face many times a day, you will wash away sebum more than necessary. It will also damage the stratum corneum, making it more prone to dryness and dusting. Therefore, it is important to wash your face no more than twice a day.

Wash your face before making up in the morning to wash away sweat and sebum stains that you had in the evening. Then, use moisturizing care to balance the water and oil content before applying make-up. At night, cleanse and wash your face as soon as possible to prevent skin problems caused by makeup stains.


In summer, the skin tends to get rough due to the effects of high temperature and humidity, air conditioning, ultraviolet rays, and sweat. By taking measures according to the cause, your skin will be less likely to get rough. In addition, it is important to balance the moisture and oil content of the skin by washing the face twice a day, moisturizing care, and taking measures against ultraviolet rays. Take proper measures to keep your skin healthy in the summer.

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