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What causes the lack of moisture in the skin? Drying prevention measures starting today

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Lack of moisture on the skin that causes various troubles. Are you worried that your skin will become dry no matter what you do, or that you do not know the cause?

This time, we will explain the troubles and causes caused by lack of moisture in the skin, and also introduce measures to prevent dryness. Start with what you can and aim for moisturized skin without dryness.

What happens if your skin lacks moisture?

The moisture of the skin is kept by the “sebum film” that is formed by mixing sebum and sweat. The skin oil film acts as a barrier that protects the skin from external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and keeps the internal moisture from escaping.

If the skin oil film is moderate, the texture will be moist and smooth, but if it is insufficient, various skin problems will easily occur. Since it is difficult to maintain moisture, the skin becomes rough, cracked, and the texture is disturbed. Rough skin is more likely to occur because the barrier function is reduced.

In addition, the elasticity and luster will decrease, and as the drying progresses, it may lead to sagging and wrinkles, so be careful of the aging generation as well. There can also be a pattern of increased sebum in an attempt to make up for the lack of moisture.

In order to aim for healthy skin, it is important to be careful not to run out of moisture.

Causes of lack of skin moisture

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Why is the skin lacking in moisture in the first place? There are various possible causes, but I will explain the typical ones.
Please check it while looking back on your own habits.

Excessive drop care

As mentioned above, the moisture of the skin is protected by the sebaceous membrane.

It is important to remove unnecessary stains by cleansing and washing your face, but if you use something with strong detergency or if you have strong friction on your skin, the moisture required for your skin may be washed away.

Lack of moisture due to wrong skin care

The lack of moisture due to wrong skin care should be the easiest to imagine. Look back to see if you aren’t using the right amount, haven’t supplemented the water and oil you need, or haven’t taken care of it to get it right.

Effects of UV rays

There are many damages that UV rays can cause to the skin, but the following actions have a negative effect on the skin’s moisture.

・ Reduces the barrier function of the
skin to make it easier to evaporate water・ Unnecessary keratin accumulates due to the function of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays (hyperkeratosis)
・ Tension inside the skin ・ Damage to collagen and elastin that support elasticity give

may not realize immediately, gradually to that damage to the skin is accumulated. Be careful not only if you have many opportunities to go out, but also if you are often in the sun indoors.

Lack of water inside and outside the body

If there is not enough moisture in the body, the dryness of the skin will naturally accelerate. People who do not have a habit of drinking water should be careful.

Also, when the air is dry, the moisture on the skin tends to evaporate. Be careful not only in the fall and winter, but also in the summer as the humidity may be low due to the influence of the air conditioner.

How to keep your skin moisturized

So what can you do to avoid lack of moisture in your skin? I will introduce it while taking into account the causes I mentioned earlier.

Cleansing and washing your face without dropping too much

When cleansing and washing your face, be careful not to remove too much moisture. In each case, it is important to take out an appropriate amount and wash it carefully so that friction does not occur. In particular, lather the cleanser properly and “wash with lather, not hands”.

It is recommended to choose cleansing according to the strength of the makeup. Cleansing with strong detergency should be avoided on light makeup days.
The image of high detergency = oil type tends to come first, but there are also those that can be expected to have a high moisturizing effect, such as those derived from vegetable oil. It cannot be said that oil cleansing is dropped too much, so let’s check the characteristics of each product.

It is better that the cleanser contains amino acid-based cleansing and moisturizing ingredients. It’s also a good idea to choose a product for dry skin.

Sufficient moisturizing with skin care

If you feel lack of moisture, try to moisturize more than usual in skin care.
Don’t forget to rehydrate with lotion and cover with milky lotion or cream. If you feel that the basic steps aren’t enough, try adding a moisturizer or night cream.

Hyaluronic acid and ceramide are typical examples of ingredients that are effective for moisturizing. We also recommend Rice Power No. 1, an active ingredient derived from rice that is said to enhance the water retention capacity of the skin.

Keep in mind UV protection

Ultraviolet rays are shining all the time the sun is on the ground. Take careful measures regardless of the season or weather. In addition to using sunscreen, use parasols, hats, and long-sleeved clothing.

Humidify the space

Humidifying the room is also an important point. If the air is dry, the moisture on your skin will evaporate easily, so be sure to humidify it.
Be careful not only in winter but also in summer as it is unexpectedly easy to dry due to the influence of the air conditioner. Let’s take measures by using a humidifier.

Moisturize and provide adequate nutrition

When we talk about moisturizing, we tend to think of skin care and other skin care. However, be aware of replenishing moisture from inside your body. In order to keep the whole body moisturized, it is necessary to charge water from inside the body.

Try to drink pure “water”, which is less burdensome to the body when absorbed, rather than tea, coffee, or juice.

It is also important to get proper nutrition with a healthy diet.
To keep your skin moisturized, take the following ingredients positively based on a nutritionally balanced diet.

・ Protein: Meat, fish, soybean products, eggs, etc
…. It also contains collagen that keeps the skin firm and is a raw material for cells.

・ Vitamin A: Liver, green and yellow vegetables (carrots, Komatsuna, etc.)
… Keeps normal and moisturizes

・ Vitamin B group: natto, tuna, carrot, liver, etc
… Promotes turnover and prevents rough skin

・ Vitamin E: Avocado, almonds, seafood, etc
… Promotes blood circulation and turnover


It is a good idea to take measures against dryness that may lead to all skin problems as soon as possible.
Review habits other than skin care and aim for moisturized and healthy skin.

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