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Cellulite that does not easily fall off! What should I do with this bumpy?

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Cellulite, which can be applied to the buttocks and thighs, looks ugly and does not easily fall off once it is formed. It is a troublesome person who can do it even if he is not fat. What should I do to get cellulite off?

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What is the actual condition of cellulite that is bumpy?

First, let’s know the actual condition of cellulite.

Types of cellulite you care about

There are four main types of cellulite.

First is the “fat type”. It tends to appear from the lower abdomen to the buttocks, and can be caused by a high-calorie diet or lack of exercise. It is characterized by being relatively soft to the touch. Cellulite on the upper arm also falls under this type.

“Swelling type” is often seen in the thighs and calves, and the main cause is poor blood flow. Bumpy is more noticeable than the fat type.

“Fibrotic type” is a fibrosis caused by leaving cellulite for a long time. You will feel pain when you pinch it. It is also called “orange peel skin” because it looks like orange peel.

The “muscular type” is cellulite with subcutaneous fat attached to the muscles. It is often seen by people who were once athletes. It is the most difficult to drop and stubborn of the four types.

The fat type is the most common, accounting for half of cellulite. The swelling type is a type that is often seen in women. Only about 10% develop to the fibrous type. Some are “mixed” with multiple tendencies.

Until cellulite is made

Cellulite is made in the subcutaneous tissue beneath the epidermis and dermis. The triggers for this are “poor blood circulation” due to lack of exercise, coldness, autonomic nervous system imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and aging. When waste products and excess water accumulate due to poor blood circulation, fat cells accumulate fat and tend to become huge.

When this happens, the blood vessels are compressed, blood circulation worsens, and waste products and excess water accumulate, creating a vicious cycle. The enormous fat cells stick together and grow into large masses. These push up the “fibroblasts” in the dermis and make them bumpy.

Can I remove cellulite without exercising?

Even stubborn cellulite can be easily removed by taking measures before it becomes fibrous. The ideal way is to take it without difficulty, but is it possible without exercising?

Remove cellulite with lymphatic massage

Massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, making it easier to carry waste products and expecting cellulite to fall.

People often think that cellulite can be turned off by massaging it like a crush, but this is a mistake. Cellulite is a huge mass of fat cells that does not easily collapse and does not disappear when crushed. Rather, it can damage the skin and cause internal bleeding, which can lead to more cellulite in the process of repair.

Gently massage along the flow of blood and lymph, just like flushing away waste products. Cellulite is about 2 to 3 mm below the skin, so you can approach it without using strong force.

The best timing is during or after bathing when your body is warm. When massaging, use body cream or oil to prevent skin damage.

Place your hands around the Achilles tendon and slide your legs toward the groin at the base, slowly applying the same pressure. Apply pressure to the surface of the legs in the same way.

Next, while putting effort to the extent that it does not hurt, massage the part where cellulite is anxious from below with your thumb. At this time, if you raise your legs straight, it will be easier for waste products to flow.

Waste products accumulated in the groin are washed away while drawing a circle toward the pelvis.

The same is true for the other parts, with the upper arms flowing from the elbows to the sides and the buttocks from the base of the thighs to the lymph nodes in the lower back near the base of the spine.

Rollers for cellulite are also available on the market, where the protrusions roll and massage. It is easier and less tiring than massaging by hand, and has the advantage of being able to drain lymph efficiently. We also have a wide range of rollers specialized for each part such as for legs and upper arms. In addition, the one with a high price is a mechanism in which a weak current stimulates cellulite.

However, if you use the wrong amount of force, it will damage your skin, so stop using it for a short time and use a light force to see how it looks. Of course, when using it, protect the skin with body cream or oil.

In any case, it is important to continue daily to get rid of cellulite with a massage. As you continue to work steadily, you will feel that you have become smaller. If you want to drop it efficiently, it is recommended to incorporate aerobic exercise!

If you want to drop it efficiently, it is recommended to incorporate aerobic exercise!

However, there is a limit to how much cellulite can be removed by massage alone. After all, if you take in even a little exercise, your blood circulation and metabolism will improve, and you should be able to get rid of cellulite faster.

Exercise includes aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. It’s aerobic exercise that burns fat, but anaerobic exercise is also essential to build muscle and boost basal metabolism to get rid of cellulite. If you haven’t had any exercise habits before, it’s a good idea to start with light aerobic exercise and then start with anaerobic exercise such as muscle training as your body gets used to it.

For example, walking and radio calisthenics are recommended at first. Yoga and swimming use muscles, so you can do aerobic exercise as well as anaerobic exercise. At first, do it for about 15 minutes without overdoing it, and gradually extend the time.

Muscle training is where you want to incorporate squats that also have an element of aerobic exercise. With just 15 exercises, you have as much exercise as 500 abdominal muscles. Raising the thighs is an anaerobic exercise that works on cellulite on the legs and buttocks. Let’s start from 30 times each on the left and right and aim for 3 sets. If you want to reduce cellulite more, consult a professional

If you want to reduce cellulite more, consult a professional

Even with the same cellulite, if it is fat type or swelling type, it can be removed to some extent by massage or exercise, but if it becomes as stubborn as fiber type, it can not be handled by itself. It is recommended to consult a professional.

Stubborn cellulite consult a professional

Professionals can’t get rid of cellulite all at once, and it’s the same as doing it yourself, flushing away waste products and burning fat while gradually reducing it. However, professionals use technology based on the verification results to wash away waste products and burn fat, so there is an advantage that it is easy to realize that cellulite has decreased quickly.

Advice on daily life

Another advantage of being a professional is that you can identify the cause of cellulite and receive accurate advice. No matter how much professional skills you receive, it is meaningless if your daily life remains the same. On the other hand, if you are on a diet with incorrect knowledge, you will lose muscle, basal metabolism will drop, and cellulite will become more difficult to lose.


Cellulite should be gradually removed over time by combining massage and exercise. For cellulite that never falls off, it is a quick way to consult a professional with technology and a proven track record.

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