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Can the age wrinkles that bother people in their 40s and 50s be improved? Explains how to create a youthful skin impression

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When you are in your 40s or 50s, many people will start to have wrinkle problems that they haven’t noticed before.

For those who are worried about how to deal with it, we will teach you the knowledge and techniques to lead to age-insensitive skin. Please refer to it and review the care from tomorrow.

Types, characteristics, and causes of wrinkles that can occur in the 40s and 50s

There are various conditions and causes depending on the part where wrinkles are formed. I will briefly explain the types, characteristics, and causes of wrinkles that are easily noticed in the 40s and 50s.

Facial expression wrinkles

Wrinkles caused by changes in facial expressions such as wrinkles on the neck, between the eyebrows, and footprints of crows (crepe wrinkles on the corners of the eyes) basically return immediately. However, if the skin is not firm or if the same movements are applied frequently, the wrinkles will not be restored and the wrinkles will be more likely to settle.

Depending on the part where wrinkles are formed, it is possible that many years of facial expression habits have an effect. In particular, wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows may be related to long-standing eyes, facial expressions, small letters, and the work of staring at a computer.

Dry wrinkles (epidermis wrinkles)

・ If

there is insufficient moisture such as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth , fine and shallow wrinkles are likely to occur on the surface of the skin (stratum corneum). Many people in their thirties start to worry about crepe-like and linear wrinkles.

Moisturizing quickly will not make it worse, but if care is neglected or inadequate, it will gradually become deep wrinkles. The difficulty of improving it by cleaning will also increase.

Not only dryness inside and outside the skin, but also damage caused by ultraviolet rays (photoaging) and disturbance of turnover due to hormonal imbalance are one of the causes.

Small wrinkles (dermis wrinkles)

A state in which dry wrinkles have progressed and the depth of wrinkles has reached the depths of the skin (dermis). The parts and causes that are likely to appear are common.

It becomes more likely to appear when dryness progresses, or when skin function deteriorates due to insufficient care or aging.

Sagging wrinkles

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・ Nasolabial fold ・ Wrinkles under the eyes / under the neck / Golgo line / Marionette line, etc. Sagging wrinkles

that appear when the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and fascia sag and sink. It is related to the decrease of collagen and elastin, which control elasticity, due to the effect of glycation due to aging.

Skin care aimed at improving wrinkles in people in their 40s and 50s

Here are some tips for skin care that people in their 40s and 50s should be aware of. From what you can do, please add it to your usual habits.

Thorough moisturizing and firming care

As mentioned in the cause chapter, moisturizing is the key to prevent the progression from “shallow wrinkles” to “deep wrinkles.” It will also prevent other skin problems, so be sure to take more moisturizing care than ever before.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide, and amino acids are typical moisturizing ingredients. Also, pay attention to the firmness components such as elastin, vitamin C derivatives, retinol, and astaxanthin.

Use beauty essence or cream that can be expected to improve wrinkles

For deep wrinkles (dermis wrinkles, facial expression wrinkles) that have already been created, we recommend beauty essences and creams that can be expected to improve wrinkles.

Quasi-drugs containing wrinkle-improving active ingredients such as niacinamide have been shown to have the effect of approaching wrinkles in the epidermis and dermis, which was difficult with cosmetics (quasi-drugs).

Let’s add it as a special care item to basic care such as lotion and milky lotion.

Complete UV care

Use sunscreen regardless of the weather or season to thoroughly block UV rays that lead to wrinkles. Please use parasols, clothes, hats, etc.

Incorporate a massage

Massage is also effective for loosening stiff muscles and softening the skin. Use enough force to lift your skin from bottom to top. Use a massage cream to avoid rubbing, and be careful not to use too much force.


The wrinkles that are worrisome every time you look in the mirror are not suddenly carved. It is important to understand the wrinkle condition that changes with age and the possible causes. The causes of wrinkles are complex and diverse, but be sure to take care of them as soon as possible.

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