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Hair loss

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In Japan, it is said that about 1 in 10 men suffer from thinning hair. Don’t give up easily because it’s heredity, but get the right knowledge about hair loss and hair and deal with it as soon as possible.

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What is hair loss?

Introducing basic knowledge about hair, such as hair cycle and hair loss.

Hair cycle

The total number of human hair is said to be 100,000 to 150,000, but when it grows to a certain extent, the hair naturally stops growing.
After 2 to 5 years for males, 4 to 7 years for females, and about 5 to 7 years for healthy people, cell division stops around the hairball and growth stops. Then, after a regression period of about 3 weeks, it enters a rest period and eventually falls out.
In this way, all hair is destined to fall out, but after 4 to 6 months, the growing hair (early growing hair in the downy stage) will regenerate . Hair usually repeats this cycle.

Checkpoint for hair loss

The checkpoint for hair loss is said to be whether or not about 70 hairs fall out a day. If you have this number of hair loss, you don’t have to worry about it.
However, it is extremely difficult to count each one. In addition, the hair loss that causes the front baldness of young baldness is short and thin, and it is easy to overlook.
It is how to remove hair that you can judge without counting. If there are many people who start to lose hair, the hair will be noticeably lost in units of 100 hairs a day. If that happens, you will feel a sense of discomfort.

Causes of hair loss

Introducing the causes of hair loss, such as male hormones, heredity, and stress.


One of the causes of young baldness is the androgen theory . In some people, male hormones suppress cell division of the dermal papilla and suppress its growth.
Especially , the hair on the frontal region and the crown is highly sensitive, and it is said that it is easily affected by male hormones .
In addition, the constitution of the hairball part that is highly sensitive to male hormones is inherited. However, this constitution is not only inherited from father to son. In the case of males, it is dominantly inherited, so it is inherited fairly densely and appears on the surface, but in the case of females, it is recessively inherited and does not appear on the surface in a very conspicuous manner.

Is it due to stress?

The hairballs that grow hair have blood vessels that feed nutrients. When stress builds up, the autonomic nerves that surround the hairball become unbalanced, constricting these blood vessels and making it impossible to feed the hair smoothly. And as a result, hair loss begins.
Hair is very delicate and stress is important.

How to deal with hair loss

Introducing easy remedies, including how to use hair restorers.

Good use of hair restorer

The important thing is to choose the medicine that suits you. For example, his blood circulation is so good that he has a reddish face and a shining head and is fat. If you are such a person, a hair restorer that improves blood circulation is not suitable. On the other hand, if you have poor blood circulation, anemia, or dry skin, a hair restorer that promotes blood circulation is recommended. It is important to carefully assess your constitution.

However, because some people not bad blood circulation in narrow of people apparently, minimum 2 times rubbed (slaughter) in one day and, 2 to 4 months is whether matching not try to use, I do not know .. The important thing is to find a hair restorer that suits you quickly and to apply it patiently.

Putting with a brush

It is often said that putting with a hard brush is good.
Once upon a time, I saw a person who traveled to a Native American village to find out why he had less baldness, hitting his head with a tool like a chamoji with hair on the base of the tail of a horse. I heard that he thought it was true.
Putting stimulates hair roots and enhances blood circulation, so it makes sense to prevent hair loss. However, you need to be careful about the equipment so as not to scratch the skin.
Also, although it is not hair loss, at a certain age, the cells that make melanin pigment sabotage and become gray hair. However, this also activates cells by putting, so moderate putting seems to be good for people with gray hair.

How to prevent hair loss

For hair loss, it is important to prevent it earlier than to deal with it. Introducing preventive methods for hair loss that can be practiced immediately.

Prevention is important for such people

  • My parents have thin hair
  • Hairy body
  • The head is large and the top of the head and the left and right sides of the head are protruding.
  • Immediately frustrated and short-tempered
  • Easy to feel pressure
  • Hair is dry and dry
  • Are fat
  • Anemia
  • High blood pressure

Those who fall under the above items should take special precautions.

