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How can I improve the clogged pores that I care about ? What are the solutions and preventive measures?

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Many people may be suffering from the lumpy appearance of their pores clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. You may be able to improve the pores you care about by reviewing your daily skin care and lifestyle. However, it is important to know the right way to deal with it, as the wrong way to deal with it will exacerbate the clogging of the pores. This time, I will explain in detail how to eliminate pore clogging and preventive measures.

Why are the pores clogged?

There are various causes for clogged pores. To be aware of improvement and prevention, let’s understand the cause of pore clogging.

Excessive secretion of sebum

Sebum plays a role in protecting the skin from external stimuli, but when it is excessively secreted, it causes pore clogging and the growth of germs. Excessive cleansing causes dry skin and hormonal imbalances that result in excessive sebum secretion. People who consume too much fat and sugar also need to be careful because they increase the secretion of sebum.

Decreased skin elasticity due to aging

Collagen and elastin, which control the elasticity of the skin, decrease with age. As a result, the skin becomes less firm and sagging. When the skin sags, the pores also sag, and sebum and old keratin are easily clogged.

You can’t prevent aging, so try to care for sebum and dead skin cells.

Disordered skin turnover

The skin is reborn in a certain cycle. This skin metabolism is called turnover. With normal turnover, you can keep your skin healthy. If the skin reincarnation cycle is disturbed, old dead skin cells will stay on the skin and clog the pores.

Review your lifestyle as it can be caused by aging, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, poor blood flow, and stress.

Makeup stains are not completely removed by washing your face

One of the causes of pore clogging is keratin plugs. A keratin plug is a mixture of sebum and old keratin that turns black when oxidized. It is easy to make a keratin plug if you have not thoroughly removed makeup stains by washing your face, so be careful if you go to bed without cleansing.

Excess sebum remains on the skin

Keratin plugs can also form if excess sebum remains on the skin. Without proper cleansing and cleansing, sebum will remain on the skin. Keep in mind that inadequate skin care can cause sebum pore clogging.

How to clear pore clogging

Here’s how to get rid of the clogged pores.

Massage with a cotton swab soaked in oil

Apply a non-oxidizing oil such as olive oil to a cotton swab and massage the area of ​​concern. It is important to massage gently when rubbed hard, as it will damage the skin. It’s an easy care method, but you can’t expect dramatic effects.

Oil pack where you are concerned about keratin plugs

Apply oil to the areas where you are concerned about keratin plugs, and soak in the bathtub. After about 10 minutes, wash your face as usual. As the oil blends into the keratin plug, it will be easier to remove by washing your face. Choose an oil that can be used for skin care, such as argan oil or olive oil.

Wash with enzyme cleanser

Enzymes have the function of breaking down proteins. Therefore, enzyme cleansers can be expected to have the effect of removing dead skin cells and keratin plugs. However, the necessary keratin is also made of protein, so frequent use can damage the skin.

Take it as a special care about once a week instead of washing your face every day. In addition, careful moisturizing care is required after washing your face.

How to prevent pore clogging

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The point is how much you can prevent pore clogging. Practice the following preventive measures to prevent pore clogging.

Review face washing and cleansing

If you practice proper face washing and cleansing, you will be able to prevent pore clogging. It is important to choose the right cleansing agent according to the strength of the makeup. By making the makeup as thin as possible, you can reduce the risk of makeup stains remaining on your skin.

When washing your face, lather the cleanser firmly and gently wash it with the pad of your finger or the palm of your hand. It is important to carefully rinse with lukewarm water at 32 to 35 ° C so as not to wash away the necessary sebum.

Thorough moisturizing

When your skin dries, sebum secretion increases and turnover is disturbed, so be sure to take thorough moisturizing care. It is important not only to replenish the water with lotion or serum, but also to replenish the oil with milky lotion or cream.

Oil helps the role of sebum and prevents water from evaporating from the skin.

Tighten with a converging lotion

It is important to use moisturizing care cosmetics that suit your skin problems. Use a converging lotion to clog your pores. It works to tighten pores, making it less likely to clog excess sebum and dead skin cells.

What is the wrong way to care for clogged pores?

Wrong care leads to worsening pore clogging. Avoid the following care methods:

Forcibly push out the horn plug with your finger

If you forcibly push out the horn plug with your finger, it will come out as “nurunuru”, so some people may find it comfortable. However, not only does it put a strain on the skin, but it can also cause inflammation due to germs when caring for it with dirty hands.

Avoid pushing it out with your fingers to increase the risk of skin problems.

Push out the horn plug with tweezers

You should also avoid pushing out the horn plugs with tweezers and picking them up. It adds physical irritation to the skin and increases the risk of skin problems, just like pushing it out with your fingers. You may also cut your skin at the tip of the tweezers.

After taking care of keratin plugs to eliminate clogging of pores, take good care

After practicing the method of clearing pore clogging, take good care. It is important to take the following care to reduce the burden on the skin.

Moisturize well

Both methods, such as cotton swabs and oil packs, will cause some damage to your skin. Therefore, let’s take proper moisturizing care after practice. By supplementing water well and replenishing oil appropriately, it leads to skin that is resistant to irritation.

Tighten pores

Even if you remove the keratin plug, if the pores remain open, a new keratin plug will be created immediately. Tighten the pores with a converging lotion or a cold towel. However, if you use a towel that is too cold, it will put a strain on your skin, blood flow will decrease, and turnover will be disturbed, so it is important to cool it properly.


Clogged pores can make things worse if not dealt with properly. Remove keratin plugs with a cotton swab or oil pack while taking care of pores by carefully washing your face, cleansing, and improving your lifestyle. After pore care, it is important to provide moisturizing care and tightening care to prevent new keratin plug problems. Get in the habit of proper care and aim for beautiful skin without pore clogging.

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