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Why Is There So Much Stress In Gift-Giving ?

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We all have stress in our lives that we could all do without – and that’s true. Stress is bad because it makes us ‘off and it does a bit more than that. Stress can be a killer, and if it doesn’t do that, it certainly does a bit of damage. The most annoying thing about stress is how it comes from pointless places. It can come from little things – like your favourite team losing the big game, or even shopping – not getting the things you wanted can be annoying and who doesn’t feel stressed when in the confines of a packed store. Gift-giving is another thing that stresses us out. Buying gifts can be
incredibly stressful. and that’s because we always want to get it right,we always want to get the perfect gift each and every single time we are called up to the plate to get a gift for someone in our lives. Of course, we also worry about cost. Getting good gifts isn’t something we can do for free. Spend too little, and you might seem cheap, and spend too much,and you might look like you are trying too hard. We can’t always afford the things we want to give, and even then – dates come up out of the blue to surprise us and stress us out. To be fair, there should be no stress at all ingift-buying.1 mean,you’re not exactly Nebuchadnezzar buying the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife, are you? Now that’s pressure, and we can all feel that.

we can burst stress like a pin to a balloon in all aspects of our life though,and that applies to the giving of gifts and all of the other stresses that we place upon ourselves. All these things are meaningful and joyful occasions – birthdays, events, weddings and anniversaries, so why make them stressful? Well,we put it onto ourselves because we put a lot of pressure on ourselves in the quest to find the perfect gift. We are in the best position to remove the stress from the giving of gifts, but how do we go about doing that?
Something that we can do with ease is to plan ahead. we mentioned that dates come up out of the blue to surprise and stress us out. How can we fix that? Sort yourself out with a new piece of tech that can helpyou out – it’s called a calendar ! Give yourself half an hour or so at the beginning of a new year and write down dates -fill it up.This means that you will never be caught out. Make sure it’s in your face and on your wall as well,so it grabs your attention each time you pass it. When dates are not inyour sight, they will go missed – so pin that calendar to the wall and keep it withinview.This takes a huge problem out of the equation,and dates won’t catch you out at all ? Not anymore.

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Money is another stress – so stick to a budget. This is your financial calendar. Don’t go above and
beyond your budget, and don’t defy it to ‘get good gifts’.You can get incredible things for an amazing price these days, and cheap doesn’t mean rubbish – not all the time anyway! For example, look at the star registry,naming a star after someone won’t break the bank,so look for gifts like this. Something special that won’t cost you loads. It’s meaningful things like this that can helpyou get a great gift without bankrupting yourself.

There’s no problem with getting gifts early – especially if you spot them months before you need them.Bookmark shopping sites and browse for deals. Ifyou can find gifts before you need them,you can eliminate stress altogether, because it allows you to be flexible with your budget and prepare. Grab ideas when you’re bored and grab gifts early if you can.It’s a big part of that whole ‘planning ahead’ thing that helps us all out with stress. When you’re trying so hard to get a really good gift, that comes from a really good place withinyou. You might get stuck for ideas, and that’s because you want a great gift for someone. Don’t stress though! Start planning ahead and get amazing gifts months or weeks before you need to give them to save time, money and your mind. You don’t need to stress about little things like this, so save your worries for other things in life.

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