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The savior of the Eterna generation! Here are some tips on how to choose and use skin care creams!

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A cream that delivers oil to the skin. We will give a lecture on how to choose the skin care cream you want to use well and tips on how to use it as needed!

Why you need cream for skin care

Creams with “moisturizing effect”, “softening effect” and “blocking effect” are indispensable items for modern people who tend to have a reduced barrier function. Essence is specialized for skin problems, but cream is an image of covering the skin with oil. It also has a higher oil content than emulsion.

Recently, by blending Japanese and Chinese plants such as Coix seed extract and turmeric extract, various effects can be expected, such as those that can care for dullness from dryness, those that are effective for tightening pores, and those that can also be used as a makeup base. became.

Also, because it is a cream with a lot of oil, it has the advantage of being able to contain abundant beauty ingredients. Not only does it trap moisture, but it can also be expected to actively work on the skin.

How to choose the cream you want to use for daily skin care

● How to choose

It is important to choose according to the skin type, so for example, for sensitive skin, I would like to select a medicated protective cream that enhances the barrier function and prevents rough skin at the turn of the season. If you have oily skin, you may get acne and irritation, so it’s a good idea to start with a lighter one.

● Tips for choosing

“Moisturizing system”

Let’s enhance the barrier function with reliable moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin that do not let water escape. Cream is recommended over milky lotion for dry and older skin. Apply lightly to areas where you are concerned about stickiness, and avoid pimples and other pimples.


If you are concerned about age spots and dullness, try using a cream that suppresses the production of melanin and promotes excretion. Also check if it has moisturizing power.

“Aging care system”

For those who are concerned about wrinkles and sagging, we recommend retinol, which has a high wrinkle-improving effect, collagen, which gives skin firmness and elasticity, and creams containing vitamin C derivatives that tighten pores.

Creams can also be categorized by type of emulsification. “Emulsification” is to mix water and oil evenly to make it creamy or milky. There is a hydrophilic type in which oil is dissolved in water and a lipophilic type in which water is dissolved in oil.

・ Weak oil cream: Oil content is 10 to 25%. It is a relatively refreshing hydrophilic type.
・ Medium oil cream: A hydrophilic type with an oil content of 25 to 50%. Many creams fall into this category.
・ Oil cream: Contains 50% or more oil. A lipophilic type with a rich and rich feel.

Choose a cream that you can comfortably care for, sticking to your taste and purpose.

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The order of applying cream in skin care and tips on how to use it

Cream is an item that you want to add to the care of people in their 40s and older who have less sebum. Avoid ages with menstruation as much as possible because of your own sebum secretion. However, since there are almost no sebaceous glands around the eyes and mouth, if you are concerned about the tension and dryness of this part, you can use the part where you apply cream only to that part regardless of age.

・ Tips on how to apply

A cream that enhances the barrier function of the skin. Consider the external environment, such as choosing a cream with a heavy and heavy texture in the cold season. Remember that cream is “effective only when applied in the correct amount”.

① The appropriate amount is a 10-yen coin

Take an appropriate amount on your palm.

② Warm up with body temperature

If you use a firm cream, put your hands together and warm it up before applying it to make it more familiar and more permeable.

③ Make it fit well

Spread the cream over the entire palm and apply it to press the skin from the center of the face to the outside. Try it on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

④ Stacking

Layer it on areas that tend to be dry, such as the eyes and mouth. However, if you apply too much, it may cause acne, so use a tissue to gently hold down the sticky part after applying.

⑤ Neck

Gently apply the aging neck from top to bottom at the end.

About cream-only skin care

While simple care is in fashion, some people may be doing so-called “gatten coating”, which is skin care after cleansing, focusing only on cream. However, it is recommended for the Eterna generation to apply it firmly from the lotion. I think it’s a good idea to apply too much oily cream because I’m worried about the dryness of my skin. All that is needed is the water content of the stratum corneum. By moisturizing with lotion and then keeping moisture with cream, you can keep your skin dry.


Cream is indispensable for the Eterna generation, who can’t deal with various skin problems such as dryness and aging. Due to the high oil content, you need to know how to choose and use it, but use it to tighten your daily skin care and aim for beautiful skin.

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