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Approach the wrinkles from both the dermis and epidermis, which are deeply effective

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Is it true that cosmetics can improve fine wrinkles caused by drying and deeply carved wrinkles ?

Crow’s feet, nasolabial, glabellar vertical wrinkles, transverse wrinkles … the forehead
and “to extend the wrinkles pin and ironed clothes, the effect you want, such as iron to wrinkle face!”, I thought to Isn’t there a lot of people?
When the skin becomes hard due to dryness, fine wrinkles called fine wrinkles occur. Furthermore, as collagen and elastin in the dermis, which support the three-dimensional structure of the skin, degenerate and decrease with age, deep and conspicuous wrinkles increase.
In other words, the fine facial expression wrinkles that were initially created according to the movement of the face cannot be restored as they get older, and they are gradually carved deeper and sharper.

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Then, Kose arrived at a cream that improves wrinkles. It works like an iron by approaching not only the wrinkles on the epidermis but also the wrinkles on the deeply carved dermis. The medicated wrinkle improving cream works deeply on the upper and lower two layers of the dermis and epidermis to improve the wrinkles that are of concern.

To the dermis that supports the skin from the back and the epidermis that gives the surface a firmness

Kose, who has been dealing with the causes of wrinkles for many years, has developed a wrinkle-improving active ingredient, “Wrinkle Niacin,” through various studies.
This medicated wrinkle-improving cream containing the wrinkle-improving active ingredient “Wrinkle Niacin” is a front-line * cosmetic product that approaches the dermis, epidermis, and upper and lower layers of the skin to improve age-sensitive wrinkles.
By promoting collagen production and enhancing the quality of elastin, all wrinkles are improved early.

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