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Let’s start skin care “aging care” for adults !

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Why don’t you start “aging care” to keep your skin clean even after 30 years? Get a good night’s sleep and try to have a regular life and a well-balanced diet. Also, be modest in alcohol and tobacco. It’s nothing special, but it’s aging care.

When did you start incorporating aging care into your skin care?

How old should I start aging care? For example, once wrinkles are formed, they will continue to be formed there. Even teenagers can get wrinkles where they laugh. The important thing is not to get rid of the wrinkles that have been created, but to create skin that is less likely to wrinkle. It should be considered as aging care before aging.
That said, what the Eterna generation is more concerned about is the specific sign of starting aging care, isn’t it? Check the checklist below.


✓ Dullness

A sign that the turnover is slowing down. In the 20s, the turnover cycle is 28 days. However, it will take about 40 days for people in their 40s. If this happens, the stains will not disappear easily, and the stratum corneum will thicken and the skin will become dull.

✓ Dry

As the production of ceramide, which has an outstanding moisturizing effect, decreases with age, the skin loses water.

✓ Spots

The epidermis becomes thicker due to the effects of ultraviolet rays that have been exposed for many years, melanocytes are activated, and spots are formed.

✓ Wrinkles & sagging

The amount of collagen produced decreases, and collagen is denatured due to the effects of ultraviolet rays and saccharification.

Next, I would like to introduce the difference between skin care and aging care.

[Cleansing fee]

Only when you have a strong make-up, you have a strong ability to remove make-up. Let’s base it on the gentleness to the skin.

【Facial wash】

You can also try using bar soap that does not contain extra ingredients. Some products contain ingredients that are useful for anti-aging, but care must be taken as they may leak out at the stage of flushing and the skin care effect may not be expected. It is more important to choose one that has a cleansing power that suits your skin.


When choosing a lotion, it is recommended that it contains vitamin C derivatives and niacin, which are anti-aging ingredients. Since these ingredients are water-soluble, those in lotion are more stable and better absorbed by the skin than creams.


Essence is the protagonist of aging care. After graduating from Petit Pla, choose a quality one. Apply it to the entire face, not just the areas of concern.


Layered around the eyes and mouth. Apply a thin layer of cream to the entire face.

Skin care that should not be done with aging care

Do your daily skin care by hand. Strong putting with bread and cotton is very irritating to the skin, and if you continue it for many years, it will cause stains. Gently tap in the milky lotion and cream.

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It is NG to put effort and time into cleansing. The rule of thumb is to wash your face quickly. If you try to make a lot of foam, your wet skin will dry out. Gently wash the eggs with a force that does not break them, and rinse them thoroughly (not strongly) with lukewarm water. It takes 2 minutes from getting your face wet to rinsing.

Also, I would like to pay attention to the amount to be applied. When the skin becomes less glossy, you will want to apply a thick cream, but it will cause acne and shine.

Feel free to do aging care

Introducing massages that make your skin lively and tips for reviewing your eating habits to bring out the essence of beauty from your body.

■ Massage to rejuvenate your skin

[Face muscle training]

“The contours of the face have become vague” and “bears and nasolabial folds have become noticeable.” These are caused by sagging. Like wrinkles, sagging is associated with a decrease in collagen and aging (looseness) of facial muscles. Add facial muscle training to your skin care.

[Facial muscle massage]

The face has more than 30 muscles. By massaging the neck muscles and the deep facial muscles deep in the face, you can expect a small face and lift-up. Since the waste products are washed away by lymph drainage, some people may feel pain in the first treatment, but it is worth trying once.

[Face yoga]

Face yoga moves the muscles of the face while being aware of the nasolabial fold. There are various types, but by raising the corner of the mouth using the levator anguli and tongue muscles and moving the lower eyelid muscle, there is a stretching effect on the entire face, small face effect, nasolabial fold and sagging, sagging around the eyes. Also effective for bears. Please do it every day.

■ Internal beauty is also important

Internal beauty is essential for making beautiful skin. Get the nutrition you need to build your body and skin every day. Be careful not to take too much fat, carbs and salt. Some people keep meat modest for dieting, but protein is the material for the skin (collagen). By incorporating various ingredients containing nutrients that are effective for aging care and complementing each other’s work, a skin-beautifying effect is created. Eat well-balanced, not just eating specific foods or relying on supplements. For hydration, slowly warm things. Make up for fresh skin with skin care!

■ Main ingredients useful for aging care


Vitamin A (carrot, pumpkin), vitamin C (broccoli, kiwi), vitamin E (nuts, olive oil, avocado)


Isoflavones (soybean products), anthocyanins (blueberries, eggplants, grapes)


Lycopene (tomato, watermelon), lutein (spinach, corn), astaxanthin (salmon, shrimp)

■ Get a good night’s sleep

The skin is reborn while sleeping. Know that there is no better serum than sleep, and review the importance of “sleep”. The ideal sleep time is 6 hours, which is the minimum time it takes for skin to regenerate. Sleep has a rhythm. The first three hours of sleep are especially deep, during which time growth hormone secretion increases and skin turnover becomes more active. As you get older, your sleep time becomes more important, and the effects of sleep deprivation are more pronounced on your skin.

Not only time but also quality of sleep is important. Before going to bed, you want to activate the parasympathetic nerves that relax your body. Avoid anything that irritates your brain before you go to bed. Stop taking caffeine after 20:00. The cause of insomnia may be that your body is not tired even though your brain is tense, such as when you are facing your computer for a long time during the day. Exercise lightly between work and housework.


Skin care and aging care for adults should start as soon as a sign is given, which is the key to keeping your skin clean in the future. Also, let’s do aging care not only from the outside but also from the inside.

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