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Easy skin care with all-in-one cosmetics! Thorough explanation from how to choose to how to use!

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There are many types of “all-in-one”. People in their 20s and 30s who start to have skin problems, and those in their 40s and 50s who want to concentrate on aging care. It is an excellent item that can easily care for each problem. Prices range from cheap to high-end, but if you can use it in a way that suits you, it will be a powerful ally for beautiful skin!

What is an all-in-one skin care item?

All-in-one items are multifunctional items that may be condensed into lotion, serum, milky lotion, cream, mask, and even the makeup base these days. Since only one care is required, the number of times the skin is touched is much less than usual, and the burden on the skin can be reduced without damaging the barrier function. There are mainly two types of all-in-one, “gel” and “gel”. The gel emphasizes elasticity and has a moist texture. The gel is refreshing with an emphasis on water content.

How to choose an all-in-one skin care item

First of all, here are some tips on how to choose by age.


People in their thirties are more busy with work and private life, so their skin condition tends to be more unstable than in their twenties. “Moisturizing ingredients” are important to keep the unstable skin beautiful. “Hyaluronic acid” “collagen” “ceramide” combination is recommended.
Chloasma is also a common problem in people in their thirties, but let’s aim for whitening and moisturizing effects with an all-in-one skin care item that contains highly functional whitening ingredients such as “tranexamic acid” and “penetrating vitamin C”.


From the 40s onwards, the moisturizing power of the skin drops sharply. Choose one that has a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients and actively take care of it. High-performance products that can concentrate on moisturizing, whitening, and various worries such as age spots are recommended. Those with medicinal ingredients are for those in their 40s who are vulnerable to damage.


People in their 50s will be exposed to dryness. I tend to be worried about stains, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds. I would like to choose one that has less water and feels elasticity, and one that has high moisturizing power, and to deal with the imbalance of hormones. The point is to choose a texture that has a moist feeling that sticks to the skin.


By the time you reach your 60s, the amount of “ceramide” has decreased to about half that of your 20s. The skin also becomes hard and it becomes difficult to replenish moisture. It is effective to first soften the skin and then take care of it.

Next, let’s look at each skin problem.

[Dry skin]

Moisturizing power is important for dry skin, so choose one that can increase water retention power with the keyword “high moisturizing power”. In addition to “hyaluronic acid”, we recommend the one that contains “ceramide”, an ingredient that makes the skin moisturize itself.

[Sagging skin]

For aging skin that has lost its elasticity or elasticity, choose one that has the effect of maintaining the elasticity of the skin, such as “collagen” and “elastin”. For dull skin, emphasis is placed on the whitening effect, and those with antioxidant effects such as “vitamin C”, “vitamin C derivatives” and “vitamin E” and those containing “polyphenol” are effective. Good penetration and long-lasting effect are important for aging skin. “Is the ingredient properly penetrated into the skin?” “Is the effect lasting for a long time?” Is also a point.

[Sensitive skin]

Sensitive skin that you want to choose carefully. All-in-one skin care has many effects, so you need to be careful if it is irritating to your skin. Choose one that is labeled “for sensitive skin” or one that contains “ceramide” and “amino acids”. It is also important that it does not contain any ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils, tar pigments, silicones, and alcohols, and that it is additive-free.
In addition, all-in-one for sensitive skin is less irritating to the skin and has moisturizing power, so it can be used on any skin. If you are using all-in-one for the first time, or if you are wondering what to choose, why not choose one for sensitive skin.

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[Acne skin]

For acne skin that you want to get rid of, the one with a refreshing texture that is not sticky is the best. Choose one that contains a “vitamin C derivative” that suppresses the secretion of sebum and enhances the metabolism of the skin, and has penetrating power. Also, check out the ingredient “fullerene” that enhances the barrier function, as it is also effective in the care of acne scars.

There is also a way to choose according to your life scene.

Use only in the morning if it has a UV blocking effect. Most of the morning all-in-one products are refreshing and familiar to the skin so that they can be applied before makeup. Things that are hard to twist are a nice point on a busy morning.
Also, “There are some that can be used for morning massage, which have the effect of promoting blood circulation and further infiltrating the ingredients, so check it when you are worried about makeup glue. For

night use, skin while sleeping . Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid that make your skin fluffy, trapping moisture in your skin and allowing it to penetrate. It has a strong moisturizing sensation and does not become dry over time.

Tips and effective usage for skin care with all-in-one cosmetics

Next, I will introduce the tips for using all-in-one cosmetics and how to bring out the effects.

1. Place on forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and dry eyelids

→ Use a spatula as much as possible and be careful not to let germs get into your cosmetics.

2. Familiar from bottom to top

→ Pour waste products from bottom to top to help with pores and slack

3. Gently use the middle finger and ring finger to eliminate slack, massage, etc.

→ Flow below the face line downward

4. Firmly moisturize with a hand press

→ As with any skin care, apply it and then let it penetrate. Let’s transfer the heat of the palm to the skin.

5. Layer the cheeks and eyes


6. Tissue off the areas where you are concerned about stickiness and stickiness. Don’t forget before making up in the morning

* If the function is up to cream,
add UV care such as UV protection. * If you use a product that does not contain makeup base ingredients, use it after the all-in-one cosmetics have penetrated into the skin and dried. .. If you use it before it dries, the two cosmetics will mix and the finish will not be beautiful.

In addition, all-in-one cosmetics can also be used as a pack. After cleansing, apply 2 to 3 times the normal amount thickly and rinse lightly after 5 to 10 minutes. It is recommended to do this while taking a bath as it will open pores and make it easier for the ingredients to penetrate.
Depending on the season, you may find the effect unsatisfactory. In that case, apply lotion after washing your face and then go to all-in-one cosmetics. After applying all-in-one cosmetics, it is more effective to moisturize with lotion than to cover with cream.
There is also a trick to mix BB cream, which has a base effect, with all-in-one cosmetics when making up. It doesn’t feel like a thick coat, and it gives you a feeling of bare skin, but you don’t have to worry about dryness during the day.


The all-in-one skin care item is an excellent item with a good cost performance that allows you to efficiently aim for beautiful skin depending on how you use it. Even if you are busy every day, you can take care of your time, so please try it.

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