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What Really Works To Detox?

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“Detox” has become a buzz word in recent times, but is there any truth to the
idea that your body is filled with toxins that need to be removed, or is this just a
gimmick to sell high priced “detox” products?
The truth may be somewhere in the middle. The body does quite a good job
already of detoxifying the various things it comes into contact with each day, but
the problem is our modern day world with stress, poor diets, and man-made
toxins that were never found in human history which may push the body beyond
what it is capable of handling without some support. All anything can do
however is support the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.
One thing to understand is that the body often stores away toxins such as
pesticides in fat cells to prevent damage to the rest of the body. A person may
feel fine for years as their intelligent body keeps these toxins tucked away, but if
they suddenly lose a lot of fat, they may experience sickness associated with
toxins being released back into the blood stream from the fat cells. It’s then very
important that these toxins are properly removed from the body so they don’t get
There is also the issue of parasites which, despite the thinking that they only
occur in third world countries, are likely a regular presence in many people even
if one doesn’t experience overt symptoms.
Add to this the increase in radition exposure, heavy metals in foods, and poor air
quality, and you’ve got a pretty significant need to give the body some extra
firepower to handle these toxins.
Let’s take a look at the simplest things you can do to keep your body squeaky
clean. This is far from everything there is out there, but it’s what I consider to be
the safest and most practical.
Water – The most important thing you can ingest is a lot of pure water.
While coffee and tea are fine, realize they don’t have the same effect as pure
water and are not a replacement. And 8 glasses a day is rarely enough for a
physically active person. I typically drink around a gallon a day, but you
should base your water needs on making sure your urine is a light yellow
and not allowing yourself to get very thirsty. The proper amount varies for
everyone depending on their circumstances. But just drinking water isn’t
enough, it should be the right kind of water. The ideal water to drink is
spring water, although distilled water and reverse osmosis water is fine.
Contrary to what some have said, I’ve found no evidence that distilled water
“leaches” minerals. But if you’d like to be safe, simply add some fresh
squeezed lemon to the water. Tap water, while sterile, is often filled with
chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride. While likely not an issue on occasion,
I consider getting a high quality water to be of the utmost important. Avoid
exposing water in plastic containers to high heat and preferably store in
glass when possible.
Clay – Eating clay is a common occurrence among tribal people, and it may
be because they instinctively know that clays like bentonite clay are
powerful at removing toxins (which are found even in natural whole foods)
from the body. Bentonite or terramin clay has a strong negative charge
which pulls toxins from around the body into the intestines where it then
binds to the clay to be safely removed. These clays are so strong, they’ve
been shown to be effective at removing radioactive isotopes from the
body. Clays can also be used in a bath to draw out toxins from the skin.
HealthForce makes an effective clay formula called ZeoForce. 1 – 3
tablespoons daily.
Zeolites, Activated Charcoal, Humic and Fulvic Acid – Zeolites, activated
charcoal, and humic/fulvic acids work similar to clay in that they draw
toxins to them to bind and safely remove from the body. You can often
find formulas with a variety of these ingredients designed to effectively
detoxify the body. They’re all effective and recommended. Dr. Laszlo’s
Metal Shield available from Swanson Vitamins is an affordable source of
Humifulvate (Humic and Fulvic acid) available at
Parasite Cleansers – To effectively fight parasites, the most common
formulas utilize wormfood, cloves, and black walnut hull which takes care
of them in all of their life cycles. Food grade diatomaceous earth is an
inexpensive way to also kill parasites without hurting healthy cells in both
humans and animals. Finally, eating raw garlic is effective at killing
Far Infrared Sauna – Saunas, and in particular far infrared saunas, are able
to draw out toxins through the skin through sweating while providing
cardiovascular benefits.
Calcium D-Glucarate – Calcium D-Glucarate is a naturally occurring
substance found in fruits and vegetables that is effective at detoxifying a
number of things, but is particularly recommended for ridding the body of
hormone build up such as excess estrogen which is an issue for both men
and women. It may be effective at protecting against cancer. Dosage is
1500 – 3000 mg daily. More information at
Diindolylmethane (DIM) and Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) – DIM and I3C are
compounds found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower
that help reduce levels of “bad” estrogens and increase levels of “good”
estrogen making them a good complement to Calcium D-Glucarate. These
are very powerful compounds that may be the reason why cruciferous
vegetables are so cancer protective. They can also have benefits for
enhancing fertility, improving mood, and promoting total hormone
balance. There is some debate as to which one is better. I suggest 150-
300mg daily of Bioresponse DIM as I’ve found more research to support it,
but both DIM and I3C may be taken in a formula. As a bonus tip for
women suffering from cellulite, DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate may be
beneficial for reducing cellulite (and acne) related to estrogen imbalance.
Trimethylglycine (TMG) and Methyl Donors – Certain nutrients are what
are considered “methyl donors” and they’re found in many of the whole
foods we eat. These can have a beneficial impact on epigenetic expression.
Rather than go into detail here, check out this article which summarizes a
lot of important aspects of methyl donors: Supplementing with a
methyl donor like TMG (also called betaine and is found is beets) as well as
eating methyl rich foods like cruciferous vegetables provides the body what
it needs to properly detoxify itself.

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