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A beauty essence that awakens the powerful elasticity and elasticity of life and leads to a firm impression of the skin.

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I want to solve the dilemma that I can’t really feel the effect of skin care, even though my expectations are rising !

Age is a “note”, like a ruler. However, it is natural for women to want to be attractive forever and to shine in their own way. Of course, I want my skin to be beautiful and shiny, so I can’t help but take care of my skin. However, some people may have a dilemma that the effect cannot be felt.

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A rich essence-based beauty essence for upward firmness and moisturized skin

The evolution of the skin comes from the accumulation of daily skin care. By experiencing the effects of skin care, it will lead to more positive aging.
Infiniti’s highest peak, Prestigeias, actively incorporates cosmetological fascial massage, which brings skin firmness and three-dimensionality, into skin care and advocates “positive aging” aiming for a higher beauty effect.
Among them, Infinity Prestigious Serum Indulgence is a beauty essence that gives a strong elasticity and elasticity to the skin with a beautiful contour and a firm impression.

The beauty ingredient Revoting CPX * 1 is condensed into each of a myriad of microcapsules. Furthermore, by fusing the essence base containing mate tea extract * 2 with the microcapsules containing ributing CPX * 1, the capsules pop fresh in the palm of your hand and penetrate into the stratum corneum while mixing with the essence base. I will continue.
Infinity Prestige As Serum Indulgence that does not disappoint the expectations for skin care. Why don’t you develop a positive tension and a positive mind, and meet yourself 5 or 10 years later, which is more attractive than you are now?

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