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Get closer to the appeal of the popular [Skin Care Foundation] !

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A skin care foundation that cares for the skin while applying makeup. It’s easy to use and the finish is very good. Introducing this excellent item that will shorten your make-up time and give you confidence in your skin!

What is a skin care foundation?

It contains plenty of high-quality beauty ingredients to keep your skin shiny. The oil-rich formula gives a fresh finish, and also boosts the immunity of the skin and has an aging care effect. There are many skin care foundations on the market that you will want to try.



Removes dead skin cells. A lift-up effect that tightens the skin. Some of them contain skin-beautifying ingredients, which help to condition the skin while using it.


Expected to have whitening and moisturizing effects. It also protects against UV rays.



It has a moist finish and has a covering power. It gives a three-dimensional and glossy feeling.


A feeling of transparency comes out.



A milky base mixed with pigments. It has a covering power and does not easily collapse.


The surface of the pigment particles is coated with silicon, etc., and it is characterized by a small amount of additives.

・ BB / CC cream

No base or powder is needed, and your usual makeup is completed. It doesn’t feel like a thick coat, but it looks like a proper make-up and gives a glossy look. BB is recommended if you want to emphasize the coverage of acne scars, and CC is recommended if you want to emphasize color adjustment.

[Principal component]


Ceramide, squalane, vitamin C derivatives, placenta, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Tips on how to choose a skin care foundation

The main colors are as follows.
Pink ocher ⇔ ocher ⇔ beige ocher
Redness ……………………………………………… Yellow

Choose one that is one or two steps darker than your skin. If you choose something that is whiter than your skin, your face will look bigger and give you an old impression. Be careful as the indoor lights tend to make your skin look white at department store counters. For BB cream, find a color that blends well with your skin and does not make your skin dull.



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Easy-to-use type because it spreads better than solid foundation.


It has more oil than the liquid type and has a solid texture.


Solid type. Light and easy to apply.

[Finishing feeling]


It covers the unevenness of the skin.


Recommended for dry skin as it has sufficient covering power and moisturizing power.


Since the oil content is low, the makeup does not easily collapse, resulting in a natural finish. For a thinner finish than the liquid type.

It may be easier to choose what you need for aging skin if you remember “gloss,” “freshness,” and “colorfulness.” Let’s check the glossiness by moving the face not only from the front but also diagonally or sideways.

[Cosmetology ingredients]

Mainly vegetable oil (jojoba oil, olive squalane, rosehip oil, argan oil, etc.)


Liquid type and powder type are typical UV foundations. It is recommended to use it together with UV base cream and UV face powder. Recently, the number of reliable items that create beautiful skin without foundation is increasing.

Tips for creating beautiful skin with a skin care foundation

[Liquid type]

For the liquid type, which has a covering power and the makeup is easily broken, let’s devise a way to apply it. The point is to apply it thinner than other areas on the eyes, mouth, and areas where sebum is a concern, where the skin moves frequently. After applying the foundation, it is also recommended to tap the entire face with a dry sponge.
Also, just by devising how to apply the fine parts, the finish and durability will be improved. If you want to hide the pores, apply it so that the pores are embedded diagonally from the bottom to the top of the part you want to cover with a sponge. Don’t forget to apply it on your eyebrows and on the edges of your eyes. The glue of eye makeup will also change.

[Powder type]

When wrinkles and skin become less elastic, spread a moisturizing base over the entire face to make the skin plump. If you are concerned about the opening of pores, add a pore-specific foundation that smoothes the surface of the skin or a pore-tightening serum before the foundation.
To finish the makeup, highlight the nose and put a darker powder foundation on the nose to prevent it from collapsing. Use a large face brush to gently soak in air for a light and delicate finish.
Use the corners of the sponge to carefully attach small parts such as around the nose and around the eyes. If you use a sponge with good adhesion, it will fit well and will not easily collapse.

The minimum amount of powder used for finishing is OK. If you put it thick, it will emphasize the rough skin. If you make a mistake in the amount of powder, the glossiness will disappear, and you will lose the three-dimensional effect and the freshness of the skin. Layer 5-7 minutes after the liquid foundation. The trick to avoid thick coating is to cover the troubled area with a concealer.

In addition, the powder type may give a smooth finish. Therefore, in order to create a three-dimensional effect, select a base with a control color or pearl and apply it to the highlight zone. After applying the foundation, add pearl powder to finish.

[BB / CC]

BB / CC cream gives you a clean and comfortable skin feeling like a liquid type. The texture is loose, so it stretches well. By tapping it firmly and then stretching it, it fits the skin and keeps the skin clean all day long. If your skin is not feeling well, choose BB, which is a non-chemical formula.


I want to find a foundation that suits my skin so that I can hide the areas of concern and create moisturized skin. The most decisive factor in make-up is making beautiful skin. For a shortcut to beautiful skin, please use the foundation that is perfect for your skin.

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