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Be careful of the wrong face wash! Know the right way to wash your face and prevent rough skin

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Even though I’m trying to keep my skin moisturized, I always get rough skin … Perhaps the cause of such worries lies in the unconscious face-washing that we do every day.

This time, we will check the NG of the facial cleansing method that tends to be done, and give a detailed lecture on the correct facial cleansing method.
Know the correct way to wash your face and use it to prevent rough skin.

Why is it important to wash your face to prevent rough skin?

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Compared to “painting” skin care, hormone balance, stress and eating habits, it may be difficult to get an image of face washing that is directly linked to rough skin.

However, washing your face is a step that can be said to be the basis of skin care.
If you continue to use it improperly, it will gradually put a strain on your skin and may cause rough skin.

The role of the cleanser is mainly to remove sweat and dust on the skin.
If you do not cleanse your face properly, germs will grow and lead to acne and rough skin.

Furthermore, if there is dirt left on the surface of the skin, it will be difficult for the skin care to become familiar with it. It induces various skin problems such as dryness, conspicuous pores, and irregular texture.

Such a face wash is NG! Wrong face wash checklist

Before understanding how to wash your face properly, let’s start by looking back on your usual behavior.
Check out the list below to see if you have any idea.

□ Wash only with lukewarm water in the morning □
Do not wash your hands before washing your face
□ Choose an appropriate
wash pigment because it will be washed away □ Scrub to remove stains
□ Wash with hot or cold water

I put the shower directly on my face □ I put it on my face with insufficient foaming
□ I haven’t changed the towel or face wash net all the time
□ I haven’t rinsed it to the hairline
□ When I wipe off the water, I just rub it with a towel

How many did you apply?
If any of these apply, let’s review your current facial cleansing habits by referring to the next chapter.

Correct facial cleansing methods and precautions to prevent rough skin

Now let’s look at the correct facial cleansing method that you want to be aware of to prevent rough skin. While touching on the contents of the checklist, I will explain it based on the points to be noted.

Basically, use a cleanser in the morning

Maybe some people just need lukewarm water in the morning.

However, facial cleansers mainly remove water-based stains such as sweat and dust. Sweat, dust, dust, etc. secreted while sleeping adhere to the skin in the morning.

Since it is difficult to remove it with lukewarm water, it is a general rule to use a cleanser in the morning.
However, of course, it depends on the condition of your skin, so keep in mind that it is “basically”.

If you are concerned about dryness after washing your face, changing the cleanser is one way to do it.
Not only those that contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients, but also gel essence types that do not lather are recommended because they tend to retain moisture even after washing. Some products are sold for morning facial cleansing, so be sure to check them out.

Wash your hands before washing your face

One thing that is often overlooked is to clean your hands before washing your face.
If you wash your face without cleaning your hands, you may spread invisible germs on your face. Make it a habit to wash your hands first and then your face.

Carefully wash with plenty of foam to avoid rubbing

Washing with strong force or washing with a small amount of foam causes friction. It is not limited to washing your face, but rubbing your skin will put a strain on your skin, and problems such as irregular texture and dryness are likely to occur.

It is important to wash with enough foam to avoid applying extra force. The elastic foam acts as a cushion between your hands and your skin, which naturally reduces friction.

Especially for foam-type cleansers, use a face-wash net to lather well. If whipping is troublesome and rough, we recommend using the type that comes out with foam or the type that does not require foaming and is designed to prevent friction.

In addition, it is surprisingly easy for germs to collect on the face wash net. After using it, wash it properly and dry it, and after using it for a certain period of time, replace it with a new one.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water so that no cleanser remains.

After washing it carefully, it will be rinsed, but the first thing to pay attention to is the temperature of the hot water. If it is too cold, it will be difficult to remove dirt, and if it is too hot, it will be easier for the necessary sebum to flow, so lukewarm water is suitable.

And be careful of friction here as well! Scoop it in your hand and gently rinse it with the image of putting it on your face little by little. Please refrain from applying the shower directly to your face as it will be a burden.

In addition, the face line and hairline are especially easy to leave unwashed. If the cleanser remains, it can lead to acne and rough skin, so check it in the mirror at the end.

Gently wipe off the moisture with a towel and moisturize immediately.

After rinsing cleanly, wipe off the moisture with a clean towel. Instead of scrubbing, gently press the towel so that it absorbs water.

Also, if you have been using old towels for a long time, consider buying a new one. Stiff towels don’t feel good on the skin, and germs may be lurking between the fibers. We also recommend preparing a soft towel for washing your face or purchasing a disposable face-washing towel.


How many of your favorite facial cleansing bloopers did you apply to?
There are a few things to be aware of for a proper cleansing, but preventing friction is especially important. Start with what you can and prevent rough skin by washing your face.

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