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What is Cyber Crimes And its Solutions?

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  Cyber Crime in India in a short notes.

     What is it ?

Cybercrime is a type of illegal activity which is edited with the help of digital media or internet.

(illegal activity + digital media = cyber crime)

Types of hacking 

  •  Hacking – In this type of cybercrime, access is made inside a person’s computer for the purpose of obtaining his personal or sensitive information.
  • Cyberstalking – It is a type of online harassment, in which the victim is harassed through online messages &  .
  • Theft – This crime occurs when a person violates copyrights, either digitally or online.
  • D Dos attack – These are used to make the online service unavailable & site is brought down by bring traffic from various sources.
  • Identity theft – In this type of cyber crime, a criminal obtains information about a person’s bank account credit card, debit card, & sensitive information so that he/she can withdraw money or buy things onilne in the name of the victim.



  1. Lack of digital awareness.
  2. Lack of knowledge.
  3. Shoratge of technical officers & employees.
  4. Cyber crimes.


 Government efforts towards cybersecurity

Sections 43, 43A, 66, 67, 67A, 70, 72, 72A, & 74 of information technology (IT) act 2000 relate to hacking & cyber crimes.

The government issued the ‘ National cyber security policy, 2013’ under which the government set up the ‘National critical information infrastructure protection of ultra-sensitive information.

Under this, there is also a provision for life imprison from 2 years & punishment or some fine.

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The computer emergency response team (CERT-in)’ was established by the government, which is a national level model agency for computer security.

This ‘CERT-in’ is a cyber agency like as ‘RA&W’. 

A cyber sanitation center has also been set up to deal with cyber crimes in a coordinated & effective manners in the country.

As the scope of information technology is increasing, the number of cyber crimes is also increasing.

India still lacks basic infrastructure regarding cybersecurity, but the government is making concerted efforts in this direction.


Conventional cybercrime 

  • Cyber defarmation
  • Corporate cyber smear
  • Digital forgery
  • online gambling



  1. Digital signature – A digital signature is a technique by which it is possible to secure electronic information in such a way that the originator of the information.
  2. Encryption – It is an one of the most powerful & important methods for security in computer systems is to encrypt sensitive records & messages in transit & in storage.
  3. Security/Password change – Change your password or security of your technology system with in small gap durations.
  4. Cyber forensics – Cyber forensics is a very important ingredient in the investigation of cyber crimes.
  5. Use strong password – Always try to secure your system with a strong password that the other can not access your accounts or your technology systems.
  6. Keep your software updated – Always be updated your all software programme of your system to prevent any kind of cyber theft of your personal data or anything.
  7. Talk to your children about the internet – Talk with your children about using of internet, what is cyber crime, how can the frauds are cheating with us & teach them to don’t open unusual websites or links.

         Always regularly antivirus software & your all applications that they can not use you’re application’s loophole & they can’t hack your system.


India’s top cyber crime 

  • The cosmos co-op bank ltd – In 11th & 13th august, the hackers were heisted a large amount of 94 crore rupees. It’s a big cyber fraud of india. The hackers hacked the core banking system (CBS) & compromised ATM infrastructure through malware.
  • UI DAI Aadhaar software hacked – In the year of 2018 approximately 1.1 billion indian aadhaar card details were leaked & this is one of the highest data breach of india. The data breached included aadhar card details , bank accounts data, IFSC codes, PAN details and other personal details with sensitive data.
  • ATM system hacked – In the year of 2018 a massive cyberattack was launched against the reputed banking sector’s CANARA Bank’s ATM servers in india. A large amount of bank accounts were hacked and emptied about of 20 lakhs rupees. According to the reports cyber criminal had a great success for access to ATM data for more than 200 individuals.


Cyberattack is too much dangerous than man made attack.

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