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High-performance daytime UV emulsion that improves wrinkles and whitens while caring for UV rays during the day

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Blemishes, wrinkles, dullness * 1… Skin troubles
that are worrisome I want to take care of my skin with a high degree of satisfaction even on a busy morning.

Speaking of skin problems, wrinkles, age spots, dullness * 1, dryness, etc. are all worrisome. At night, I take good care of my skin with items that suit my skin problems, but taking care of my busy morning tends to be a battle against time. I’m sure there are many people who want to take care of their skin problems as quickly and efficiently as possible in the morning with a high degree of satisfaction.

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A new item in the morning that not only improves spots and whitens, but also moisturizes and cares for UV rays.

During the daytime, there are many factors that can damage the skin, such as ultraviolet rays, indoor and outdoor temperature differences, and dry air, so thorough skin care is essential. However, to be honest, I can’t afford to take care of each and every problem on a busy morning.
Therefore, I would like to pay attention to Luceri Wrinkle White UV Emulsion, a daytime UV emulsion that efficiently approaches skin problems such as wrinkle improvement, whitening effect, and moisturizing while caring for daytime UV rays with SPF50 + / PA ++++. Contains Wrinkle White N, an active ingredient for wrinkle improvement and whitening, and Multi-Effect CPX, which is a complex of moisturizing ingredients Hibiscus Extract and White Tea Extract. Responds to complex skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots, dullness * 1, and dryness. In addition, it has a smooth feel and adheres to the skin, wrapping it like a pack, preventing it from drying out during the day and keeping it moisturized all day long. It can be said that the fulfillment of morning care is the secret to keeping your skin moisturized and lustrous.

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