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You Will Be Addicted To This Healthy Snack

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Have you ever eaten salty snacks like potato chips or french fries and found you
can’t seem to stop yourself from eating them? What if you prepare one of the
healthiest foods on the planet in a way that made it just as addicting? If you can
do this, then you’ll be, in a literal sense, addicted to healthy food.
I’ve found just the way to do that, and that is by making homemade kale chips.
Kale chips have started to grow in popularity, but there were a couple of issues
I’ve found with them.
The first is that store bought kale chips are typically super expensive and not
ideal for those on a budget.
The second is the homemade kale chip recipes usually call for olive oil and salt.
Now olive oil and salt aren’t terrible, but I don’t like baking with olive oil as it is
heat sensitive. I also don’t like refined salt as much as an unrefined salt like a
Himalayan salt.
So I created kale chips 2.0. These are quicker and easier to make, but feel free to
search for any kale chip recipe you enjoy as just getting more kale in your diet is
an accomplishment unto itself.
Here’s how I make my kale chips which takes about 2 minutes.
Separate kale from stems or use pre-packaged kale leaves.
Add curry powder, garlic powder, unrefined salt, and cayenne pepper to
Bake for 40-50 minutes at 200 degrees or 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.
See a video here:

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