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I also want to emphasize the appearance of the body! How to tighten cleanly?

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When it comes to dieting, you don’t just want to lose weight, you want to focus on appearance. Even if you go on a diet, it’s not uncommon for the appearance to remain the same despite your efforts.

What kind of diet should I do to realize that I’m really thin? Here are some guidelines for your weight and points you want to keep in mind.

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How much does the appearance change when you go on a diet?

Checking the body line in advance makes it easier to notice changes in appearance. When will it change?

Check your current body line

When starting a diet, I want to check not only my weight but also my body line. Let’s get naked after taking a bath and reflect it in the mirror.

You may feel reluctant to face your body, but if you look straight at it, you will notice various drawbacks. There are many places to worry about, such as bust tension, how fat is attached, swelling, the presence or absence of constriction, and good or bad posture.

When you are on a diet, let’s not only lose weight, but also try to correct the parts of your body line that you care about.

When will the appearance change?

There are individual differences, but the first thing you notice from your surroundings is when you lose about 3 kg. You can actually see changes such as the loss of flesh around the face and the reduction in waist size. If you lose 5 kg, you should be able to feel the change in your body line. You will also be free from the sickness and heaviness of your lower back caused by obesity.

If you’re on a kintore diet, it’s been around the time you’ve been training for two hours twice a week for a month. After two months, your muscle mass will increase and begin to be reflected in your body style.

You won’t lose weight just by losing weight! ??

Depending on how you diet, losing weight may not be reflected in your appearance. Why?

Weight = not always what it looks like

Even with the same weight and height, the appearance changes depending on the amount of muscles, fat, and water that make up the body. Generally, if the volume is the same, the muscle is heavier and the fat is lighter, and if the weight is the same, the muscle is smaller and the fat is larger. Therefore, some are tight and some are chubby.

Extreme dietary restrictions also reduce fat, but more so muscle. The body line will look loose for the weight loss. Even if you sweat in the sauna and lose weight, it will be restored if you drink water.

Even during the day, your weight can fluctuate by 1-2 kg depending on your food and drink. It doesn’t make sense to stick to your weight on a diet. The important thing is to reduce body fat

The important thing is to reduce body fat

If you’re on a diet and aim for a lean body line, it’s best to reduce body fat and gain muscle. Generally, about 25% of female body fat is just right, but if you place importance on body line, 20% is ideal.

Dietary restrictions will reduce body fat. However, when combined with exercise, you can burn fat while gaining muscle, and the more calories you burn, the more you eat.

What is a diet method to lose weight?

So what kind of diet should I do to lose weight?

Adjust your lifestyle

If your lifestyle is disturbed, you will be more likely to get body fat. First, let’s review our daily life.

For example, eating habits. If you consume more calories than you consume in a day, the excess calories are stored as fat. For women, the daily calorie consumption is about 1,700 kcal for a life that hardly leaves the house, and about 2,000 kcal for commuting and doing desk work.

If the calorie intake exceeds the calorie consumption due to snacking, eating out, drinking, etc., reduce the number of times. On the contrary, be sure to eat three meals, morning, noon, and evening. If you are hungry for a long time, your body may accumulate nutrients and become overdrinking and eating.

Make sure you eat as much vegetables and protein as you can, and be careful not to eat too much carbohydrates and fats. Avoid sugar and salt while you are on a diet.

Don’t refrain from water just because you are worried about swelling. It is essential for metabolism and excretes waste products along with urine. You need 2.5 liters of water a day, but you can get 1.2 to 1.5 liters of water from your drinking water, as you can get some from your diet. Especially when you wake up and after taking a bath, you want to drink positively.

Next is sleep. Growth hormone secretion becomes active, metabolism progresses, and muscle repair is also performed. On the contrary, if it is insufficient, it causes swelling, poor blood circulation and constipation. There are individual differences, but I would like to secure more than 6 hours a day. Especially during the “golden time” from 22:00 to 2:00, try to sleep.

To get a good night’s sleep, finish your dinner 3 hours before sleep. If you are hungry, you can burn fat preferentially during sleep. It is also effective to warm your body with a half-body bath. In addition, the blue light emitted from smartphones and computers interferes with sleep. Stop using it at least one hour before sleep.

Choose the diet that suits you

An approach to the body is also essential to achieve a lean body line on a diet. As mentioned earlier, if you continue muscle training for two months, you can feel the change, but it is meaningless unless you continue because it is hard or busy. Let’s start with a light approach.

For example, lymphatic massage. Edema accumulates waste products and causes cellulite. It’s enough to touch it by hand, but if you use a massager or a roller, you will be able to massage efficiently with less burden.

Exercise not only improves blood circulation and burns fat, but also builds muscle and achieves a lean body line. It will also help relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Aerobic exercise is especially suitable for dieting because oxygen converts sugar and fat into energy. For example, walking and yoga are applicable, and there are also aerobic exercises that approach muscles such as swimming and aerobics.

If you’re busy and have a hard time getting a lot of time, try a simple exercise that takes only a few minutes. Starting with squats, abdominal muscles, and muscle training using dumbbells, lying down and opening and closing both legs is a great exercise.


The best way to lose weight on a diet is not only to limit your diet, but also to exercise to gain muscle. Review your lifestyle and lose weight in a healthy way. If you usually reflect your whole body in the mirror and check your body, you can understand where to focus your training.

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