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What is Homeopathy Which Way Now

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Homeopathy has had its fair share of critics over the past few years. The American fraud expert James Randi offered money to anyone who could prove, under laboratory conditions, that homeopathic remedies cured illness. No one ever challenged.

Yet that does not make it insignificant. New debate about the effectiveness of alternative, or complementary, medicine proves that this is a topic on which a very strong opinion is prevalent. Homeopathy has been around for about 200 years, the founder of the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who was very successful in treating scarlet fever.

What also seems to weigh heavily on Homeopathy is the dilemma that Homeopathic remedies have no cure at all. Many people seem to believe that Homeopathy was similar to Herbalism The fact is that Homeopaths take something and clean it over and over again, until there is not a single molecule left.

The Journal of the American Institute for homeopathy in May 1921 reported the success of the homeopathic approach to the flu epidemic. Dr. McCann, of Dayton, Ohio, reported that 24,000 cases of allopathic fever had a mortality rate of 28.2 percent while 26,000 cases of homeopathic fever had a death rate of 1.05 percent.

Prominent among the victims is Michael Baum, a professor of surgery who calls for NHS funds to be used for general medical treatment. Prince Charles argued that alternative medicine should be given a greater role and added fuel to the fire, with Dr. David Reilly, lead consultant at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital (GHH) dismissing authors as an old science discarding what they do not understand. The test rule is also not as strong as chemotherapy-based treatment because the side effects, worse, are mild compared to the potential side effects of new drugs. This is why these are often tested to determine possible contraindications. Homeopathic remedies are cheaper to produce and many ingredients are not patented.

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What is best for patients and the National Health Service is not really good for large pharmaceutical companies that rely on licensed drugs for their own benefit. The cost is less than the total health budget of billions of pounds. In comparison, it is much cheaper, so it may be a barrier to wide availability.

But homeopathy should not be another option — either for reasons of cost or as an alternative to alternative therapies. GHH treats patients suffering from, among other diseases, cancer and depression. If homeopathy works and benefits patients (as it does obviously), we should be open-minded and content to support it as a complementary therapist in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Additionally, on December 8, 2003, Glaxo SmithKline, the vice president of international affairs, stated that most drugs – more than 90% – only work for 30% or 50% of the prescribed population. Scary maybe, but is it weird?

A spokesman for the Association of The British Pharmaceutical Industry (the commercial association of UK pharmaceutical companies) at the time was also quoted as saying that they often did not know why and agreed that the answer may lie in ‘human genetics. make up ‘, so it is clear that the standard treatment does not have all the answers. Another important issue is the active participation of the patient.

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