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Review skin care, lifestyle, and habits to make your skin beautiful!

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For those who aim for beautiful skin, it is important to review skin care, lifestyle and dietary habits. If any one is missing, your skin may feel sick. If you are already concerned about your diet, lifestyle and skin care, why not take this opportunity to review it again. This time, we will introduce in detail skin care methods, lifestyle habits, and eating habits for making beautiful skin.

Review your habits and aim for beautiful skin! Introducing the habits of people with beautiful skin

Incorrect skin care and a malnourished diet both have a negative effect on the skin. I want to be careful because casual habits put a strain on my skin. Also, continued incorrect skin care and a malnourished diet will accelerate skin aging and tend to cause age-related skin problems. In the future, it is important to review your habits so that you do not have to worry about your age skin.

To aim for beautiful skin, review your sleep! ~ Sleep ~

To aim for beautiful skin, it is necessary to prepare the skin from the inside of the body. First, review your sleep habits. Review your sleep habits as follows:

Sleep for at least 6 hours every day

Lack of sleep is a cause of worsening skin condition. Optimal sleep time varies from person to person, but it is important to sleep at least 6 hours a day. However, there are some people who can get up in the morning for 5 hours a day and their skin condition is not bad. Find the sleep time that suits you.

Try to sleep at the same time as much as possible

If your bedtime is different every day, your sleep rhythm will not be correct. It can also have a negative effect on your skin, such as poor sleep and poor sleep quality. Try to sleep at the same time as much as possible. To do this, you have to get up at the same time every day.

Avoid night puffs as much as possible as they can disrupt your sleep rhythm.

Don’t mess with your smartphone an hour before going to bed

It is important not to mess with your smartphone one hour before going to bed. The screens of smartphones, tablets, and personal computers emit strong light, which makes your eyes dull. Be aware that the secretion of melatonin, which leads to sleep, is suppressed, which may make it difficult to fall asleep and reduce the quality of sleep.

Approach from within the body! Eating habits for beautiful skin-Eating habits-

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To protect the health of the skin, it is important to approach from the inside of the body. It is nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals that make the skin. If any one is missing, the condition of the skin tends to be disturbed. Make a habit of eating the following to keep your skin in good condition.

Ingest antioxidant vegetables and fruits

Consciously eat vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidant action is the function of suppressing the oxidation of the skin by active oxygen. For example, when exposed to ultraviolet rays, a large amount of active oxygen is generated, which causes skin oxidation.

Over the years, the skin loses its firmness and luster, making it easier to feel age skin. Antioxidant nutrients include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. It is important to eat consciously as it is contained in green and yellow vegetables and fruits in general.

Ingest meat, fish and soy to increase moisturizing power

Meat, fish and soybeans contain proteins that make the skin. When protein is insufficient, the metabolism of the skin decreases and the moisturizing power decreases. Take 1: 1 animal protein from meat and fish and vegetable protein from soybeans.

Prepare the intestinal environment with fermented foods

It is said that the skin and the intestinal environment are closely related. Skin problems tend to occur when the intestinal environment is disturbed. Eat fermented foods such as yogurt, natto, and kimchi to improve your intestinal environment. The good bacteria contained in fermented foods improve the intestinal environment.

Make stress relief a habit! Make your skin beautiful with stress-free everyday! ~ Stress relief ~

Stress disturbs the condition of the skin by disturbing the hormonal balance. The point is not to accumulate stress by practicing the following stress relieving methods!

Exercise moderately

Moderate exercise can help relieve stress as it can change your mood. In addition, by improving blood flow, nutrients and oxygen can be distributed to the skin, which can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.

Take a bath slowly

Many people may feel that stress is relieved when they take a bath slowly. The point is to soak in lukewarm water slowly so that it does not rise.

Maybe casual skin care habits keep beautiful skin away? ~ Skin Care ~

Skin care habits are deeply related to skin condition. Avoid the following skin care habits as they can be stressful to your skin.

I am taking care that is irritating to the skin

Frequent peeling, pore adsorption packs, enzyme facial cleansers, etc. can damage your skin. It will peel off the dead skin cells, reduce the moisturizing power of the skin, and dry it. When the skin becomes dry, damage such as UV rays and friction becomes stronger, increasing the risk of skin problems.

Cleansing that takes too much time

Cleansing is a skin care product that removes makeup stains. If you spend too much time, the necessary sebum will drop and the moisturizing power of the skin will decrease. Let’s make up quickly with a cleansing agent that matches the strength and type of makeup.

Wash your face with hot water

Some people feel comfortable washing their face with hot water, but it puts a heavy burden on the skin. Since the sebum that protects the skin is washed away by hot water, you will feel the skin feel dry and dry after washing your face. People with active sebum secretion tend to wash their face with hot water.

On the contrary, if you remove too much sebum and dry it, the risk of skin problems increases, so be careful.


If you want to beautify your skin, review your sleep, diet, skin care, and stress care. By approaching the skin from both the inside and outside of the body, the skin can be conditioned efficiently. The daily accumulation leads to beautiful skin, so why not start today? Also, actively incorporate care items with high moisturizing power to lead to beautiful skin.

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