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I want to lose 3 kg! Various diet methods to aim for “-3kg” without difficulty

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The number “3kg” is often set as a diet goal. The women of the world have once set this goal! Mikami of the EPARK school editorial department is also working hard on a diet because he wants to lose 3 kg in a healthy way.

Each person has a different reason to start a diet, but what they have in common is a sense of crisis that “I’m getting fat recently …” and a passionate feeling that ” I want to lose 3 kg anyway! I don’t want to rebound anymore! “. With the same aspirations, let’s do our best to take action for the bright future that can be gained by losing weight! In this article, I’ve summarized how to lose 3 kg on your own.

For those who say, “There is a limit to trying on your own!”, We also introduce recommended personal gyms. This is a must-see for those who are thinking about dieting for beauty and health!

Find a diet method that suits you and aim for a body that “doesn’t overdo” and “doesn’t rebound”!


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How much will it look if you lose 3 kg?

If you lose 3 kg, you want to change the appearance! The parts that are easy to lose weight are different for each person, but it is generally said that the parts such as “chin / cheeks”, “calves”, and “ankles / wrists” are easy to lose weight.

It depends on your original body shape, but is a part of your body a little cleaner? The degree to which I think is the effect of the actual 3 kg diet. It is said that it is difficult for obese people to see the change in appearance, but they lost 3 kg! The sense of accomplishment is great. You may be able to experience the change in style and enjoy fashion even more.


Dietary restrictions are important for a 3 kg diet

There are two main things to keep in mind when dieting. It is ” exercise ” and ” meal “. It is especially important for those whose goal is to lose weight in the shortest possible time. If you want to prevent rebound, it is important to reduce calorie intake with reasonable dietary restrictions. Extreme dietary restrictions increase the risk of rebounding as a result of losing muscle as well as body fat. Even if it looks like a detour, it is better for you to go on a steady diet.

It is very important to think about health from the diet, such as the boom of “complete nutritional diet” that allows you to get all the necessary nutrients in one meal. Think of extreme dietary restrictions such as “skipping meals” as rather negative.


The website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also advocates the danger of dieting only with dietary restrictions.

An unbalanced diet that limits intake extremely or consumes only specific foods can be expected to lose weight temporarily, but it causes stress and insufficient intake of essential nutrients, resulting in a lack of dietary fiber. There is a risk of health problems such as constipation due to constipation, osteoporosis due to lack of calcium and vitamin D, anemia due to iron deficiency, and abnormal menstruation.

The key to a successful diet is to lead a regular life, calculate the amount of energy (calories) in the diet, adjust it so that it will never be overwhelmed, and continue moderate exercise such as walking and running for a long time.
Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “e-Health Net” Health Glossary-Diet-


Petit diet! Anyone will have the experience of putting up with sweets. However, when you start a diet seriously, you can’t just limit sweets. Here are some specific dietary restrictions.


─ 1. Increase calories burned more than calories ingested

The calories burned to lose 3 kg is 21,600 kcal . For example, if you want to lose 3 kilos in 2 months , you need to reduce 360 calories per day, which is half the calories of two rice balls in a convenience store .

Of course, you can’t lose weight unless you burn more calories. Start by figuring out how many calories you have in your day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rough, so please calculate it once. It’s a scary task, but don’t lie to yourself! Let’s face the reality and then reduce the calorie intake.

Of course, “exercise” is the way to increase calories burned. It’s a painful story for working women who tend to have a lot of desk work.

Eliminate the sweets you pick up at work, use the stairs instead of the elevator as much as possible, and try walking faster to your house.


─ 2. What are dietary restrictions that are easy to continue?

If you want to lose 3 kg in 2 months, dietary restrictions are inevitable. However, removing carbohydrates and reducing sugars extremely is not good for your health and will be difficult to continue. Excessive hunger is mentally painful, isn’t it? There is also the risk of an abnormal increase in appetite later.

Unreasonable dietary restrictions also lead to rebounds. I want to choose the menu while getting the necessary nutrition and being careful not to get extra fat.

An effective dietary restriction is to “eat breakfast well and eat less for dinner.” You only have to rest at night, so reduce your calorie intake.

Reduce the amount of white rice only at night, or be aware of the menu centered on vegetables, and continue to relax and restrict your diet. Fish and meat contain protein and build muscle, so take it moderately.

If you eat snacks on a daily basis, start by quitting sweets and snacks. It’s OK to eat sweets as a reward once in a while. Eating a simple meal and eating what you like to give it a sharp edge is also effective in preventing a period of stagnation that makes it difficult to lose weight.


─ 3. Take water well

Lack of water is not good for your body and can interfere with your metabolism. It can also cause swelling and constipation, which are the enemies of women. Immediately after waking up in the morning, it is recommended to drink plain hot water to warm your body before breakfast.

Drink plenty of water, not tea or coffee. Please refrain from sweet juices as they contain a lot of sugar. The standard is 1.5 to 2 liters. It is important to be more conscious and take plenty of water than usual.


─ 4. How to drink alcohol when you go to a drinking party

If you are a member of society, sometimes there is a drinking party that you cannot refuse. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink a glass. Of course, it’s better to have a few, but there will be a relationship.

