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Dark stain, in conspicuous spot, not bothering other direct effectiveness whitening, Merano shot white D, birth!

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Cheek stains that have been created before I knew it …
I want to say I didn’t see it, but I ‘m still worried

I should have been careful about ultraviolet rays, but the cheek stains that were created before I knew it. I’m sure there are many women who don’t want to darken the stains anymore and want to get rid of them if possible.
In recent years, Japan has become the norm for the prolonged heat wave, probably due to the effects of global warming. With the amount of ultraviolet rays increasing year by year, how to prevent the formation of spots is now a major mission of whitening cosmetics. “Effective whitening care” that does not leave UV damage and does not create stains is an indispensable skin care for us.

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Pursuing visibly understandable effects
Aiming for bright and transparent skin with “direct whitening care”

Sunscreen creams, parasols, hats, sunglasses … There are various items to prevent stains, but it is extremely difficult to completely prevent UV rays that are getting stronger year by year. Of course, UV care is essential, but what you should not forget is whitening care that does not leave UV damage and eliminates stains from the root.
The reason why the spots are noticeable is that the black melanin lumps that cause the spots increase in the skin and gradually appear on the surface of the skin. If the whitening ingredient is delivered directly to the source of this spot (melanocyte) and the source of the spot is made colorless, dark spots and conspicuous spots will not be possible.
ONE BY KOSE Melano Shot White D “directly works” on the source of the stain and keeps the source of the stain colorless * 1 . A medicated whitening essence that eliminates blemishes from the root * 2 . Kojic acid, an active whitening ingredient, works directly on melanocytes that cause age spots and exerts its effects. It does not cause blemishes and leads to bright skin with no uneven color.

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