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The world’s first * 1 highly moisturizing lotion containing moisturizing ingredients The Water Mate is born

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Rough skin, dryness, dullness * 2 , poor makeup adhesion …
The skin condition may be caused by “beginning of texture disorder”.

Maybe many people are suffering from sleep deprivation and tiredness due to stress in their long-term mask life. Especially at the turn of the season, the stress accumulated during the summer is likely to appear on the skin. It’s not a big problem, such as the pores are conspicuously rough, the skin is rough and rough, and the skin is dry and dry, but somehow the condition of the skin is different from usual. It may be a sign that the skin is upset, or that the skin’s horny layer is not sufficiently moisturized and the texture is disturbed.

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The world’s first * 1
highly moisturizing lotion containing moisturizing ingredients to smooth out texture and make your skin smooth and smooth.

Beginning of texture disorder” due to lack of water triggers all kinds of skin disorders such as conspicuous pores, rough skin, dryness, dullness * 2 , and poor makeup. Therefore, I would like to pay attention to excellent hydration care for the skin. The first step is to fill the stratum corneum with moisture before feeling lack of water.
ONE BY KOSE’s The Water Mate is the world’s first * 1 highly moisturizing lotion containing moisturizing ingredients. Contains the world’s first moisturizing ingredient “Moist Performer” consisting of hyaluronic acid x ceramide complex * 3 . Charges fine and highly moisturizing ingredients to every corner of the skin to increase the moisture content of the skin. It straightens the texture and leads to smooth and smooth skin. In addition, by blending a “moist spreader” that fills the stratum corneum with moisture, water is circulated in the stratum corneum and the moisture is maintained for a long time. Since it is moisturized with a non-greasy feel, comfortable moisturizing care is possible at any time of the year.
ONE BY KOSE’s The Water Mate replenishes the power of “water” while watching the changing daily skin condition. With excellent moisturizing care in the morning and evening, why not keep your skin smooth and in good condition forever?

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