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How to reduce body fat? What are the recommended diets and exercises? | Fat burning column

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How to reduce body fat? What are the recommended diets and exercises?

The key to dieting is not just to lose weight, but how to lose body fat. Therefore, we will introduce the basic knowledge of body fat to build a healthy body, recommended diet and exercise to reduce body fat.

What is body fat?

All you need to do to be healthy is to reduce fat moderately. There are two types of fat in the body, subcutaneous fat under the skin and visceral fat around the internal organs.

The combination of these two fats is body fat, and the body fat percentage is the percentage of body fat in your body weight. By quantifying body fat, you can prevent obesity and excessive spoilage.

How to calculate body fat percentage?

Body fat percentage is the ratio of body fat to body weight. If you use a home-use body composition analyzer or body fat scale, you can easily measure your weight.

The formula for calculating body fat percentage is “body fat percentage% = body fat mass (kg) ÷ body weight (kg) x 100”.
Even if you don’t have a body composition analyzer, you can use a formula to derive it from your own weight, but it takes time and effort. Body composition analyzers can be purchased from 2000 yen, so it is recommended to have them as one of the health care items.

Body fat percentage tends to fluctuate depending on the amount of water in your body, so measure it at least 2 hours after eating. Furthermore, since the amount of water in the body fluctuates even during the day, it is easier to compare by measuring at a certain time such as “measure every morning” without any fluctuation in the numerical values. Also, it is said that some errors may occur depending on the manufacturer, so let’s measure and record with the same machine.

By the way, the body fat percentage is the following degree of obesity depending on the percentage.

○ Male
mild obesity 20% or more
Moderate obesity 25% or more
Severe obesity 30% or more

○ Female (15 years old and over)
Mild obesity 30% or more
Moderate obesity 35% or more
Severe obesity 40% or more

What is the difference between body fat percentage and BMI?

Another criterion for dieting is the BMI (BMI) value. BMI is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index, which is an index derived from immunological tests and is an international calculation method. The BMI value is also called the body mass index and can be easily calculated by yourself.

○ BMI value calculation formula
BMI value = weight kg ÷ (height m x height m)

○ “Diagnostic criteria for obesity” by the Japan Society for the Study of Obesity
18.5 or
less / Underweight 18.5 to less than
25 / Normal weight 25 to less than 30 / Obesity (1 degree)
30 to less than 35 / Obesity (2 degrees)
35 to less than 40 / Obesity (3 degrees)
40 or more / obesity (4 degrees)

For example, a woman who is 160 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. The formula is “50kg ÷ (1.6 x 1.6) = 19.5”, which is normal weight according to the diagnostic criteria set by the Japan Society for the Study of Obesity.

Body fat percentage and BMI are calculated from different perspectives, so use both values ​​to make effective use of them in your diet.
People with low BMI and low body fat percentage may be of the wrong type or too bad. On the other hand, if the body fat percentage is high even if the BMI value is low, it is a so-called “hidden obesity” in which the body looks bad but has plenty of fat.

What is the ideal body fat percentage for men?

You may have seen an article such as “A certain soccer player’s body fat is 3%”. Some athletes have single-digit body fat, but the standard body fat for men is 10-19%.
If you are within this number and want to aim for a slightly tighter body, you should aim for around 15%.

What is the ideal body fat percentage for women?

For females, 20-29% is standard. Compared to men, females are naturally richer in fat, which is also essential for the secretion of female hormones. In addition to creating a feminine body silhouette, it helps prepare for pregnancy and childbirth and protects organs.
Therefore, if you lose too much body fat, your period may stop temporarily and your risk of osteoporosis may increase in the future.
If you are an athlete or model woman and have extremely low body fat percentage control, you may be putting a strain on your body as a woman rather than being healthy.
If your body fat is 20% or less, your period is more likely to stop, so even if you think you want to get rid of it, don’t let it fall below this number.

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What causes high body fat percentage?

If the balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption is disturbed and you continue to live in a way that exceeds the calorie intake, fat will accumulate and your body fat will increase. This is a function of the body that has been in place since the days when human beings could not eat satisfactorily, and stores energy in the body in case they cannot eat.

However, in modern times, it is possible to get enough energy from meals, the chances of walking using transportation such as cars and trains are reduced, and communication devices such as personal computers have been developed so that people do not have to move. rice field.
Therefore, it can be said that the calorie intake easily exceeds the calorie consumption, and the environment is such that body fat tends to be high. This is one of the reasons why obesity is increasing in modern people.

What causes low body fat percentage?

If you are active and exercising even with plenty of food, you will likely burn more calories and lower your body fat percentage.

