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Introducing what to look out for when removing makeup from dry skin and how to choose cleansing

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If you have dry skin, you need to be careful not to damage your skin when removing makeup. Choose a cleansing type that is gentle on your skin. It is also important to remember the correct cleansing method that will not damage your skin. Here, we will explain in detail what you should be careful about when removing makeup for dry skin and how to choose cleansing.

How to choose the cleansing you want to recommend for dry skin

Dry skin has low water and oil content and a low barrier function, so even a small stimulus can cause skin problems. Therefore, it is necessary to use cleansing that does not irritate the skin. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the cleansing that you want to recommend for dry skin.

Choose a cream or milk type

There are many types of cleansing, including gels, oils, milks, creams, and wipes. Recommended cleansing for dry skin is cream and milk type. The milk type has mild detergency and less burden on the skin, so it does not take away water and sebum.

The cream type has sufficient detergency, but its thick texture can be used as a cushion to reduce friction on the skin.

For those with strong make-up, the cream type is recommended. However, since it has a strong detergency, consider that it is more irritating to the skin than the milk type.

Cleansing gels, oils, and wipes in general should be avoided as they are very irritating to the skin. It is important to avoid dark makeup so that you do not need to use gels or oils.

Contains moisturizing ingredients

Since cleansing has the function of removing oil, it will inevitably wash away sebum. Therefore, if you have dry skin, using cleansing, which has strong detergency, will give you a feeling of dryness.

Cleansing that contains moisturizing ingredients can moisturize the skin while removing make-up, making it less likely to cause a feeling of tension. Use cleansing that contains moisturizing ingredients such as “hyaluronic acid” and “ceramide” to keep your skin moisturized.

Hypoallergenic type

Cleansing has the function of washing away oil, so the skin is inevitably irritated. Choose a “hypoallergenic” cleansing that is less irritating to the skin. However, if you do not actually use it, you will not know how much irritation it will have on your skin.

If possible, check the degree of irritation with a tester before considering a purchase.

W No need to wash your face

W face wash is to wash your face after cleansing. W Cleansing that does not require face washing has a strong detergency, so it may seem unsuitable for dry skin. However, it is less burdensome to the skin than double-washing with a mild cleansing power.

Another benefit is that you can reduce the number of times you rub your skin. Even if you are careful not to rub your skin as much as possible, you may unknowingly rub it. W If you don’t need to wash your face, you can reduce the effect of friction.

Review cleansing! How to remove makeup from dry skin?

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It is important to use the correct cleansing for dry skin. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove makeup from dry skin.

Remove point makeup in advance

Point make-up is darker than other make-ups, so remove it first. If you cleanse together, only the point makeup will remain. When removing the point make-up, apply a cleansing agent to the make-up and gently wash it in a circular motion.

The parts of point makeup are around the eyes and cheeks. All of them are easy to dry, so avoid point makeup if possible.

Apply makeup and cleansing agent well

Cleansing agents are care products that make it easier to remove makeup. Makeup and cleansing agents should be well blended. Makeup and cleansing agent can be washed off together by thoroughly blending and then washing with lukewarm water.

Gently wipe off with a soft towel

After cleansing, gently wipe off any water droplets on your skin with a soft towel. Even if you do moisturizing care with water drops on it, the moisturizing ingredients will not penetrate the skin well. After cleansing, the skin is sensitive and can be damaged by wiping it with a hard towel.

Points to be aware of when removing makeup from dry skin

If you have dry skin and want to remove makeup, pay attention to the following points in order to reduce the burden on your skin as much as possible.

Clean hands before cleansing

Cleansing with unclean hands can strain your skin with germs and irritants. Dry skin has a reduced barrier function, so skin problems such as redness and itchiness are likely to occur. Make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing.

Don’t rub your skin too much

Be careful not to rub your skin when applying the cleansing agent and makeup. It can be difficult to cleanse without rubbing at all, but don’t press your hands against your skin and gently apply in a circular motion.

Even if you think that the makeup hasn’t come off, the cleansing agent is actually familiar to you, and it’s easy to remove it. Rubbing does not make it easier to remove makeup, so give top priority to not rubbing.

Rinse your face with lukewarm water

When rinsing your face, be sure to rinse it off with lukewarm water. If you wash it off with hot water, the necessary sebum will be washed away. Sebum protects the skin from external stimuli and prevents the evaporation of water, so washing with hot water will make dry skin worse.


Dry skin has a reduced barrier function, so using a cleansing agent that is too detergency will make the skin taut. Gently and gently wash off your makeup with a milk or cream cleanser. Also, take care not to rub your skin with clean hands, or wash it off with lukewarm water for dry skin.

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