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How to aim for pore-less skin with skin care & why pores stand out

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Many people are worried about pores, but it is also difficult to get results with care that does not match without knowing the type of pores. For such people, I will introduce how to identify your own pore type and how to properly care for pores.

[Basics of pore care] Let’s identify the type of pores

There are two types of fundamental problems with pores. From puberty to the 20s, when the sebaceous glands become active, most of the pores are filled with sebum. On the other hand, after the 30s when the skin loses elasticity, the slack causes the pores to grow and become elliptical, which increases the problem of conspicuous pores.

There are four types of pores and their characteristics as follows. Check the checkpoints to see what type of skin you have.

1. Open pores

Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands at the back of the pores. However, for people with oily skin, the development of sebaceous glands causes the outlet of sebum to become larger and the pores to open rounder. In particular, the pores around the nose are easy to open, so let’s focus on this area.


✓ When I wake up in the morning, my skin is sticky
✓ My skin is easy
to get shiny ✓ It is easy to lose my makeup

2. Blackhead pores

When sebum comes in contact with air, it oxidizes and turns brownish and hardens. In addition to this, dust, makeup stains, old dead skin cells, etc. can clog the pores and widen the pores, causing the pores to darken. To prevent darkening, it is important not to collect sebum and dirt.


✓ Easy to get rough skin ✓ Easy to get

3. Sagging pores

Collagen and elastin in the dermis decrease with age. Skin that has lost its elasticity and elasticity cannot withstand gravity, and the area around the pores becomes loose and becomes oval pores. This is the initial change in aging that appears in the cheek area. Once loosened, it cannot be restored. The most important thing is to take measures to prevent the slack condition from progressing any further.


✓ Reduced elasticity and elasticity
✓ Especially the pores of the cheeks are conspicuous

4. Dry pores

Due to the lack of moisture in the stratum corneum, the surface of the skin becomes wrinkled, the texture is disturbed, and the area around the pores is dented. This dent becomes a shadow and makes the pores stand out black. It can be seen in people who tend to neglect skin care or wash their face more than necessary, but it can be improved if proper moisturizing care is continued.


✓ Tightening the skin after washing the face
✓ Disordered texture
✓ Pore is more noticeable in winter than in summer

How to choose recommended skin care items for pore prevention

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Then, I will introduce how to choose an effective skin care item for each problem.

1. Open pores

First of all, it is important to review your face wash. Wash thoroughly in the morning and evening with soap that removes sebum properly and a cleanser containing enzymes. If your pores are wide, try peeling. If you take care with an AHA-containing cleanser or beauty essence that gently removes excess keratin, the dermis will become thicker and the pores will become smaller.

2. Blackhead pores

If you press the lump of oxidized sebum tightly with your finger, it will come out on the surface, so you will want to remove it, but it is NG to remove it by force. The collagen tissue in the dermis is damaged, making the pores stand out. Instead, it is important to replace it with a cleanser that can properly remove sebum and dirt, and wash it cleanly.

3. Sagging pores

Let’s start by encouraging turnover. We recommend that you use a peeling that increases the amount of subcutaneous tissue produced and a beauty essence containing retinol that has the effect of increasing collagen in your skin care. Massage also has the effect of improving lymphatic flow and increasing metabolism, but care should be taken as massage that moves the skin excessively promotes sagging.

4. Dry pores

Let’s wash and moisturize properly. If you have dry skin but use something with strong detergency, or if you don’t like stickiness and don’t use milky lotion or cream, it will open pores.
Make your face moisturized without removing too much sebum, and moisturize with a lotion or serum containing ceramide or hyaluronic acid. Moisturize the dead skin with a lotion pack, as the cheeks are especially dry and the pores are noticeable.
If you are concerned about the roughness of your skin, it is a good idea to use a fine-grained scrub. We also recommend clay, enzyme-containing masks, and peels that adsorb and remove sebum and dirt.

If you get keratin plugs even after diligently removing sebum or taking care of dead skin cells, take regular care with keratin plug countermeasure items. Special pore care that you want to take in about once a week includes those that melt and remove keratin plugs and pack types. What I want to pay attention to is the peel-off type pack. It’s popular because you can see the effect visibly, but if you overdo it, you’ll also get the dead skin cells you need. Keep it about twice a month. Don’t forget to moisturize after keratin care!

Daily pore prevention skin care points and precautions

Before using lotion, keep your skin clean with a cleanser that has a firm lather. The more you press the pores, the more sebum will come out and worsen the symptoms. It is a major premise that pore care should be done gently while maintaining cleanliness.

Also, be careful not to forcibly remove the keratin plug from the pores. The keratin plugs push the pores apart, which can reduce the smoothness of the skin. First of all, it is important not to make this keratin plug, but if you wash your face repeatedly or use too much cleansing power, even the oil necessary for moisturizing the skin will be deprived, and as a result, the keratin will be burned.

Since keratin plugs are made of sebum and dead skin, choose gommage and exfoliating items. After keratin care, your skin will become very dry, so take a milky lotion or cream, warm it, and then carefully moisturize it with a hand press.

How to keep clean poreless?

The trick to caring for pores is to get along well with sebum. Sebum, which can clog pores and cause acne, is often regarded as a bad guy, but it is very important for the skin. It is important to remove sebum diligently to prevent the pores from becoming clogged, but keep it to the extent that it is suppressed from above with a tissue or the like.

It is also important to have a diet that is good for your pores and skin.
When you are in your 30s or older, the amount of sebum decreases, but the metabolism of lipids also decreases, making it easier for sebum to become clogged. It also causes darkened pores. I would like to actively eat natto and liver containing vitamin B2, which increases the metabolism of lipids, pork containing vitamins B2 and B6, and green and yellow vegetables. It is more effective to take vitamin C, which has high antioxidant power, together. Of course, refrain from greasy meals and sweets that tend to stimulate sebum secretion.

Take plenty of vitamin C, which has high antioxidant power and promotes collagen production in the loose pores. Vitamin C contained in lemons, oranges, paprika, etc. not only provides firmness and elasticity, but also has the effect of reducing dark spots and dullness. Let’s do aging care from inside the body!

Also, don’t forget to take UV protection throughout the year. When ultraviolet rays penetrate the dermis, collagen and elastin are destroyed, creating causes that directly affect pores such as sagging and dryness. Whitening care for the pores and their surroundings also has the effect of making the pores inconspicuous.


By continuing proper pore care every day, you can get closer to ideal beautiful skin without pores. Let’s carefully identify your pore type and perform correct pore care!

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