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What kind of skin care is suitable for winter skin? Explain recommended care techniques!

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In winter, skin troubles increase, and many people may be worried that their skin condition is not stable.

Winter has various effects on the skin due to changes in temperature and humidity.
Changing skin care according to the season is a shortcut to further beautiful skin.

Know the skin problems and causes that tend to occur in winter and use them for proper skin care.

What are the common skin problems and causes in winter?

In winter, when both temperature and humidity drop, the room tends to be dry not only due to the outside air but also due to the effects of heating.
When the air dries, the moisture on the skin tends to evaporate, and the coldness reduces vitality and blood flow.

When it dries, the barrier function becomes brittle, which causes the skin condition to tilt sensitively.
In addition, lack of moisture leads to loss of transparency of the stratum corneum and poor blood circulation, which leads to dullness.
Continued dryness can lead to stiffness, fine lines and sagging.

In addition, the influence of masks that have become indispensable to daily life.
It is said that the enzyme that controls moisturizing decreases due to the temperature difference when putting on and taking off the mask, and the barrier function is disturbed, causing dryness and rough skin.
Since the outside air is cold in winter, the temperature difference tends to be larger than in other seasons.

By item! Winter skin care points

Winter skin that is prone to dryness and poor circulation. We will introduce the points to be careful about in skin care, from how to select items to how to use them.

Be careful not to drop too much with cleansing & washing your face

It is important to cleanse and wash your face, but be careful not to let the necessary moisture flow.
It is important to give a sufficient amount of each and do not rub it.

It is recommended that the cleanser contains an amino acid-based cleansing ingredient that gently cleanses. Make sure to lather and create a cushion between your hands and your skin.

The type of cleansing depends on the strength of the makeup, but if you want to prevent it from drying out, the cream type is recommended. On light make-up days, a milk type will suffice.
I definitely want oil because I want to remove makeup firmly! For those who say, if you choose the one that mainly uses plant-derived oil, ◎. However, oil is prone to friction, so be sure to remove it quickly.

Thorough basic care of lotion & milky lotion

Moisturizing with lotion and milky lotion is the basis of skin care, but I want to do it especially in winter.
After fully charging with lotion, cover with milky lotion to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

If you feel that the lotion / milky lotion you used by autumn is not enough, you can change to a highly moisturizing type. We recommend those that contain ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and amino acid-based moisturizing ingredients.

Also, the amount used is often overlooked. A 500-yen coin size for lotion and a 10-yen coin size for milky lotion is a guide, but please be aware that you should use a little more in winter.

Intensive care with serum

In addition to basic care with lotion and milky lotion, adding beauty essence is one of the means.
Essence can concentrate the necessary beauty ingredients to the skin according to skin problems, so it is recommended to choose one that specializes in moisturizing in winter.

There are various types, but we also recommend the introductory serum (booster) used before the lotion.
By using it immediately after washing your face, it has the effect of softening the skin and improving the familiarity of skin care that will be used later. It is also perfect for those who suffer from stiff skin and irregular texture that tend to occur in winter.

Consider using cream in winter

It’s not always necessary, but if you feel dry in the winter, you should definitely try cream.

Since it is mainly oil, it can form a film on the skin more firmly than milky lotion. A must-have for those who get dry after a while after skin care, such as when waking up in the morning or in the evening. If you are concerned about stickiness, try lightly removing the tissue after applying.

However, if you have oily skin, you may get acne due to excess oil. Let’s adjust while observing the condition of the skin.

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For more beautiful skin. Habits you want to incorporate into your winter skin

Introducing the plus alpha habits that you want to be aware of to make your winter skin even more beautiful.

Incorporate a massage

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is easy to get cold in winter, so blood flow tends to decrease. When the skin temperature drops, it can lead to dullness, so try incorporating massage into your regular skin care.

Use a massage cream to loosen the face with gentle force to prevent friction. It is recommended to slide your finger from the bottom to the top of any part. If you don’t have a massage cream, you can use a milky lotion instead.

There is no set timing to do it, so it’s a good idea to do it in addition to your usual skin care. If you go in the morning, your make-up will improve, and if you go during bath time or after bathing, you will be able to go around even better.

Be aware of space humidification and hydration

No matter how moisturized your skin is, if the air is dry, it will be easy to lose moisture. Use a humidifier to prevent the room from drying out.

Also, don’t forget to rehydrate your body!
In winter, the feeling of thirst is reduced like in summer, so more people do not consciously drink water.
Dry skin means that the whole body is not moisturized. Drink water diligently and take care from the inside.

Keep your body cool

Cold can lead to poor blood circulation, so try to warm your body.
Try not to rely too much on heating, such as drinking hot drinks, getting into the habit of bathing, using hot water bottles, and using belly bands, neck warmers, and arm warmers.

Don’t forget to moisturize your body

It’s easy to overlook it, but in winter, the skin of the body is easy to dry as well as the face. Especially after taking a bath, moisturize your whole body while you are on your face.


A harsh winter environment for both the skin and body. Let’s keep the beauty that is not defeated by cold and dry with thorough moisturizing and care that is conscious of “Meguri”.

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