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Thoroughly moisturize and prevent dry skin! Moisturizing care tips and how to choose care products

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Dry skin is easier to dry than normal skin, so more careful moisturizing care is required. Even for dry skin, it will be easier to maintain healthy skin depending on the method of moisturizing care. Proper moisturizing with highly moisturizing cosmetics will relieve the problems of dry skin. Here, we will introduce the tips of moisturizing care and how to choose care products that dry skin wants to start from today.

Is moisturizing essential? About the cause of dry skin

In order to properly care for dry skin, it is important to know the cause first. In addition to the constitution that is easy to dry, dry skin is easy to dry due to the following reasons.


Aging is a cause of disturbing the skin turnover cycle. The skin is composed of “epidermis”, “dermis”, and “subcutaneous tissue” in order from the outside. And the “epidermis” consists of “weapon layer”, “granular layer”, “stratum spinosum”, and “basal layer” in order from the outside. ..

Skin turnover is a mechanism in which new cells created in the “basal layer” are pushed up and replaced by cells in the “horny layer”.

This turnover mechanism maintains the barrier function of the skin.

However, if the turnover cycle is accelerated or delayed due to aging, it becomes difficult to generate “natural moisturizing factors” and “ceramides” that keep the skin moisturized, and it becomes easier for water to be lost, resulting in a barrier function. Will decrease.

Wrong skin care

If you wash with too hot water, one of the barrier functions, “skin oil film”, will be washed away, and your skin will tend to dry out. Also, if you wash it vigorously, new skin cells will come off due to friction and you will not be able to keep the skin moisturized.

If you continue to do this wrong skin care every day, your skin can always get dry.

Extreme dryness due to the season

In the dry season such as winter, the skin is deprived of water and the barrier function deteriorates. In addition, the air conditioner absorbs the moisture in the air, so the room dries and the moisture on the skin is deprived.

When using the air conditioner, use a humidifier that automatically adjusts the humidity. It is also important not to hit the wind of the air conditioner directly.

What is the method of moisturizing dry skin? Skin care tips

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Dry skin tends to be more affected by lack of skin care than normal skin. Therefore, let’s hold down the following skin care tips and basics.

Use lotion and milky lotion properly

In moisturizing care, moisturize with lotion and supplement oil with milky lotion. It is also a good idea to use a beauty essence that suits your skin problems after moisturizing with a lotion. Moisturizing, oiling and cosmetological ingredients on the skin provides a barrier function that makes it harder to dry.

Apply cream, especially for terrible dryness

Apply cream to “parts that are easy to dry, such as around the mouth and eyes” and “parts that are extremely dry.” What I want to pay attention to here is how to apply the cream.

Some people want to rub it in to allow the cream to penetrate deep into the skin. However, rubbing it on the skin causes frictional damage and can cause it to become even drier.

Apply the cream gently with the pad of your finger so as not to rub the skin.

Protect usage

Moisturizing cosmetics do not increase the moisturizing effect when used in large quantities. If you apply too much milky lotion or cream, your skin may become sticky. On the contrary, if the amount is too small, it will not be sufficiently moisturized.

It is important to apply the optimum amount based on the area of ​​the face.

Take care immediately after washing your face

After washing your face, your skin will be deficient in water and oil, so moisturize as soon as possible. Some people do moisturizing care after drying their hair, but that will dry their skin.

Gently remove the water droplets on your face with a soft towel, and then carefully moisturize with a lotion, serum, or milky lotion. If you really want to dry your hair first, apply just the lotion first.

How to choose moisturizing care cosmetics that you want to recommend for dry skin

Dry skin is easier to dry than normal skin, so it is recommended to choose cosmetics that have a high moisturizing effect and are less irritating to the skin. It is also recommended to add items to basic skin care. Then, I will introduce how to choose moisturizing care cosmetics that I would like to recommend for people with dry skin.

Contains moisturizing ingredients

If you have dry skin, use moisturizing cosmetics that contain ingredients with excellent moisturizing power. We recommend lotions, beauty essences, and milky lotions that contain “hyaluronic acid,” which is also contained in the skin. Supplementing hyaluronic acid from the outside can be expected to improve the barrier function.

We also recommend “Squalene,” which is made from “squalene,” which is contained in the liver oil and olive oil of sharks that live in the deep sea. It suppresses the evaporation of water from the skin and maintains the barrier function. Furthermore, it will be comfortable to use because it is less sticky.

Things that are less irritating to the skin

Dry skin can cause trouble even with small stimuli that would not be irritating to normal skin. Therefore, use moisturizing cosmetics that are less irritating to the skin. However, I do not know if there is any irritation to the skin until I actually use it.

Please consider purchasing after confirming compatibility with your skin with a tester.

Add items depending on your skin condition

How about layering Vaseline on the part that dries easily even if you apply the cream? “Cream” is an oily ingredient with water and glycerin added, while “Vaseline” does not contain water. Therefore, it can supplement oil more strongly.

High-purity white petrolatum is also the base of medicinal ointments and is suitable for dry skin because it is less irritating to the skin.


People with dry skin tend to suffer from problems such as redness, dryness, and itching due to the reduced barrier function. If you review your usual moisturizing care, you may be able to reduce skin problems due to a decrease in barrier function. Make sure to use the mildest moisturizing cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid and squalane.

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