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For UV care! What are the types of sunscreen foundations and how to choose them?

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Sunscreen foundation is recommended for UV care. If you can do UV care with foundation, you don’t need to overcoat with sunscreen. There are different types of sunscreen foundations, so choose the one that suits you best. Here, we will introduce in detail the types of sunscreen foundations and how to choose them.

For UV protection! Sunscreen foundation

In the first place, sunscreen foundation is a foundation that has a UV blocking effect. You can get both the effect of foundation that covers unevenness and dullness of the skin and the effect of UV blocking that shuts out ultraviolet rays.

You don’t need to apply sunscreen to finish your makeup, which saves you time in the morning. As with sunscreen cream, the SPF value is set, so it is important to select it according to the scene. Also, like a normal foundation, it is divided into several types according to its usability and functionality.

[By type] How to choose a sunscreen foundation

There are many types of sunscreen foundations. Let’s take a closer look at each feature and how to choose.

Powder foundation

The powder foundation is a solid type and has a matte texture. It is easy to reapply frequently and has a high sunscreen effect. It is easy to use because it does not easily lose makeup or become shiny.

If you apply too much, it will become powdery, so the trick is to apply it quickly.

Liquid foundation

It is rich in water and is characterized by its high moisturizing power. It adheres well to the skin and covers skin problems well, so it is recommended for people who tend to have dry skin. Since it contains water, it is easy to get shiny, but there is no problem if used correctly.

Cushion foundation

A type in which the foundation is soaked in the sponge cushion. Covering power and moisturizing power are between powder type and liquid type, and can be applied to various skin types. It is a nice point to be able to apply foundation without getting your hands dirty.

The sunscreen effect is not good enough, so you will need a sunscreen cream topcoat.

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[By effect] How to choose a sunscreen foundation

It is important to choose a sunscreen foundation that suits your situation. Choose as follows:

For everyday shopping and walks

For everyday use, we recommend SPF 15-25. SPF has the effect of prolonging the time it takes for the effects of UVB, which causes blemishes, to appear. In the case of SPF15, the influence of UVB does not appear for 225 to 300 minutes. However, the sunscreen foundation will run off with sweat, so the effect will actually begin to appear in a few hours.

Outdoors and sports

For outdoor activities and sports under the scorching sun, choose SPF 30-50. In addition, it is important to reapply the foundation diligently as it will be washed away by sweat. A powder foundation that is easy to reapply is recommended.

Marine Sports

For marine sports that get wet, we recommend the waterproof sunscreen foundation. For marine sports under the scorching sun, choose one with SPF 30-50. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to top it with sunscreen.

Common worries about sunscreen foundations

Many people may have various problems with sunscreen foundations. Here, we will answer the common problems of sunscreen foundations.

When should I apply the sunscreen foundation in the order of skin care?

Apply sunscreen foundation after makeup base, just like regular foundation. Sunscreen foundations are regular foundations that contain sunscreen ingredients, but there is no difference in their properties as makeup products.

Therefore, treat it like a normal foundation.

If you use the sunscreen foundation, it will get twisted, and if you put make-up on it, it will come off.

The next make-up for sunscreen foundations tends to crumble because they don’t stick to your skin. The skin must be sufficiently moisturized for the foundation to adhere to the skin. If you touch your skin and it feels dry, you may not have enough moisturizing care.

Not only supplement the water with lotion, but also supplement the oil with milky lotion or cream. Skin that lacks oil loses a lot of water over time. Take sufficient moisturizing care and apply a makeup base and sunscreen foundation after your skin becomes moisturized.

If it still gets twisted or the makeup comes off, try the liquid type. Since the suction power is high, there is a possibility that your worries will be resolved.

When you apply sunscreen foundation, it will come to the surface over time.

Sunscreen foundations, like regular foundations, should not be overcoated. If you apply it thickly, it will come to the surface over time. If you hide the unevenness and texture of the skin with just the foundation, it will naturally become a thick coat.

It is important to apply the sunscreen foundation quickly and cover skin problems with a concealer or blush. By minimizing the use of foundation, you can prevent makeup from floating. If it still floats, it may be due to sweat or sebum.

If you sweat or excessively secrete sebum, your makeup will float. Adjust the room temperature or cool the back of your neck with a cold towel.


It is important to choose a sunscreen foundation according to the scene and your worries. There are various types such as usability, SPF, functionality, etc., so find the one that suits you. If your makeup becomes easier to lift after changing to a sunscreen foundation, please review the moisturizing care and application method in advance. Make good use of sunscreen foundation to reduce your morning make-up time.

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