Prevention early

The sooner the prevention is, the better. After the scalp shines, new young hair rarely grows, even if it can be prevented from progressing further.
It is important to prevent hair loss while it is low.

Wash your hair well

To prevent severe hair loss, it is important to wash your hair diligently to keep the skin on your head clean. Please wash well and remove dandruff as much as possible. If you leave the conspicuous dandruff alone, it will cause hair loss.
Shampoo is an ordinary person, and if you are a man with oily hair or a man with noticeable hair loss, you need to wash your hair about once every three days to keep it clean. Some people refrain from washing their hair because it comes off, but on the contrary, it makes the hair come out.
The best way to wash it is to wash it twice. The amount of shampoo should be minimal, but it is important to wash it off thoroughly.

After shampooing, it is recommended to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer. Originally, natural hair is a little moist as it is called “wet feather color”, so if you dry it with a dryer, it will be too dry than physiological, and the cuticle will become dry and turn up. Therefore, avoid it except when you are in a hurry, and try to dry naturally.

Hair blister knowledge

Introducing blister knowledge about hair that seems to be known but not surprisingly.

Hair structure

Animal hair has a hollow center and is filled with air. Therefore, it has a high heat retention effect. On the other hand, human hair is characterized by being compact and tightly packed. Therefore, it can be said that it does not have much heat retention effect and is heavy.
Humans have lost their hair as they evolved, and nowadays, mainly in the sense of beauty, hair remains only in the head. So even if you make a winter coat with human hair that is full of contents, it will not be as warm and heavy as animal fur.

Life and hair

In the center of the hair, there is a relatively soft part called “hair marrow”. Hair is classified into three types depending on the presence or absence of this hair pulp and melanin pigment .

First of all, regarding “downy hair” , the downy hair that covers the whole body in the early days when the baby is in the womb of the mother turns into a slightly thick “hard hair” by the time he is 2 years old . It is this hair that grows mostly on the heads of newborn babies. Although the hair has a hair marrow, it is characterized by having less melanin pigment, being brownish, and having a weak waist and being unreliable.

The melanin pigment increases with age from infants to toddlers, school children, and puberty, and the hair turns into glossy and chewy hair. Hard hair is hair that has completed growth and is also called “terminal hair  , and during puberty, armpit hair and pubic hair also become this terminal hair.
By the age of 50, many people generally have thinning hair. However, this is unavoidable because it is thinning hair based on the natural aging phenomenon due to aging. As human hair ages , vellus hair increases in the opposite course of growth , and vellus hair replaces vellus hair, and hair ends its life.

Growing hair

Hair grows diagonally across the scalp, but in the growing hair, the root part is bulging like a flask, and the dented part at the tip is the nipple, which is the hair production factory. It is invading like.
In contact with this, the hair matrix cells are lined up, and the dermal papilla capillaries that reach the dermal papilla receive nutrition and divide, and grow upward to become fine hair.

Hair loss Q & A

We will answer your concerns about hair loss.

Q01Why are women suffering from thinning hair these days?

Recently, the active advancement of women into society has progressed. If you do so, you will have more opportunities to be assigned responsible work, and you will be more nervous.
From that, it is thought that the phenomenon of thinning hair in women has become conspicuous as in men due to a lot of stress.

Q02Is diet not good for hair?

Since the main component of hair is made of a protein called keratin, protein deficiency is like a shortage of raw materials in a hair manufacturing factory, and you cannot make good hair.
A well-balanced diet is also important.

Q03Are animals bald?

In the case of humans, the hairs take turns to take a break, but next to them, new hairs regenerate regardless of the hairs that take a break. Therefore, the overall balance is maintained and hair loss (baldness) is not noticeable, but if the balance is lost for some reason, baldness will be noticeable.
In this way, the type of hair cycle in which adjacent hairs alternately fall out and grow is called the mosaic type hair cycle.
On the other hand, animals move in a cycle different from the mosaic type, such as changing all at once according to seasonal changes, and with the exception of some humans and monkeys, there is no envy.

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