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Introducing the causes and types of wrinkles! Explain the measures that can be taken from now on

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Wrinkles that get deeper with age. Did you know that there are various causes such as ultraviolet rays and facial expression habits as well as aging? By removing the cause of wrinkles, let’s lead to skin that looks younger than the actual age. We will introduce in detail the causes and types of wrinkles and countermeasures.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by the following causes.

Common cause of wrinkles

First, let’s look at the causes common to all wrinkles.

Decreased skin elasticity due to aging

With aging, collagen and elastin, which are the elastic components of the skin, decrease, making the skin easier to sag. When the skin sags, it becomes wrinkled due to the skin coming close to it.

Drying due to low temperature and humidity

In low temperature and humidity environments, the skin tends to lose moisture and become dry. The dryness disturbs the texture of the skin, resulting in fine wrinkles.

Due to UV damage

Ultraviolet rays not only dry the skin but also reduce collagen and elastin. You will have both sagging and dry wrinkles. It is important for people who work in the scorching sun or who go out frequently to take sufficient measures against UV rays.

Many deep wrinkles and fine wrinkles are carved by the accumulation of UV damage over many years.

Facial expression habit

Wrinkles begin to form due to dry skin, and deep wrinkles and fine wrinkles are created by overlapping facial expressions. If you notice it, those who have wrinkles between their eyebrows and those who laugh often will be more likely to have wrinkles due to their facial expressions.

Causes of wrinkles by site

Next, let’s take a closer look at the causes of wrinkles by site.

Under the eyes

The area around the eyes is thin and has little sebum, so it tends to dry out. Rubbing strongly with cleansing accelerates drying and creates fine wrinkles called crepe wrinkles. In addition, long-term operation of a computer or smartphone can make your eyes tired, resulting in poor blood circulation, reduced skin metabolism, and increased wrinkles.


The forehead is a part that is easily affected by ultraviolet rays and dryness. Also, if you are concerned about the shine caused by sebum, you tend to remove excess sebum with a blotter film or tissue. Foreheads that are deficient in sebum will dry out and form fine wrinkles. Those who have a habit of moving their forehead up and down will also be more likely to have fine wrinkles.

Between the eyebrows

The area between the eyebrows is the same as the forehead, where wrinkles are likely to occur due to the effects of facial expressions such as habit, dryness, and ultraviolet rays. When thinking, many people may just get wrinkles between their eyebrows. Deep wrinkles that cannot be easily erased are carved by the accumulation of daily habits.


The neck is the area where the skin is thinner and easier to dry than the face. In addition, sweating deprives the skin of water and accelerates drying. Wrinkles may be carved by keeping the posture facing down for a long time.

The outer corner of the eye

The outer corners of the eyes are the areas where the skin is thin, just like under the eyes. Dry by rubbing with cleansing. One of the causes is that metabolism decreases as a result of long-term operation of a computer or smartphone.

What are the types of wrinkles? Explain each feature

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Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each type of wrinkle.

Epidermis wrinkles: It is composed of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue in order from the surface. Of these, wrinkles on the epidermis.
Dermis wrinkles: Wrinkles are deepened due to changes in the skin due to aging and ultraviolet rays.
Facial expression wrinkles: Wrinkles carved by the habit of facial expressions.
Dry wrinkles: Small wrinkles caused by the texture of the skin surface being disturbed by drying.
Ultraviolet wrinkles: Wrinkles caused by the decrease of collagen and elastin due to the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Wrinkles are divided into epidermal wrinkles and dermal wrinkles according to the depth. Furthermore, there are various types such as facial expression wrinkles, dry wrinkles, and ultraviolet wrinkles depending on the cause.

What can be done to prevent wrinkles? Explains existing wrinkle care methods

Let’s take a closer look at how to care for wrinkles and how to prevent them.

Care to prevent wrinkles

To prevent wrinkles, it is important to make the following care habits.

UV protection

To prevent UV wrinkles, it is important to take measures against UV rays with sunscreen, parasols, hats, sunglasses, etc. UV damage builds up, so it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible.

Facial muscle training

By training your facial muscles, you will be able to firmly support your skin. There are various methods of facial muscle training, but “Aoi Aoi Gymnastics” is recommended.

(1) Repeat switching between “A” and “O” shapes every 30 seconds
(2) Repeat switching between “U” and “I” shapes every 30 seconds

“A” “Opens wide” and “O” opens to create a large space in the mouth. For “U”, squeeze your lips rather than the shape of “O” and stick it forward. For “i”, pull your mouth to the left and right to show your teeth and laugh.

Use skin care that contains ingredients that are effective against wrinkles

Use skin care items that contain ingredients that are effective against wrinkles. We recommend vitamin C derivatives that suppress the effects of ultraviolet rays, retinol that promotes skin turnover and increases collagen, and hyaluronic acid that has high water retention.

Don’t save stress

Stress disrupts the turnover cycle and has a negative effect on the skin. Let’s release stress diligently by enjoying your hobbies.

Pre-existing wrinkle care

Take care of existing wrinkles as follows.

Thorough moisturizing

It is important to keep your skin moisturized and not to increase wrinkles anymore. Moisturizing care may improve wrinkles that are temporarily caused by dryness.

Do not miss UV care

Take sufficient measures with sunscreen, parasols, sunglasses, etc. to prevent the accumulation of UV damage. It is important to take measures against UV rays even when going out for a short time to thoroughly prevent UV damage.


There are various causes of wrinkles, such as UV rays, stress, and incorrect skin care. Review your skin care and lifestyle to prevent wrinkles. Wrinkles tend to increase with age, so if you have a lot of wrinkles, you may look older than you really are. Start anti-wrinkle measures as soon as possible and aim for younger looking skin.

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