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To keep your skin clean no matter how many times you get. Master basic skin care methods

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It is essential for the Eterna generation to add worry-resolving care to basic care. First, let’s check the skin quality.

Basic skin care method that brings you one step closer to beautiful skin

In order to protect beautiful skin, it is important to eliminate unnecessary care and take in the care that the skin really needs. By performing the simple methods of “dropping”, “moisturizing” and “protecting” in the correct order, the effects of basic cosmetics will be improved. Let’s take a look at the procedure of makeup remover → face wash → skin conditioning → finishing.

【Makeup Remover】

On the day of make-up, cleanse and wash your face to restore your skin. After a day, the foundation mixes with sebum and dust and becomes “dirty”.

[Face wash]

Basically, it removes sebum twice in the morning and evening. Sebum oxidizes over time and becomes a substance that irritates the skin. It also causes rough skin and aging.

[Skin conditioning]

Since the lotion evaporates quickly, think of it as an item that is more comfortable to use than a moisturizing effect. Moisturize the skin with a beauty essence. Then, cover the skin firmly with the oil of milky lotion and cream.


For UV care, finish with sunscreen, foundation and face powder.

[By skin you want to be] Skin care methods and precautions-Measures to protect your skin from skin problems and skin problems

Let’s look at the necessary care, methods, and precautions for each skin you want to become.

I want to have fresh and moisturized skin!

Moisturized skin is resistant to troubles and is well-textured and beautiful to look at, but as you get older, your skin becomes more and more dry. Dryness is a skin problem that occurs in everyone. Put moisturizing ingredients in your skin and take measures to trap them with oily ingredients.
The main moisturizing ingredient is ceramide (intercellular lipid). It holds cells together, sandwiches water, and keeps them. With this intercellular lipid, you can keep your skin healthy without turning up the dead skin cells.
In addition, amino acids and hyaluronic acid have natural moisturizing factors that the skin itself produces moisturizing ingredients. However, it may leak out when you wash your face, or it may decrease due to aging or lack of sleep, so make up with a cream containing these after a lotion or serum containing ceramide.
Finally, cover the skin with vaseline or mineral oil. You’ll want to take care of something that’s too dry, but stop your usual skin care and apply plenty of petrolatum to protect your skin.

I want to have clear skin with no stains or dullness!

To restore clear skin, it is important to know and care for the five causes of dullness.
“Accumulating keratin” … When excess keratin accumulates, the transparency of the skin decreases. Incorporate peels and gommage. In addition, cosmetics containing retinol, which enhances metabolism, promotes turnover and is effective against dullness.

“Melanin accumulates” … Melanin is created to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and friction. In addition to whitening care, daily skin care will gradually make your skin more transparent just by avoiding rubbing it.

“Poor blood circulation” … The blood flow is turbid, and the color of the veins makes it look blue, so it may look dull. Let’s take care with cosmetics containing vitamin E and carbonic acid while improving blood flow by massage and exercise.

“Drying” … Dullness due to drying causes a decrease in water retention capacity. Take proper moisturizing care and aim for fine skin.

“Glycation” … Glycation is the formation of aging substances by connecting proteins and sugars. As it hardens the collagen fibers, the skin becomes less firm and elastic, and sagging and nasolabial folds become more noticeable. The skin is yellow and dull. Prevent it with moderate exercise and a diet that does not raise blood sugar levels.

I want to have flat skin without acne!

Acne isn’t just due to increased sebum. The following four acne occur due to keratin, sebum, and acne bacteria. Be careful not to wash too much and take care according to the type.

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“White acne” … Keep your skin clean with a peeling cleanser. When you are worried about dryness, it is important to wash with foam only on the part where acne is formed.

“Black acne” … Black acne is caused by the oxidation of sebum, so take care with cosmetics containing vitamin C, which has a high antioxidant effect. Vitamin C also works to tighten pores, so it is also effective for acne scars.

“Red acne” … Red acne with an inflamed sign. As much as possible, do not use foundation and omit cleansing.

“Yellow acne” … After the same care as red acne, take care that leaves no trace if pus appears. Whitening care is given to acne scar pigmentation, and shallow dented acne scars are gradually cleaned with peeling and retinol-containing cosmetics.

I want to have firm and firm skin!

Sagging caused by losing tension. Once it appears, it is extremely difficult to restore it. Stop sagging with proper care. First of all, let’s take measures by peeling to the wrinkles and sagging that are noticeable by losing elasticity due to the decrease of collagen and elastin. Increases skin generation. Cosmetics containing retinol and collagen are recommended for deep wrinkles running under the eyes and sagging neck.

[By site] Skin care methods and precautions

If you don’t use facial muscles, facial muscles and fat will hang down, and you will have a large face with lots of sagging and wrinkles. Let’s take care for each part.


Exercise to strengthen the muscles around the eyes is recommended for the sagging of the upper eyelids caused by the damage of eye makeup remover and the sagging of the lower eyes caused by the weakening of the muscles. Also, if you are worried about wrinkles, which is an aging sign, use eye cream as soon as possible to make it firm. However, retinol is very irritating, so apply it only under your eyes.


The most active facial muscles are the facial expressions of a smile. Make time to raise the corners of your mouth at the timing of skin care and do small face exercise. However, if your skin is dry, it can easily cause wrinkles, so apply the emulsion while applying.

[Nasolabial fold]

The nasolabial fold is the result of the thick fat on the cheeks being reduced due to the weakening of the facial muscles. One of the causes is that the elasticity of the skin is reduced and the pores cannot be supported, resulting in the accumulation of elongated pores and sagging. Peel and scrub your face regularly to prevent sagging pores.


Similarly, chin sagging occurs due to weakening of facial muscles and lymphatic stagnation. Since the chin from the cheeks is a thick part of fat, the outline is lowered as a whole and becomes a double chin, giving the impression that the outline of the face is square. Don’t forget UV care along with face exercise.

[Simple care is recommended] Skin care methods and precautions for atopy and sensitive skin

Atopic skin care

First of all, consultation with a dermatologist is a priority. Use mild cosmetics while using the medicines prescribed by the dermatologist. It is very important for atopy to keep the skin clean and moisturized. Keep in mind skin care that prevents dryness and maintains a barrier function.

Care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be called delicate dry skin, in which it responds to stimuli that ordinary people do not feel. Some people think that they have sensitive skin. Don’t rush and do excessive skin care, but try to keep it as simple as possible.


To aim for the skin that you want to be the skin care method that suits you, it is NG to overdo or overdo it. Incorporate the right knowledge into your daily skin care.

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