However, if you eat a lot but lose weight and your body fat percentage is low, you may have a metabolic disorder such as “hyperthyroidism.” Thyroid disease is as high as 1 in 50 to 100 in men and 1 in 30 to 60 in females.
One of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is that it is difficult to eat. Other characteristic symptoms include increased metabolism, palpitation, sweating, and feeling extremely hot, so consult your doctor if you have such a tendency.

How to reduce body fat?

In order to reduce the increased body fat, it is essential to review lifestyle habits.
Body fat does not decrease just because you skip a meal for a few days. On the other hand, if you skip a meal, you will think that your body is starving and will accumulate fat.
Here are some recommended diets and exercises to help you lose body fat.

Recommended diet to lose body fat

Eating a well-balanced diet is the basis for losing body fat. On top of that, let’s also incorporate the following.

・ Eat well, but don’t overeat

If you skip a meal, you will be hungry for a long time until the next meal, which may lead to overeating. As a result, the blood sugar level after eating rises sharply, making the body easier to store fat. Eating three meals daily also helps prevent wasteful snacks.
However, try not to eat too much on the 8th minute of your stomach.

・ Chew well and eat

Have you ever counted how many times you eat each bite? People who eat fast are said to swallow almost without chewing.

Chew well and eat with “30 bites” as a guide. It stimulates the satiety center and increases satisfaction, and it produces a lot of fluid and is easy to digest, reducing the burden on internal organs.
Reducing the burden on internal organs leads to improvement of internal organ functions, leads to an increase in basal metabolism, which accounts for most of the energy consumption, and makes it easier to reduce body fat.

・ Ingest dietary fiber with vegetables, seaweed, and mushrooms

Dietary fiber cleans the intestines and helps the body eliminate unwanted substances, as well as reducing postprandial blood sugar spikes.
Also, if you put it in your mouth first with salads and side dishes that are rich in dietary fiber, you will feel more hungry and you can prevent the blood sugar level from rising sharply.

・ Be careful not to consume too much alcohol

Alcohol has calories in itself, and people tend to want high-calorie snacks such as fried foods. Also, if you get drunk, you are more likely to consume more calories than you need, such as “Tighten ramen!” Sake is said to be the chief of 100 medicines, but the appropriate amount is about 1 large bottle of beer, 1 go of sake, and 2 glasses of wine a day. Let’s enjoy as much as you can control.

Recommended exercise to lose body fat

In order to increase the calorie consumption more than the calorie intake, the trick is to increase the amount of activity.

・ Aerobic exercise such as walking

Lack of exercise is the main cause of high body fat. Increase calories burned by exercising.
First of all, it is recommended that you do not start strenuous exercise suddenly, but incorporate light exercise into your daily routine, such as walking in the neighborhood.
Even if you don’t get up early, you can do aerobic exercise with a little ingenuity, such as walking faster than usual on the way to work, climbing the stairs of the station by one step, and getting off in front of one station on the way back.
Even if you exercise choppedly, the effect will be the same, so if you don’t have a lot of time, be aware that you can move a little.

・ Muscle training such as squats

It’s hard to build muscle just by living your daily life. Build muscle mass by incorporating muscle-loading exercises such as squats and push-ups. As your muscle mass increases, your basal metabolic rate increases and the energy you can consume in your daily life increases.

What about losing too much body fat?

I mentioned earlier that for women, if your body fat drops below 20%, your period is more likely to stop, but it’s important to note that reducing body fat too much can be a burden to your body.
It is not “body fat = the enemy of diet”, but body fat is inherent in the body and has a role.

First, “subcutaneous fat” has the function of controlling body temperature and protecting the body from external enemy stimuli. It also secretes hormones.
“Visceral fat” works to fix the position of internal organs and prevent the stomach from sagging, and it is also an energy storage.

There is “triglyceride” in the blood, which is also necessary for balancing cholesterol levels, not low. Don’t look at your body fat as an enemy, and try to control it within the standard range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Fat

It’s easy to think that when you lose body fat, you lose weight smoothly, but to lose body fat, you need to gain muscle mass.
Due to the difference in density between body fat and muscle, muscles are 2-3 times heavier when compared in the same amount. Therefore, even if you lose body fat and gain muscle mass, you often do not see much change in your weight.

Even so, the quality of the body has changed significantly, and the body line should have changed. Don’t just focus on your weight, measure your body size and wear tight pants so you don’t miss any changes in your body.
The effect of lifestyle-related improvement should surely come out.

The body fat that you have on your body is what you have learned in your daily habits. There is no shortcut to reduce it, and steady efforts to improve lifestyle habits lead to a healthy diet.
Even if you get sick temporarily, you may rebound or get sick, so let’s improve your lifestyle little by little over the medium to long term.

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