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About how to wash dry skin and points when choosing a cleanser

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People with dry skin may have taut skin or blow powder after washing their face. It is necessary to pay more attention to how to wash your face and how to choose a cleanser than for people with normal skin. If you wash your face properly with a cleanser that suits you, you will be less likely to suffer from skin problems. Here, we will introduce in detail how to wash dry skin and the points when choosing a cleanser.

You can also get taut by washing your face … What kind of skin condition is dry skin?

Do you know what your dry skin looks like in the first place? By knowing the condition of your skin correctly, you will be able to find out the proper way to wash your face.

First, let’s take a closer look at how dry skin looks like.

A skin condition that lacks sebum and water.

Dry skin is skin that has a reduced barrier function due to lack of sebum and water. The barrier function of the skin is made up of the stratum corneum and the sebaceous membrane. On dry skin, the stratum corneum is in poor condition and the sebaceous membrane is not functioning well, so it is susceptible to external stimuli and damages the skin.

Lack of skin flexibility

Dry skin lacks the flexibility of the skin due to the loss of water. As a result, the skin becomes taut after washing the face. When the skin becomes inflexible, the skin is damaged and cannot be washed away, making it more likely to cause skin problems.

You may be worried about dryness and redness

Loss of water and oil on the skin can cause dryness and redness. When it gets worse, it may cause cracks and cracks, and you may suffer from pain.

Key points when choosing a cleanser for dry skin

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For people with dry skin, it is important to choose a cleanser carefully. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of cleanser to choose.

Easy to clean

When you wash your face with a cleanser, some skin moisture and oil will be washed away. This is unavoidable as long as the purpose is to clean the skin. For normal skin, even if you use a cleanser, it will not be easy to wash.

For people with dry skin, it is important to choose a cleanser that is gentle on the skin and protects moisture and oil.

Contains moisturizing ingredients

For dry skin, the moisture and oil content of the skin is washed away by washing the face, which makes the skin easier to dry. Therefore, it is important to choose one that contains moisturizing ingredients. A cleanser that moisturizes with moisturizing ingredients will soften the feeling of tension after washing.


Choose a mildly acidic cleanser that is the same as your skin. We also recommend those that do not contain additives such as alcohol, parabens, and artificial colors. However, additives do not always have an adverse effect on the skin.

Cleansing and moisturizing ingredients can also be irritating to the skin. You can’t tell if it suits your skin without actually using it, so try a sample product.

Do you wash your face? do not? How to wash dry skin

Some people say that people with dry skin should refrain from washing their face. However, if you do not wash your face, it will be a burden on your skin due to the effects of oxidized sebum stains and pollen. Therefore, it is important to wash your face every day to keep it clean.

Let’s take a closer look at the facial cleansing methods and tips that people with dry skin want to practice.

How to wash your face

The flow of how to wash dry skin is as follows.

Whisk properly

If you apply the cleanser to your face as it is, the cleansing power will be too strong and the cleansing will be taut. Be sure to whisk with your hands or a whipping net. Use one hand to remove the cleanser and use the other hand to whisk.

The recommended method is to use a whipping net. You can make finer and more elastic foam than whipping by hand.

Gently wash while drawing a circle with foam

When washing your face, do not rub your skin. Place a foam cushion between your skin and hands and gently wash while drawing a circle. Raising your nails or scrubbing will deprive your skin of water and oil.

Gently wash small parts with your fingertips

Carefully wash small areas such as around the eyes, mouth, and nose with your fingertips. The area around the eyes and mouth produces less sebum and tends to dry out. As with any other part, be careful not to rub it.

Rinse with lukewarm water

When washing off the cleanser, be sure to rinse it with lukewarm water. Hot water that is too hot will wash away sebum. Rinse carefully as the face line and forehead are areas where bubbles tend to remain.


Incorrect facial cleansing methods can reduce the barrier function of the skin and cause skin problems. Take the following tips to ease the strain on your skin.

Remove water by pressing with a towel

After washing your face, gently remove the water droplets on your face with a towel. If you wipe it with a rugged towel, it will hurt your skin. After washing your face, the barrier function of your skin has deteriorated, so remove the water droplets by gently pressing it.

Do not rub with ruggedness

Rubbing with a lump can damage the stratum corneum of the skin and wash away excess sebum. Be careful when washing your face, as it can make your dry skin worse.

When it is extremely dry, wash your face with water.

If your skin is very dry, you may want to wash your face with lukewarm water alone. By not using a cleanser, you can leave skin moisture and oil. However, even if you wash your face with water, be sure to take moisturizing care.


Dry skin is more vulnerable to damage than normal skin, so using a cleanser for normal skin will make it even easier to dry. It is important to use a cleanser that is suitable for dry skin, has a gentle detergency and contains moisturizing ingredients. Also, practice the correct facial cleansing method to reduce the burden on your skin as much as possible. Start your proper cleansing today as your daily habits affect your skin quality.

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