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I want to clean my skin! Introducing skin care and habits that bring you closer to clean skin

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For those who want to get clean skin, it is important to review daily skin care and lifestyle. Rough skin care and irregular life increase the risk of skin problems. What should you do to get a habit of getting clean skin? Therefore, this time, for those who want to clean their skin, we will introduce in detail the skin care and lifestyle that we want to start from today.

What are the characteristics of clean skin?

When aiming for clean skin, the first thing to do is to know the “characteristics of clean skin”. Let’s take a closer look at what clean skin refers to.

Moisturized skin

Clean skin is characterized by its high moisture content, which is rich in hyaluronic acid and ceramide. Skin that is dry or dusty is not clean. It is also noteworthy that moisturized skin is resistant to external stimuli, so redness and texture disorder are less likely to occur.

Skin with good complexion

Ruddy skin is evidence of blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin and supports skin turnover. Skin turnover is the reincarnation of skin cells through metabolism. Skin with well-turned over is moisturized, transparent and has a high barrier function.

When blood flow is low, the complexion of the skin becomes pale and the skin becomes dull.

Firm and glossy skin

Firmness and luster on the skin is a prerequisite for clean skin. Even if you have no skin problems, you will not look healthy without the elasticity of your skin. If you feel the elasticity of pushing back when you touch the skin, you can say that it is firm. Firm skin does not have wrinkles or sagging, so it does not make you feel age skin.

Insufficient UV protection and moisturizing care will adversely affect collagen and elastin, resulting in loss of elasticity.

Review skin care and clean your skin! ~ Skin Care ~

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Now let’s take a closer look at the skin care you want to start today to get clean skin.


It is important to remove makeup by cleansing. You cannot remove the oily ingredients of makeup by washing your face. If you get tired of it and fall asleep without cleansing, sebum and unwanted dead skin cells may get stuck in your pores and cause skin problems.

There are many types of cleansing, including oils, creams and gels. Oil cleansing has a strong detergency, so the point is to use it to remove point makeup. Choose cleansing according to the strength of the makeup and the difficulty of removing it.

Face wash

To aim for clean skin, it is important to remove unwanted dead skin cells and sebum stains by washing your face. Insufficient cleansing can cause pore plugs and acne. In addition, scrubbing and washing your face with hot water will remove the sebum that protects your skin, resulting in dry skin.

Let’s wash your face as follows.

(1) Carefully wash with lukewarm water
(2) Foam the face wash to create elastic foam
(3) Gently apply foam to the skin in a circular motion
(4) Rinse thoroughly so that no foam remains

and wash your face again Is twice a day in the morning and evening. Refrain from washing your face any further, as it will dry your skin.


After washing your face, it is important to moisturize with lotion. Toner has the role of hydrating the skin. After cleansing, the skin is in a state where the keratin is damaged and it is easy to dry. By hydrating it with lotion, you can support the barrier function of the skin.

A lotion containing hyaluronic acid and ceramide is recommended. Both are ingredients that are naturally present in the skin and are deeply involved in the moisture of the skin.


Moisturizing care is not enough with lotion alone. After hydrating with lotion, replenish oil with milky lotion. It is important to replenish oil to support the role of sebum that has been washed off.

Skin with a well-balanced water and oil content is resistant to external stimuli and is less likely to cause skin problems.

Keeping clean skin with internal care ~ Habits ~

Care from the inside of the body is also important for aiming for clean skin. Get in the habit of the following care:

Thorough UV protection

Thoroughly shut out UV rays that cause the skin to lose its firmness. It is important to pay attention to the SPF and PA of the sunscreen cream. Choose SPF30, PA +++ for light outdoor sports and leisure, and SPF50, PA ++++ for leisure and marine sports under the scorching sun. The sunscreen cream will run off with sweat, so reapply it frequently.

Also, it is important to use not only sunscreen cream but also parasols, hats, and UV-blocking clothing. In addition, strong UV rays fall into the room in the summer, so it is necessary to close the curtains and apply sunscreen cream.

Adjust your eating habits

Get enough protein, vitamins and minerals for skin turnover. It is important to eat not only meat but also green and yellow vegetables and fruits in a well-balanced manner. Also, I especially want to take vitamin C, which is contained in green and yellow vegetables and fruits in general.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is said to be useful for aging care and UV protection. It is also important to take water diligently to prevent the skin from drying out.

Get plenty of sleep

Good sleep has a positive effect on the secretion of growth hormone needed for skin turnover. If you watch your smartphone or TV before going to bed, or sleep in a room where the room temperature and humidity are not comfortable, the quality of your sleep will deteriorate.

Review not only your sleep time, but also your sleep quality. As a guide, we recommend sleeping by midnight at the latest. If you have trouble falling asleep, you may want to stretch lightly or soak in lukewarm water.


In order to aim for clean skin, it is important to review daily skin care and lifestyle. Let’s approach from the inside of the body in a regular life while preparing from the outside of the body with skin care. That way, you can effectively condition your skin. Incorporate skin care cosmetics that suit you and aim for clean skin.

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