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What is skin care unique to people in their 30s? Introducing recommended skin care methods!

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When you’re in your thirties, don’t you change what you’ve always liked? As your tastes change, so does the skin you want to aim for. As you grow older, your skin will also show signs of aging. Learn skin care unique to your 30s and aim for clean skin 10 years from now!

About skin in 30s

Since hormones are actively secreted in the 20s, the texture of the skin is elastic, finely arranged and transparent. However, as I get older, the texture gradually becomes rougher and more disturbed. It becomes difficult to get gloss and the quality of gloss also changes. You will experience skin changes due to dryness, rubbing, UV rays, excess sebum, disturbed turnover, or excessive cleansing and peeling.
In the late twenties, as the amount of water in the skin decreases, symptoms of both oily skin and dry skin appear. And it will change to the skin of 30s. If there are people who have been doing the same skin care for many years instead of the season, let’s start skin care and aging care that suits your skin right away. If you review skin care in your 30s, the condition of your skin will definitely change when you are in your 40s 10 years later.

Skin care methods for different skin problems that are common in people in their 30s

In my early thirties, I suffer from oily skin and dry skin, which are difficult to care for, and my skin becomes rough due to daily stress. Make it easier to feel tired and be aware that not only your body but also your skin will get tired. Many people will experience bears, dullness, and pale complexion.

In the late 30s, the skin gradually changed to aging skin, and I was worried about “lowering of the corners of the mouth,” “sagging of pores,” “horizontal wrinkles on the forehead,” “sagging under the eyes,” “nasolabial folds,” and “vertical wrinkles on the lips.” It may become. “The corner of the skin” is greeted in the late 20s. And it can be said that 35 years old will reach the “second corner of the skin”. The larger the parts, the more noticeable the aging will be, and the whole skin will look old, so start care as soon as possible.

List of main worries and skin care & recommended ingredients


First, try increasing the amount of cosmetics you normally use. Apply plenty of lotion, serum, milky lotion and cream. As a guide, press with a tissue and the amount of oil will adhere to the tissue. Replace the cleanser with a mild, non-irritating cleanser. We recommend creams and milk types that retain a moderate amount of moisture.


・ Small wrinkles

It occurs when the volume of the stratum corneum, which has become deficient in water, shrinks, and that part becomes wrinkled. It is caused by dryness, so if you take good care of your skin in the morning and evening, it will gradually improve. What I want to add is an eye cream that contains moisturizing ingredients and oil. Layer milky lotion or cream on your mouth. If it still does not improve, there is a possibility of “aging wrinkles”.

・ Aging wrinkles

Wrinkles and nasolabial folds under the eyes are the result of the decrease in collagen that makes it impossible to support the skin around the eyes and cheeks. After promoting turnover by peeling, shift to cosmetics containing antioxidants with high anti-aging effect = vitamin C and retinol. Vitamin C works on the production of collagen, tightening pores and increasing moisturizing power. Retinol promotes turnover and increases collagen.

・ Facial expression wrinkles

It’s like a crease created by the contraction of facial muscles. Unfortunately, what has been accumulated over the years is difficult to improve with skin care. Rely on aesthetic medicine such as hyaluronic acid injections and botox injections.


It is a symmetrical and widespread stain caused by inflammation caused by female hormones and friction. There are many things that can be done after childbirth, and it can heal naturally after menopause. It is important not to rub the skin, and the use of massage items is strictly prohibited. It is also effective to suppress the production of melanin by taking tranexamic acid, an anti-rough skin ingredient. In addition to oral medicine, light therapy, peeling, medical creams such as retinoic acid and hydroquinone, and iontophoresis are also available. Slowly thin it over several months.

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After peeling, take care with cosmetics containing retinol and collagen. The point is to take care of “wrinkles”, “lack of elasticity” and “sagging” together. Since collagen-containing cosmetics have high moisturizing power, they also have the effect of temporarily giving firmness to the skin and preventing wrinkles from fixing. Since aging is a major cause of sagging, it is advisable to use antioxidant vitamin C, polyphenols, and vitamin E, which has a blood circulation promoting effect.

Skin care methods for different skin types in their 30s

[Oily skin]

Some people may be doing skin care to remove sebum rather than moisturizing because of the stickiness of the surface. However, if you have trouble, you may have inner dry skin. Enhance the barrier function with cosmetics containing ceramide, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

[Sensitive skin]

Even people who have never had skin problems may collapse from their 30s. Choose one that does not contain synthetic surfactants, alcohol, or silicone that are irritating to the skin.

[Mixed skin]

Mixed skin that increases as the skin grows due to hormones. While moisturizing with ceramide and collagen, improve stickiness with cosmetics containing amino acids and vitamin C.

Skin care tips and precautions for people in their 30s

・ Plus massages and facial masks

The face stretches down as it sags. And when the roundness disappears, the vertical lines stand out. In addition, vertical wrinkles such as between the eyebrows, lips, and nasolabial folds make the impression of being much older than horizontal wrinkles. Let’s take care of this “vertical” problem with a massage or facial mask.
For skin care, be aware that the face is up to the décolletage, and after flushing away the waste products with a massage, apply the same cosmetics from the face to the neck and décolletage, and apply the same cosmetics to the elbows. If you pull the pores with a pack, it is effective for sagging.

・ Do not use grease-removing paper as much as possible

Greasy paper that is used in daily care. Even if you think that your 30s, whose skin tends to fluctuate, are dry skin, the inside of the skin may actually be dry inner dry skin. The surface of the skin seems to be moisturized. First of all, let’s check the condition of the skin properly. Depending on the condition, it may be better to use tissue instead of tissue paper.


・ “Moisturizing is important anyway”

The skin originally has three major elements that keep it moisturized. However, the sebum and moisturizing factors that the skin has when washing the face will flow out. Leaving this alone will induce skin problems. People in their thirties, whose skin changes, have a moisturizing life. Give the skin its own moisture and the oil that keeps it.


Even in the same 30s, the skin condition in the first half and the second half is very different. Keep your skin clean even in your 40s with skin care that suits your skin condition at that time.

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