The recommended liquors during dieting are ” whiskey ” and ” shochu “, which have a high alcohol content and are satisfying, but have a low sugar content. In particular, shochu has a sweet taste, but since it is distilled liquor, it has very little sugar.

You can feel the sweetness with that unique aroma, so it is recommended for people who like sweet sake.


Let’s increase calories burned with moderate exercise

Of course, exercise is also important for dieting. Walking and jogging are also exercises that burn fat if you can continue, but many people may not be able to continue because they are busy and it is difficult to take a lot of time.

Therefore, it is recommended to increase calories burned by easy stretching and muscle training. You have a lot of desk work and you haven’t been exercising! Moderate exercise is good for maintaining good health, so let’s do our best. The exercises introduced here are not so painful, so choose the one you like and feel free to try it during your free time at home.

─ 1. Train your lower body with squats

Squats are a staple of exercise for dieting. It is an exercise that repeats the exercise of opening the legs to the shoulder width, straightening the back muscles, slowly lowering the hips so as not to stick out the buttocks, and returning to the original state. The point is to move up and down consciously of the trunk without shaking the body. This looks easy and it’s pretty tough! Get a lean body for 10 minutes every day.


─ 2. Various types of royal abdominal exercises

“I want to tighten my waist for the time being, so let’s do my abdominal muscles!” There are women of all ages. To get a constriction in the abdomen, it is effective to train the ” oblique muscles ” around the flanks . There are trainings that effectively train your flank muscles, such as twist crunches and lateral hip lifts.

─ How to twist crunch

  1. Lying on your back, bend your knees 90 degrees and place your hands behind your ears.
  2. With the image of bringing the elbows and knees on the diagonal line closer together, twist the upper body while being aware of the trunk.
  3. Slowly return your upper body, this time on the other side.

─ Lateral hip lift method

  1. Place your elbows on the floor sideways and be aware of a straight line from your head to your toes.
  2. Raise your hips, and when you’re done, slowly lower them.
  3. Do the same on the other side

Both trainings can be very painful at first, as the oblique muscles are rarely used on a daily basis. However, if you continue this, you will be one step closer to your dreams. Aim, a beautiful body with a constriction! !!

It is said that when exercise becomes a habit, it naturally helps to relieve stress. If you move your body and feel refreshed, your daily work and diet may become easier.

Leave it to a professional trainer! Go to the gym and lose weight

If you’re having a hard time on your own diet, it’s a good idea to take the plunge and go to the gym. At a personal gym, you can diet with the optimal diet and exercise menu that suits your constitution and lifestyle! You will lose weight faster than you can diet on your own.

Here, we would like to introduce a personal gym recommended by the EPARK School editorial department.

It is a completely private studio where you can aim for partial thinning of your dreams with “one-on-one + dietary guidance + after-maintenance”. In addition to personalized training tailored to each individual, we provide appropriate dietary guidance.

In addition, we have introduced one of the few “machines for beautiful buttocks to make beautiful buttocks” in Japan. We aim to improve basal metabolism by training the large muscles of the lower body.

As the name suggests, “Kaatsu Studio Re Body” in Yokohama is a gym for Kaatsu training, but you can expect a beautiful skin effect. The reason is?

Growth hormone secretion peaks at age 25 and is said to decline significantly around age 30. That’s why after the age of 25, the deterioration of female skin becomes more noticeable. By performing KAATSU training and strengthening the muscles, the brain recognizes that the body age is younger than it actually is. As a result, the secretion of growth hormone is promoted, which can be expected to have a positive effect on the skin. If you’re worried about your body shape, but it’s about time for aging care, you should pay attention to pressurization!

We also recommend this personal gym, which is open all over the country.

This gym, which runs from Hokkaido to Okinawa, is on the side of busy modern people. Training wear, towels, drinks and everything else you need for training is free to use. It’s open until 24:00, so it’s easy to go home after work, and it seems easy to continue even if you’re busy. What makes me even more happy is the dietary guidance to eat three meals firmly. For those who eat out a lot and who have a lot of chances to drink alcohol, it will create a meal menu that suits your lifestyle.

All trainers are female! A personal gym for women. A bright and clean studio with separate shower rooms and more. Because it’s women, it’s easy to talk about physical problems, and I’m glad that you can’t see the opposite sex doing your best during training. The exercise program focuses on menus such as core training for women who have less muscle mass than men. Especially recommended for those who yearn for a feminine and supple body line!

Other diet methods

-If you lose weight, use the method that suits you-

If you want to lose 3 kg, it is recommended to go to the gym as well as your own diet. If you go to the gym, you can get the support of a professional trainer, so you can lose weight in a healthy and efficient manner.
Besides the gym, other dieting methods such as yoga and Pilates are also well worth trying.

Each person has different reasons for wanting to lose 3 kg. Let’s do our best to achieve the goal while imagining the wonderful future that can be obtained by losing weight ♪ There is a report on the diet by yoga and Pilates on this site, so please refer to it.

▼ Verify if you can really lose weight with yoga / Pilates!

Besides, it is worth trying “dark fitness” which is popular now.
Because it’s dark, you can concentrate on training without worrying about the surroundings, and there is no doubt that you will be motivated by your own space, music, and lighting!

The recommendation of EPARK School is “EXPA” produced by RIZAP. You can enjoy body makeup in the dark space exclusively for women!


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