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How to get rid of stress fatness? Check the cause correctly! | Fat burning column

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What is stress fatness?

I’m busy with work and housework every day, and I’m always tired and can’t get rid of it … I spend a lot of time on social media and my brain has no time to rest … “Stress fattening” is when you feel stress in your mind and body and gain weight due to the stress.
It is difficult to completely eliminate stress in the modern age called stress society, but it is possible to burn fat while releasing stress well. I will tell you in detail the cause of stress fatness and how to eliminate it.

What Causes Stress Fatness?

In our body, when we feel stress, various reactions occur. When we talk about stress, we tend to think of human relationships, such as “I have a boss who doesn’t like me …” and “My aunt in the neighborhood complains!” It is one of.

・ Disorders in lifestyle: The
time you wake up every day is different from the time you sleep, you don’t have enough sleep, and you have different meal times. The body feels stressed just by breaking the rhythm of life like this. The stress increases your appetite and you eat more than you need. This is stressful!

When you are hungry, your stomach secretes an appetite hormone called “ghrelin” into your blood. This ghrelin acts on the brain, stimulating appetite and creating a feeling of hunger. If you have an abnormality in ghrelin, you will soon feel hungry even after eating, and you will be more likely to gain weight.

・ Stress due to self-restraint period It
is easy to work while staying at home by refraining from going out, but it is difficult to change your mood, and it is easier to feel stress by staying in the same place all the time. Also, the fact that my family stays at home all the time, which is different from usual, is one of the reasons why I feel stressed easily. In addition to increasing appetite, stress causes the balance between calorie consumption and calorie intake to become unbalanced when the amount of exercise is reduced but the diet is as usual or more … and the amount of calorie intake is clearly higher! This leads to weight gain.

・ If
you feel stress that tends to overeat, your appetite will increase. There are several mechanisms, one of which is the excitement of the “limbic system” of the brain. The limbic system is the part that controls the appetite, libido, sleep desire, etc. of the brain, and when stress is felt, it excites and secretes dopamine. This hormone stimulates the “eating center” that controls appetite and increases appetite.

At the same time, dopamine suppresses the action of “leptin,” which stimulates the satiety center and suppresses appetite, making it difficult to feel full even when eating the usual amount.

In addition, the action of the stress hormone “cortisol”, which is secreted when stress is felt, is also deeply related to overeating. When cortisol is secreted, “serotonin,” which is called the happiness hormone, decreases. Appetite increases because serotonin’s appetite-suppressing function is suppressed.

Cortisol also has the effect of suppressing the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a hormone that regenerates and repairs cells in the body. Muscle tissue is damaged by exercise, etc., and it is repaired and regenerated to make muscle tissue, but when the secretion of growth hormone is suppressed, the function of muscle regeneration and repair is suppressed. As a result, muscle mass is reduced, metabolism is reduced, and fat is gained.

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What is the method of relieving stress fatness?

Since your body is already stressed, excessive dietary restrictions and strenuous exercise can lead to further stress and cannot be resolved. The quickest way to relieve stress is to prepare your life steadily.

<Three tips to eliminate stress fatness>

・ When the proper dietary
rhythm is broken, the human body feels stress. The most effective way to correct your daily rhythm is to arrange meal times. It is said that it is recommended to leave 5 to 6 hours between morning, noon and evening and meals.

And to get a good night’s sleep, it’s best to finish digestion before going to bed, so it’s recommended to finish dinner 3 hours before going to bed. It is said that it is good to have breakfast around 7 am, lunch around 12 o’clock, and dinner around 19:00. And let’s go to bed before midnight.

Also, people who eat a lot of snacks may not be well nourished with their diet. Try to have a well-balanced diet.

・ Lifestyle When
you act in a certain pattern, your internal organs, nerves, hormone secretion, etc. work well, and it is a mechanism that makes it difficult for you to get sick. This mechanism is directly connected to the body that is easy to lose weight and difficult to gain weight. First, keep your wake-up and bedtime as constant as possible. If you can’t get up in the morning, get in bed early at night and make it a habit to go to bed at certain times even if you can’t sleep.

・ Exercise
Exercise has various effects. Light exercise, such as walking, burns calories and burns fat with aerobic exercise. Rhythmic exercise is also said to increase serotonin secretion. Anaerobic exercise, such as muscle training, increases muscle mass and helps to increase metabolism and make the body leaner.

Also, when your mood is refreshed by exercising, it is less likely that you will eat sweets or eat sweets, which will prevent you from eating snacks. If you don’t have a habit of exercising, take a habit of moving within a reasonable range, such as walking to a supermarket, going to a park, taking a deep breath, and returning.

Fourth, sleep If
you continue to live a life that does not get enough sleep, your brain will work less and you will be more vulnerable to stress. In addition, lack of sleep can lead to loss of concentration and disruption of life.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, first try not to sleep full. In addition to eating, refrain from caffeinated drinks and alcohol before going to bed. Then, live a well-balanced life, fall asleep with the same rhythm every day, and waking up leads to a good night’s sleep.

What is “Cocoapo ® G Tablets”?

When stress causes hormonal imbalances, it causes overeating and excessive snacking. In addition, fat tends to accumulate, and you eat too much and drink too much to dispel frustration. Cocoapo G Tablets improve the frustration caused by such stress, increase lipid metabolism, and decompose and burn excess fat caused by stress. It is effective for frustrated fatness that repeats rebounds!

Drinking too much or eating too much to relieve stress. In addition to this, stress fattening is caused by the body’s various reactions caused by feeling stress, increasing appetite and making it easier to store fat.

In today’s stressed society, it is difficult to completely eliminate stress. As much as you can, improve your diet and lifestyle to reduce the burden of stress. Finding a way to relieve stress other than eating or drinking is one of the tricks.

It is also dangerous to leave it unattended, even though you are experiencing severe stress on a daily basis. You may not realize that you are feeling stressed, and you may get sick due to hard work. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor right away.

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