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I’m worried about the terrible dryness of my face … Causes of dry skin and points of skin care

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If your face is very dry and you have troubles such as peeling or dusting, you may have dry skin. By identifying the cause and taking proper care, you will be able to lead to skin that is well-balanced with moisture. Also, when it is extremely dry, you need unusual skin care. Here, we will explain in detail the causes of severe dryness of the face and the points of skin care.

Peeling, dusting, tightness, etc … Causes of terrible dry skin

If you have peeling, dusting, or tension around your mouth, cheeks, or eyes, find out the cause. If you devise a skin care method while eliminating the cause, you can effectively deal with dry skin.

The causes of severe dry skin are:

Air drying

Winter is the season when the air is often dry. When the air is dry, the ceramides and natural moisturizing factors that maintain the barrier function of the skin are reduced and it becomes dry. Therefore, people with dry skin tend to have severe symptoms such as peeling and tightness in winter.

Also, if you spend time in an air-conditioned room, your skin may become dry. This is because turning on the air conditioner deprives the air of moisture. Both heating and cooling deprive the air of moisture, so you should be careful about drying even in the summer as long as you are using the air conditioner.

Wrong face wash

Rubbing the skin with scrubbing or washing it with too hot water will reduce the barrier function of the skin and cause it to become dry. When you rub your skin, you lose ingredients such as natural moisturizing factors and ceramides that keep your skin moisturized. Also, if you wash with too hot water, the skin oil film that protects the skin from external stimuli and prevents the evaporation of water will also flow.

If you wash your face the wrong way every day, you can always suffer from terrible dryness.

Ceramide deficiency

Ceramide is a component that fills the gaps in the corneocytes that make up the “stratum corneum” and retains water. When ceramide is lost, gaps are created between the keratinocytes, which prevent them from retaining water and dry the skin.

If the amount of ceramide is reduced due to incorrect facial cleansing or dry air, it will be difficult for the skin to regain its moisture even if it is hydrated with a lotion. Therefore, care with moisturizing cosmetics containing ceramide is required.

Disordered skin turnover

Skin turnover is a phenomenon in which skin cells born deep inside the skin are pushed up to the surface of the skin and replaced with old skin cells. By replacing with new skin cells, you can maintain the skin with a well-balanced barrier function.

However, if the turnover cycle is disturbed due to aging, incorrect cleansing, dry air, stress, malnutrition, etc., the skin’s barrier function cannot be maintained. If you are concerned about lack of sleep, stress, or disordered eating habits, check your skin.

Things to watch out for when you have very dry skin

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Regular skin care for extremely dry skin can be irritating to the skin. Here are some details on what you should be aware of in skin care when you have extremely dry skin, such as peeling and tightness.

Avoid irritating the skin

Extremely dry skin has a reduced barrier function, so care must be taken not to irritate it. If you irritate your skin strongly, you may have problems such as eczema, redness and itching. Be careful not to touch or scratch your face frequently just because you are concerned about dryness.

Review face wash

Dry skin may have become worse due to the “wrong face wash”. If you review your face wash, you can wash away dirt without irritating your skin. The basic facial cleansing method is as follows.

(1) Take the cleanser in your hand, use one hand as a saucer, and use the other hand to whisk. With a whipping net, you can create fine and elastic skin.
(2) Put foam between your hands and skin and wash with your palm in a large circle.
(3) Carefully wash off the foam with lukewarm water. Rinse well as bubbles tend to remain on the hairline, face line, and inner corners of the eyes.

After washing your face, gently remove the water drops with a soft towel.

Thoroughly moisturize skin care

After washing your face, the texture of your skin is disturbed and the sebaceous membrane is also washed away, so moisturizing care with lotion or milky lotion is required. Use moisturizing care to balance the moisture and oil content of your skin and enhance the barrier function.

The order of moisturizing care is “toner”, “essence”, “milky lotion”, and “cream”. First, rehydrate with a lotion, and then apply a beauty essence suitable for skin problems. Choose a serum that is rich in ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Then replenish both water and oil with emulsion. However, the milky lotion alone cannot make up for the oil in the extremely dry area, so it is necessary to add cream.

Do not use skin care with stimulating ingredients

Use mild moisturizing cosmetics, as areas that are extremely dry are more susceptible to irritation than other areas. Even if the package has the word “hypoallergenic”, you cannot tell whether it is on your skin or not without actually using it.

Check with a tester to see if the skin is irritating.

What can you do to prevent terrible dry skin?

If you have extremely dry skin, you need to take measures other than normal skin care. In addition to your usual skin care, take the following measures.

Add cream to moisturizing care

Add cream to moisturizing care with lotion, serum, and milky lotion. The cream is rich in oil. By supplementing the oil that cannot be supplemented with the milky lotion with cream, it becomes easier to keep the skin moisturized.

The point is to apply the cream gently and carefully, not by rubbing it. Rubbing may rub the skin and worsen dryness.

Do not spend too much time washing your face

Some people wash their face longer than usual, believing that the more they wash it, the more moisturized it will be. It is important not to spend too much time washing your face, as the longer the foam stays, the more water and oil your skin will be deprived of.

Once the foam has spread all over your face, wash it off immediately.

Keep indoor humidity at 60%

When the humidity drops below 50%, the skin becomes less moist and tends to dry out. Humidity fluctuates due to air changes and people coming and going, so be aware of keeping it at 60%. By keeping the humidity at 60%, even if the room is a little dry, it will not easily drop below 50%.


If you are concerned about the severe dryness of your face, review your face washing method and moisturizing care. By continuing proper skin care, you can lead to moisturized skin. Also, if your lifestyle is disturbed, the turnover cycle will be disturbed and your skin will become dry easily. Review both your lifestyle and skin care and aim for healthy skin.

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