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Correct skin care is essential for beautiful skin! About skin care methods by skin type and age

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Correct skin care habits are essential for beautiful skin. In addition, if you do not have skin care that suits your age and skin type, you will not be able to lead to beautiful skin. How about trying to get a beautiful skin by holding down the basics of skin care? This time, we will introduce in detail the correct skin care method according to skin type and age.

A shortcut to beautiful skin! Review the basics of skin care!

First, let’s review the basics of skin care that leads to beautiful skin.

Why do you need skin care?

Cleansing, face washing, and moisturizing care are indispensable for skin care. Let’s take a closer look at each role.

・ Cleansing: By removing the makeup, you can prevent the oil from the makeup from clogging the pores.
・ Facial cleansing: Removes dead skin cells and sebum stains, leading to clear skin.
・ Introductory liquid: An item that makes it easier for ingredients such as lotion and milky lotion to penetrate into the stratum corneum.
・ Toner: Moisturizes the skin and leads to moisturized skin.
・ Essence: An item that accelerates beauty effects such as whitening and firmness.
・ Emulsion: Supports the barrier function by supplying water and oil to the skin.
・ Cream: Supports the barrier function by applying it to areas that tend to dry.
・ Pack: Penetrates beauty ingredients into the skin and removes dirt from pores.

As you can see, each skin care cosmetic has a role, so it is important to incorporate each one well.

What is the mechanism of the skin in the first place?

Do you know how the skin works in the first place? The skin is composed of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue in order from the outside. The dermis contains fibrous collagen and elastin, and hyaluronic acid fills the space between them to retain water.

In addition, melanin pigment is generated from the melanocytes in the epidermis, preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating deep into the skin.

In addition, the blood vessels of the skin expand when it gets hot and promote blood flow to release heat to the outside of the body, and conversely, when it gets cold, it contracts to prevent waste heat. In this way, the role of the skin is to prevent external stimuli from invading the inside and to regulate body temperature.

With proper care, your skin will be beautiful! Morning and night skin care methods

Skin care is basically done twice a day in the morning and evening. Get in the habit of proper care, such as:

Care before going out

Before going out, take skin care as follows.

Wash your face … Wash your face carefully to wash away excess sebum secreted while you sleep. If sebum stains remain, it will cause the makeup to float.
Toner … Moisturize your skin to improve the make-up feel.
Essence: Use moisturizing essence for those who are concerned about dryness, and whitening essence for those who are concerned about dark spots and dullness.
Emulsion … Emulsion is essential because oil is lost after washing your face in the morning.

Condition your skin with this kind of skin care before applying make-up.

Care after returning home

After returning home, take care of it as follows.

Cleansing … It is important to remove makeup firmly. The remaining oil stains may clog the pores and adversely affect the skin. Use oil cleansing to remove point makeup.

Face wash: The point is to carefully wash your face with fine elastic foam so that makeup stains and sebum stains do not remain.
Introductory solution: Use the introductory solution to increase the permeability of lotion and beauty essence.
Toner … After washing your face, the water content of your skin is low, so it is important to supplement it with lotion.
Essence … Use moisturizing essence or firmness essence to deal with the damage received during the day.
Emulsion: After washing your face, you tend to run out of oil, so it is important to supplement with emulsion.

Morning and evening skin care are almost the same. Let’s keep in mind proper face washing and moisturizing care and lead to beautiful skin.

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By skin type and age! About skin care methods

The point of skin care is to change it according to the type and age of the skin. Keep in mind the following skin care.

Recommended skin care methods for each skin type

The skin care methods for each skin type are as follows.

Normal skin: Skin with less sebum and more water. It is important to supplement the oil with milky lotion.
Dry skin: Since it has less sebum and less water, it requires careful care with serums and creams.
Oily skin: Since it contains a lot of sebum and water, refrain from creaming and use a refreshing type of lotion and milky lotion.
Mixed skin: Skin with a lot of sebum and less water. Make sure to replenish the water with lotion or serum, and keep the milky lotion modest.
Sensitive skin … Because the skin is vulnerable to irritation, use hypoallergenic skin care cosmetics.

In this way, try to take care of your skin according to your skin type.

Recommended skin care methods by age

Let’s take a closer look at age-specific skin care methods.

Twenties … Until your early twenties, sebum is actively secreted, so wash your face carefully. From your late twenties, make full use of emulsions and creams to balance water and oil.
30s … Because it is a time when the skin tends to get rough due to stress, careful moisturizing care is required.
40s … Use a firm serum for the time when you start to worry about wrinkles, age spots, and sagging.
50s … Age Since it is a time when the skin tends to accelerate, total care such as moisturizing and firming measures is recommended.

Ages in their 20s to 40s to 50s It will be easier to maintain beautiful skin if you start taking measures for skin.

Three points of skin care for beautiful skin!

Let’s take care of the skin by keeping the following points in mind to create beautiful skin.

Warm cosmetics in the palm of your hand

By warming the cosmetics with the palm of your hand, you can increase the permeability to the stratum corneum. With a little ingenuity, the skin-beautifying effect will improve.

Gently blend the cream

Gently apply the cream as if you were massaging it. The point is to apply it evenly, just like putting a veil on the skin.

Wait until it blends into your skin

It is important to wait for cosmetics to become familiar with the skin. Place your applied hands on your skin and use the following cosmetics when you feel they have penetrated.


For beautiful skin, skin care that suits your age and skin type is necessary. Let’s cherish one skin care because daily accumulation makes beautiful skin. First of all, we recommend that you review each one, such as cleansing, face washing, and moisturizing care.

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