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I want to lose 5 kg in a month! Basic knowledge and ingenuity of diet

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o you have an image of dieting 5 kg in a month?

Is dietary restriction optimal for losing weight, or is it necessary to exercise hard? Here, we will first introduce how to lose 5 kg, along with the reasons.

Basic knowledge you need to know before dieting

Even if you go on a diet blindly, it will not be effective and it will be difficult to continue. In order to diet efficiently, you should also know the basics such as the daily calorie intake necessary for daily life and how many calories you should consume to lose weight.

What is the calorie consumption required to lose 1 kg? How many calories should I burn if I want to lose a kilo? To lose 1 kilo of fat, you need to burn 7200 kcal of calories. Although there are individual differences depending on the weight and body shape, walking for 30 minutes on a fast foot consumes 150 kcal. This means you have to walk 24 hours to drop a kilo. Given that, it’s a little difficult.

In order for a person who weighs 60 kg to lose 5 kg in a month,
let’s consider a diet method using a person who weighs 60 kg as an example. Do you know that there is a guideline for basal metabolism (calorie intake) required for normal life?

The daily calorie intake required to maintain a standard weight of 60 kg is approximately 2160 kcal. To lose 5 kg in one month, a simple calculation would require 36,000 kcal ÷ 31 days, which is a “calorie restriction of 1161 kcal per day”.

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How to make minus 5 kilometers successful

I calculated the calorie limit above, but if the daily calorie intake is too low, it can naturally damage your health . Therefore, let’s aim for a healthy minus 5 kg by combining exercise and diet well.



Then, I will explain in detail what to do to lose 5 kg in one month.

First of all, try to
increase metabolism as much as possible . You can imagine that calories are consumed if you exercise. Basal metabolism, on the other hand, is the energy consumed even when you are still or sleeping. In a diet, increasing metabolism is very beneficial. Increase your metabolism to get a lean body.

Let’s see how it actually works.

● Avoid foods and drinks that cool your body
● Take a slow bath
● Incorporate light running into your daily routine
● Stretch to soften your body ● Eat
as much protein as possible
● Eat meals by calculating sugar

Glucose restriction allows you to efficiently consume glucose in your body and makes triglycerides easier to burn. If you reduce the amount of sugar, the effect of dieting will become easier, so try to limit the amount of sugar within a reasonable range. Especially at night, the amount of activity is low, so it is the best time to incorporate the restrictions.

There are times when you go out to eat out with a relationship, or when you really want to eat a staple food. In such a case, it is recommended to reduce the daily sugar content of the staple foods such as rice, bread and noodles to 70-100g or less. In the case of one meal, 50-60g or less is a guide.

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Also, the order of choosing and eating is actually important. First select the side dishes, then select the staple food, and when eating, try to eat in the order of “vegetables”, “side dishes”, and “staple food”.

Instead of eating sugar, it is recommended to eat protein such as tofu, meat and fish. Tofu is satisfying and satisfying. It can also be eaten as it is, and it is also attractive that it is easy to cook and arrange. Also, if you limit your sugar on a diet, your body may run out of energy, but protein makes up for it. By the way, when choosing a sauce, mayonnaise has a lower sugar content than ketchup.

Recently, convenience stores also sell sugar-restricted sweets and bread. It is important not to give up because it is eating out or a convenience store, but to keep sugar off in any scene.

Exercising Moderate
You don’t have to exercise hard every day to lose 5 kilos in a month. Rather than doing strict muscle training, if you exercise moderately in combination with dietary restrictions, you can expect a sufficient effect by itself. Rather, it is better to focus on dietary restrictions. For example, try changing the juice you drank every day to tea, or tofu instead of rice. It is important to exercise moderately while keeping in mind a well-balanced diet. If you can afford it, it is recommended to get into the habit of muscle training as it will prevent rebound.

Now, let me introduce some easy exercises.

Swimming is a high-calorie exercise. It is effective for dieting because it takes a load just to walk in the water.

You can also change your mood while taking a walk, so it is recommended even if you feel uncomfortable due to dietary restrictions. It is more effective to walk a little faster than slowly.

Squat An easy exercise at home. If you do it in earnest, you will get muscle pain even a few times. That’s why it’s easy to feel the effect.

Another device to surely reduce!

Dieting involves efforts such as exercise and dietary restrictions. Even if I started taking a walk for a diet, the weather was bad and I couldn’t continue, or I went to a drinking party with a friend and had binge eating. Many people will be frustrated by unexpected circumstances. It is also important to set goals and motivate yourself so that you will not lose your guard and temptation and will not turn down on the way.

Make a note of the calories you consume each day
. Even sweets and candies that you casually eat have unexpected calories. The balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption is the basis of a diet. Recording calories also helps prevent overeating.

Why do you want to lose weight?
Let’s remember the reason for the yet to clarify the purpose of . By returning to the beginning, you can reconfirm and reset your goals.

When you’re on a diet to stay alert, you may be more likely to gain weight due to calorie restriction. Just because you’re a little thin, don’t let your guard down for a while, and stay alert until your weight stabilizes!

Graphing your weight Even when you are in a stagnation and do not lose weight, you will be motivated if you can see and be aware of daily changes. Graphing small daily achievements and hard work so that you can feel visually satisfied is also important for a long-lasting diet.


Let’s go on a diet! If you make that decision but it doesn’t go well, or if you can’t continue, first set a reasonable goal and do it efficiently. It is also important to stay motivated so as not to be frustrated.

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