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Why are people dying from overeating? | How can you avoid it?

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Is obesity the cause of serious diseases?

 Obesity is increasing among people by order and order something on food delivery apps throughout the day. This obesity is causing serious diseases, and the situation has worsened to such an extent that obesity is now being compared to an epidemic. It’s become a big problem for every country. A report on obesity has also come in India, in which it has been found that obesity has become a big problem for the whole world. Many years ago, hunger was a big problem in India. It is said that films are the mirror of society. From the 1950s to the 1970s, hunger was often at the center of our films. Still, the whole story of the film revolved around bread. Poverty and the film’s protagonist were often shown struggling for bread. When there was a famine in our country, it was also depicted in films. The moneylender who collects grains and the moneylender who craves grain were important character in these films.

 The death of someone due to hunger used to be printed on the front page of the newspaper, but now the situation has changed. Now there is a grain surplus in our country. We are also producing ours today and are also exporting it all over the world. Nowadays, there is no death reported due to lack of food. Now people are dying because of overeating. People are eating more out of pride. And the people are increasing their weight. Exercise and yoga is negligible in his daily routine. After this, when diseases accumulate in the fat body, then the people of our country run to the doctors and dieticians and then give them the money they ask for.

 And they say that tells us how to be thin, how to reduce our weight, but even for that, they do not want to stop drinking food. Most people even today want them to keep on eating their favorite food and their weight also keeps on reducing. In the report of the National Family Health Survey of 2012-2121, it has been told that the number of people who are obese in India has increased by four percent in the last five years. Obesity among women has increased to 24% from 20.6% in the previous survey. According to the survey, 22.9% of men were found to be obese, which is from 18.9% in the previous survey. And people are getting fatter in cities than in villages. Now, fatty people are 33.2% in cities and 19.7% in villages. In this survey, no state of the country was found where people have controlled obesity and the special thing is that the people of cities are getting fat faster than the villages.

 In this survey, no comment has been made about the reasons for obesity, or why are getting fat, but obesity is directly related to our food. What you eat, how you eat, and how much you eat will all depend on whether your weight will increase or stay stable. Apart from this, it is also how hard you work to digest the food. In the time when we were telling you about it, when there was starvation everywhere and people did not get food, but this was the time when people used to work hard too. Now people have no shortage of food and drink, but hard work has come out of their life because of technology is coming.

 Online food ordering Apps:

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 People are also gaining weight by eating something or the other through online food apps. Children getting away from sports is also a big reason, and it is a matter of concern usually the first choice of people in online ordering is junk food and because of this junk food or fast food causes the body. The combination of fats, sugar, and salt in it gets spoiled and this is also one of the reasons. Due to this, the people of Europe are becoming increasingly obese.

 People have stopped working. Generally, people eat food twice a day and also take breakfast once or twice. But nowadays, food items coming home on a phone call have spoiled the whole discipline of eating and drinking. There are much food delivery apps on your mobile phone, in which you can order anything anytime. Many times you are not even hungry, but that too you increase the food because all you have to do is press a button and your food will arrive at your home in a few minutes. So fast food has become very much in trend because of this and after that, there is no account of how much you are eating.

 Survey of WHO on obesity all over the world:

 In a survey conducted by WHO in Europe, it has been told that 60% of people in Europe are very obese. Six out of every 10 people are obese or overweight. One out of every three children in Europe are very obese. Of these, 29% are boys and 27% are girls. Fatness is also increasing in children, almost in every country. 8% of children under the age of five are now obese, and obesity kills 1.2 million people each year in Europe, accounting for13% of total deaths. That is, imagine 13% of people are dying only because of obesity. Turkey ranks first in terms of obesity. Malta country is at number two in terms of fatness and Britain is at number three. According to WHO, people in Europe are largely responsible for becoming obese and line food apps and according to this report, the habit of being busy on social media and gaming apps throughout the day is already taking people away from exertion and above.

 The WHO has warned that obesity could take the form of a corona-like epidemic by 2002, and it is feared that three years from now, the root cause of most diseases will be obesity in your body. So you have to be careful with your health and avoid junk food. Obesity can lead to an increase of 2 lakh cancer patients annually. Obesity is considered to be the main cause of 13 types of cancer in the body and in the coming time obesity can become a bigger cause of cancer than smoking. Apart from this, obesity will further increase type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

 Now that you see how you can avoid it, what are the suggestions?

 To reduce the number of food outlets, WHO has asked and said that the number of food outlets should be proportionate to the population. Apart from this, strict rules should be made on the quality of food products. Generally, the amount of sugar and salt in junk food is high, which is not good for our health. If you eat home-cooked food, then you have an idea of ​​salt, but junk food does not have such an idea. Apart from this, people also eat more because of the offers like Buy One, Get One Free. Recently in the UK, it was suggested that junk food advertisements should not be aired on TV before 09:00 pm until 2012 to balance the habit of junk food.

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