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Are you taking measures against dry skin? Points to be careful about preventing dry skin

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If you are concerned about dry skin that has lost its moisture, you may not have enough measures for dry skin. What are the symptoms of dry skin in the first place? Here, we will tell you about the symptoms and condition of dry skin, and introduce specific measures to restore moisturized skin.

Dryness, itching … What are the symptoms of dry skin?

For dry skin, it is important to take measures as soon as possible. Check for symptoms so that you can notice dry skin quickly.

With dryness

When the skin is dry, the moisture inside the skin is reduced and it becomes dry. When it touches the skin, it becomes dry and rough, which makes it uncomfortable to touch. On the contrary, moisturized skin is moisturized and moisturized.


When the skin dries, the barrier function deteriorates, so if the skin is healthy, itching may be caused by something that is not irritating. When you scratch your skin, the barrier function is further reduced and itching is more likely to occur.

Powder blowing

The true identity of powder blowing is the stratum corneum cells that have been peeled off due to friction with clothing or scratching the skin. In the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, stratum corneum cells are piled up, and intercellular lipids fill the space between them. Dry skin has less intercellular lipids and water, which makes it easier for the stratum corneum cells to come off.

What happens to the inside of the skin when the skin is dry?

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For dry skin, let’s take a closer look at what is happening inside the skin.

The amount of moisturizing ingredients and sebum inside the skin is reduced.

Dry skin has less intercellular lipids that fill the space between the cells of the stratum corneum and natural moisturizing factors contained in the cells of the stratum corneum. This weakens the ability to hold the cells of the stratum corneum together, and the water and lipids in the skin evaporate, making it easier to dry.

Dry skin also tends to reduce sebum secretion. Sebum protects the skin from external stimuli by forming a film on the skin and prevents the evaporation of water, so when it is reduced, it causes the skin to become dry.

Barrier function is reduced

The skin is protected from external stimuli by the barrier function of the healthy stratum corneum. However, when the intercellular lipids that fill the space between the cells of the stratum corneum and the natural moisturizing factors contained in the cells of the stratum corneum decrease, the barrier function decreases, and even a slight stimulus can damage the skin.

May get worse if left untreated

When the barrier function of the skin deteriorates, moisture and lipids inside the skin can easily escape, so if left untreated, the dryness may worsen. If you continue to take the wrong measures against dry skin, the dry skin will not improve forever, and you will tend to suffer from symptoms such as dryness, powder blowing, and itching.

What can you do to prevent dry skin?

It is important to approach dry skin from both the outside and the inside of the body. Let’s take a closer look at the measures to improve dry skin.

Firmly moisturize

Moisturizing care should be done immediately after washing your face. Over time, the skin loses moisture and dries faster.

Moisturizing care is performed in the order of lotion, serum, milky lotion, and cream.

First, moisturize your skin with a lotion. By supplementing with ingredients that keep the skin moisturized, such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide, it can lead to skin that is hard to dry. Then you may want to add more moisturizing ingredients with serum.

Since it is necessary to use different beauty essences according to skin problems, we recommend using hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen, etc. for moisturizing purposes. After replenishing water and moisturizing ingredients with lotion and serum, replenish oil with milky lotion.

It can be expected to help the function of sebum and enhance the barrier function of the skin. Also, apply cream to areas where you are concerned about dryness, such as around the eyes and mouth. When applied to areas with high sebum secretion, such as the forehead and cheeks, it becomes sticky, so it is basic to use partial cream.

Be careful about your dietary balance

It is also important to pay attention to the balance of your diet so that you do not run out of various nutrients. The normal cycle of reincarnation, called turnover, makes it easier for the skin to stay moisturized. Turnover requires a variety of nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Protein is abundant in meat, fish, eggs and soybeans, vitamins are abundant in vegetables and fruits in general, and minerals are abundant in fish and shellfish and meat. Eating these foods as evenly as possible helps keep your skin healthy.

Get a good night’s sleep

I think there are many people who continue to lack sleep and their skin tends to get rough. This is because lack of sleep makes skin repair and regeneration less efficient. When I sleep, I repeat deep sleep non-REM sleep and light sleep REM sleep. Of these, a large amount of growth hormone that promotes skin repair and regeneration is secreted during non-rem sleep, so people who sleep lightly and wake up many times at night are more likely to have skin problems.

Get 6 hours of sleep a day to prevent sleep deprivation. It is important to adjust the room temperature and humidity to an appropriate level to improve the quality of sleep, and to avoid light stimulation from TVs and smartphones before going to bed.

Take measures against wind in the air conditioner

If the wind from the air conditioner hits the skin directly, the skin will be deprived of water. Adjust the direction of the air outlet so that it does not hit the wind of the air conditioner directly. It is also important to use a humidifier together, as turning on the air conditioner will lower the humidity and make the skin easier to dry.

We recommend a humidifier that automatically switches the humidification on and off according to the humidity and temperature.


Dry skin is a condition in which the barrier function is reduced due to the loss of water and lipids in the skin. If left untreated, the dryness may worsen and symptoms such as itching, dryness and powder blowing may become stronger. In addition to daily moisturizing care, keep in mind a nutritionally balanced diet and adequate sleep, and take care of dry skin efficiently.

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