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What is a weight management method that does not rebound? Explaining the cause of rebound | Fat burning column

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What is a rebound?

“Rebound” where you lose weight with effort, but as soon as you stop, you lose weight or gain more weight. I visit when I’m relieved … It’s scary.

The more stressful a weight loss method is, the more likely it is that a rebound will occur. Also, even if you are happy that you have lost weight, the more you put a strain on your body, the more you may give the impression of “Is it sick?” Or “Is it old?”

Moreover, there is a theory that if you repeat rebounds, your muscles will fall and you will not lose weight easily, and on the contrary, you will become a body that is easy to gain weight, and weight loss will become more and more difficult.

To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to maintain your muscles while gradually losing fat.

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What causes rebound even if you lose weight?

There are several causes for a rebound. Also, when those causes have a combined effect and cause a rebound.

Just by improving one of your unconscious lifestyles, your gears will start to rotate and you may lose weight in a healthy way. Understand what makes it easier for you to rebound and learn the right weight loss method.

<Cause of rebound>

・ Excessive dietary restrictions If
you reduce the amount of food suddenly, you will rebound as soon as you restore the amount of food. It is due to the “homeostasis” that the body has, which keeps the body in a constant state. In the old days, when humans couldn’t eat enough every day, we tried to maintain our body with less energy even if we couldn’t eat by putting our body in “energy saving mode”.

At first, even if you lose weight more and more just by reducing the amount of food, that is the reason why it stagnates after a certain period of time. When the diet is returned to normal, the body in energy-saving mode “also in case of starvation” absorbs nutrients and stores energy as fat. This is a rebound.

In addition, while the name is catchy and easy to incorporate, the trendy weight loss methods such as one meal a day and “eating only XX to lose weight” are also a burden on the body. And if you reduce your calorie intake extremely, you will lose weight in a short period of time, but you will also lose muscle and you will be more likely to get sick.

The purpose of healthy weight loss is to maintain muscle and reduce fat. Unbalanced nutrition can be counterproductive because it makes it harder to maintain muscle and lacks the nutrients to burn fat.

・ Lack of
exercise If you do not exercise, you will maintain your muscles, so you can do your best and it is extremely difficult to increase the amount. When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down, making your body harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight. This is why it is easy to get fat even if you eat the same amount.

It is possible to lose weight just by controlling your diet, but exercising can help you build a body that is less likely to rebound. This is because it increases muscle mass, increases metabolism, and makes the body easy to lose weight and difficult to gain weight. The key to weight loss is not only dietary control, but also physical activity to maintain muscle and whether or not it can be further increased without rebounding.

・ Insufficient
sleep If you do not get enough sleep, the hormones that promote appetite will increase compared to when you did. Also, if you don’t sleep well, you will lose your concentration during the day, so you tend to pick up some sweets and supplement your energy with sugar-containing drinks.

In addition, many people may take a lot of caffeine so that they don’t get sleepy during the day. Tolerance to caffeine varies from person to person, but if you take too much, your brain may awaken and you may not be able to sleep, or even if you fall asleep, you may sleep lightly.

Getting enough good sleep is the basis of “weight management”. Carbonated drinks such as chocolate, tea, cocoa and cola, and energy drinks also contain caffeine.

The caffeine action is about 5 to 7 hours, so to prevent rebound, refrain from caffeine intake after the evening.

・ Accumulate
stress When you feel stress, you tend to drink too much or eat too much to dissipate it. Also, when you feel stress, the stress hormone “cortisol” is secreted to protect your body. This cortisol suppresses the action of the happiness hormone “serotonin”, which has an appetite-suppressing effect, making it difficult to control appetite.

What is a weight loss method that does not rebound?

“Weight management” is not temporary and requires a fundamental improvement in lifestyle.
If you overdo it, there will always be a reaction, and as a result, you will rebound. There are many diets and weight management methods out there, but the key is to adopt a healthy and sustainable method that suits you.

Therefore, the weight loss method that does not rebound is summarized below. By taking it in little by little and making it a habit, you can lose weight smoothly and prevent rebound.

<Weight management method without rebound>

It is said that dietary exercise alone contributes only about 5 to 10% of body fat percentage, so it can be said that diet is basically the success factor for healthy weight loss. Try to reduce processed foods, actively consume dietary fiber, and consume unsaturated fatty acids that are abundant in vegetables, fruits, and fish fats.

Also, practice chewing 30 times a bite. It is said that if you chew well and eat, the satiety center will be stimulated and you will feel more satisfied. It also has other chewing effects, promoting the absorption of nutrients by the digestive enzymes of saliva and reducing the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. As the internal organs become more active, the body’s metabolism increases and the body becomes leaner.

・ Exercise It
becomes difficult to rebound if you incorporate exercise.
This is because the happiness hormone “serotonin” is secreted by exercise, and the appetite-suppressing effect suppresses wasteful appetite. Serotonin is easily secreted by constant rhythmic exercise, and is also secreted by light exercise such as walking and stretching. You don’t necessarily have to do intense exercise.

Also, if your posture is corrected by exercises such as muscle training, stretching, and yoga, the body line will be beautiful and you will be able to lose weight more than your actual weight. While increasing muscle mass, you can build an ideal non-rebound body that is easy to lose weight and difficult to gain weight.

・ Sleep By
getting a good night’s sleep, you can suppress unnecessary appetite and prevent overeating and snacking.
The proper amount of sleep varies from person to person, but ideally around 7 hours. When you wake up in the morning, check how many hours you slept and find the best sleep time for you.

It is also important to devise lights and sounds to improve the quality of sleep. Smartphones and PC devices that emit blue light stimulate the brain and prevent sleep onset, so use it at least 1 hour before going to bed. Make the room as silent as possible. When you sleep, make it your routine to wear breathable, non-tightening pajamas instead of jerseys or loungewear.

Relieving stress If you feel stress, you may run into a burnt drink or eat a burnt meal and rebound. Find a way to relieve stress other than “food.”

It is difficult to get rid of stress at all, so find your own way to relieve stress, such as going to karaoke, walking, hair dressing or massage alone so that you do not get stressed.


In order not to rebound, it is important not to rely solely on dietary restrictions, but to take proper nutrition and exercise. Dietary restrictions cause you to lose weight temporarily, but you may rebound and gain more weight than before you lost weight, and you are more likely to get sick.

By getting the necessary nutrition, moving your body to promote blood flow, and keeping your muscle mass, you can lose weight in a healthy way and do not rebound.
Regardless of the fashionable weight loss method, try to keep your life regular and choose your diet with an emphasis on nutrients. Chew well, try to eat a lot of vegetables, walk a little fast to the station, etc.

There are many things you can do from today. It is important not to overdo it and to gradually incorporate the method that suits you into your life so that you do not rebound.

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