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Comfortable even on days without makeup! Emulsion x sunscreen x light make-up effect with a single colored beauty cream

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Even on the foundation rest day
I’m worried about a little outing, sudden deliveries, and UV rays …

“I have no plans today, so let’s take a break from foundation!” If I was spending time without makeup, I could get a sudden courier service or go to a nearby supermarket. Even though it’s a foundation rest day, I often get a little appointment. It’s not enough to make up, but I want to hide bears, stains, pores and uneven color around my eyes if possible, and I’m also worried about UV rays. In such a case, I want a cosmetology cream with a new concept that can keep a clean skin feeling like skin care, not a foundation or foundation! Have you ever thought?

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Colored beauty cream that can be used in a skin care mood will give you
excellent skin even on days when you don’t foundation

As stay homes and mask life become more commonplace, the number of days without foundation will increase. However, spending time with no makeup is a little …
Therefore, what is attracting attention now is Esprique Comfort Makeup Cream, a new concept of colored beauty cream that “takes advantage” of the covering power of BB / CC and the skin care effect of colored milky lotion. Achieves a natural covering effect and a prescription that does not easily stick to the mask, with a gentle and comfortable feel. Even with no foundation, it keeps pore-less moisturized skin. Because it is a colored beauty cream that feels like skin care, it fills dry skin with moisture and makes it plump and smooth.
Esplique Comfort Makeup Cream that achieves the effects of milky lotion, sunscreen, and light make-up. A new genre of colored cosmetology cream that is neither foundation nor foundation is likely to become a new habit for non-foundation days.

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