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Wrinkles under the eyes make you look old … Causes of wrinkles and measures against wrinkles that can be done with skin care

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Wrinkles under the eyes can make you look old or tired. Since the atmosphere of the entire face changes, many people may want to improve the wrinkles under their eyes as much as possible. It is important to take appropriate measures based on the cause of wrinkles. Here, we will introduce in detail the causes of wrinkles under the eyes and the measures against wrinkles by skin care.

Wrinkles under your eyes tend to make you look old …

Wrinkles under the eyes give various negative images. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of impression it gives.

Looks tired

Wrinkles under your eyes can make your eyes look tired because they don’t look like they’re open. If you look tired, you won’t make a good impression on the other person.

Looks old

Wrinkles under your eyes can make you look older than you really are. If you have wrinkles under your eyes, you need to take care of your entire face as wrinkles are likely to occur in other areas. If you leave the wrinkles unattended, the grooves will become deeper and more numerous, and you will look older and older.

What causes wrinkles under the eyes?

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Since the skin around the eyes is thin, wrinkles can occur in a short period of time due to the combination of various causes. To be aware of prevention, let’s check the cause of wrinkles under the eyes.


Under the eyes, fine wrinkles called crepe wrinkles may occur due to dryness. The area around the eyes produces less sebum and the skin is thin, so it is easy to dry. Due to the dryness of the air and the use of cleansers that are too detergency, the skin loses its moisture and firmness.

Eye strain

Prolonged use of a computer or smartphone is a cause of eye strain. When the blood circulation around the eyes deteriorates due to eye strain, the metabolism of the skin deteriorates and wrinkles are likely to occur. Those who spend all day on their smartphones or who work at desks are likely to have wrinkles under their eyes.

By taking frequent breaks, you can expect to reduce eye strain.

Physical stimuli such as friction

If you rub your eyes vigorously, the friction may deprive your skin of moisture and disturb the texture, resulting in wrinkles. If your eyes are itchy, don’t rub them and use medicines to control itching. Also, if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes immediately after waking up in the morning, it is important to wash your face before doing so.

Care for wrinkles and bright eyes! What you can do to prevent wrinkles under your eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes can be expected to improve depending on the care. The deeper the wrinkles, the more difficult it is to improve, so it is important to start countermeasures today. Let’s take a closer look at how to deal with wrinkles under your eyes.

Reduce skin care friction as much as possible

Be careful not to rub your eyes during cleansing, face washing, moisturizing care, etc. For cleansing and washing your face, use the pad of your finger to gently and carefully wash. Also, when moisturizing care, it is important not to apply milky lotion or cream, but to apply it carefully.

By reducing frictional damage in this way, metabolism may improve the condition of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Thorough moisturizing care

Carefully moisturize your eyes to prevent them from drying out. Careful moisturizing care with lotion, serum, milky lotion, cream, etc. can reduce the effects of air drying and rubbing.

Also, if you use a cream for the eyes, the risk of wrinkles will be further reduced. Moisturize not only after washing your face twice a day in the morning and at night, but also during the day.

Massage improves blood circulation

Eye strain reduces blood circulation around the eyes. It is important to gently massage the eyes to promote blood circulation. Use an eye cream for the eyes to make it slippery, and then massage it gently and carefully.

If you massage without using a lubricant, friction may cause wrinkles to be easily carved. Also, the frequency of massage should be limited to once a day. No matter how carefully you massage, frequent massage will damage your skin.

Be careful of facial expressions

When you laugh, you will get wrinkles under your eyes. If the skin is elastic, the wrinkles will disappear by returning to the original facial expression, but if the elasticity is lost, the wrinkles may become habitual.

However, laughing trains your facial muscles and helps prevent wrinkles and sagging in other areas, so it is not a good idea not to laugh. Instead of stopping laughing, avoid laughing exaggeratedly or closing your eyes tightly. It is important to avoid wrinkles around your eyes when you put on your cheeks.


Wrinkles around the eyes cause people to look older or tired than they really are. Be careful on a daily basis as wrinkles may appear under your eyes due to friction, dryness caused by incorrect face washing, and the effects of ultraviolet rays. It is important to aim to improve wrinkles by moisturizing care, UV care, and correcting facial habits. While washing your face and cleansing gently and carefully, take proper measures with eye massage and moisturizing care.


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