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Wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes, etc … What is the cause of the wrinkles? Explain wrinkle measures for each part!

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If you are worried about wrinkles on your forehead or corners of your eyes, it is important to start taking measures as soon as possible. If the wrinkles are left unattended, the number will increase and the grooves will deepen. Since the countermeasures are different for each part, let’s take a closer look at each. Here, we will introduce in detail the causes of wrinkles and countermeasures for each part.

[By part] What you can do to prevent wrinkles on your forehead, neck, and corners of your eyes

Let’s take a closer look at the countermeasures for each wrinkle area.

Under the eyes

The area under the eyes is wrinkled because the skin is thin and easy to dry. Use cleansing and face washing gently and carefully. Careful moisturizing care and UV protection are also important.


The forehead is a part that is easily affected by ultraviolet rays. There is also a concern that deep wrinkles will be carved due to the habit of facial expressions. It is important to take thorough measures against UV rays and consciously improve the habit of facial expressions.

Between the eyebrows

Like the glabella, it is a part where wrinkles are easily carved due to the habit of facial expressions. When you get angry or think, many people may have wrinkles between their eyebrows. Let’s thoroughly correct moisturizing care and UV protection while consciously correcting the habit of facial expressions.


The neck is where the skin is thin and very dry. Also, when you look at your smartphone, if you look down, your skin will come closer and wrinkles will be carved. Since the neck is not covered with clothing, it is easily affected by ultraviolet rays, so caution is required.

The outer corner of the eye

Since the skin on the outer corners of the eyes is as thin as under the eyes, it is easily affected by dryness and ultraviolet rays. Get in the habit of careful moisturizing care and UV protection.

Review the cosmetics and skin care that you normally use to prevent wrinkles!

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Wrinkles can be improved by reviewing the cosmetics and skin care methods you normally use. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose cosmetics and skin care methods.


Choose cosmetics by keeping the following points in mind.

Choose one with active ingredients

It is important to take care with cosmetics that contain ingredients that are effective against wrinkles. Use cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10. Hyaluronic acid is a component that is also present in the skin and moisturizes the skin to support its barrier function.

Coenzyme Q10 is a component deeply involved in metabolism. Both are components that originally exist in the body, but they decrease with age. It needs to be supplemented from the outside with cosmetics.

For areas that tend to dry, we recommend using moisturizing ingredients.

For areas where the skin is thin and easy to dry, such as the eyes and mouth, use cosmetics that are rich in moisturizing ingredients. For moisturizing care, use lotion, serum, and milky lotion in that order, but at the end, apply cream only to areas that are easy to dry.

It is possible to balance the moisture and oil content of the skin and lead to dry and UV-resistant skin.

skin care

When it comes to skin care, it’s important to review cleansing, face-washing, and moisturizing methods. If you use a sheet-type makeup remover that rubs against your skin, the friction will dry your skin and cause wrinkles. Use a wash-off type makeup remover.

In addition, when washing your face, you can apply the cleanser directly to your skin and wash it with hot water, or you can wash it off with hot water to lose the moisture and oil content of your skin, which can cause dryness. If it receives stimuli such as ultraviolet rays or friction, it may cause not only wrinkles but also stains.

Thoroughly lather the cleanser to gently wash your skin. Be sure to use lukewarm water when pre-washing and rinsing. Hot water will dry your skin by washing away excess sebum.

And after washing your face, give moisturizing care as soon as possible. Please take care so that it blends into your skin with a hand press.

Review your usual lifestyle and take measures against wrinkles!

Let’s take a closer look at how to review lifestyle habits to prevent wrinkles.

Be careful of facial expressions

It is important to consciously stop the habit of squinting your eyes and wrinkling your eyebrows. It will be easier to fix your habit if you point it out to your family and friends.

Thorough UV care

In order to thoroughly shut out the UV rays that cause wrinkles, it is important to take thorough measures against UV rays. Use sunscreen, a parasol, sunglasses, etc. to prevent UV rays. When choosing sunscreen, pay attention to the SPF and PA values ​​and choose the one that suits your outing time and environment. Choose UV-blocking parasols and sunglasses.

The higher the UV cut rate, the higher the effect of blocking UV rays. Also, on the day you go out, you need more careful moisturizing care. Use moisturizing care to improve the barrier function to restore UV-damaged skin as quickly as possible.

In addition, good and good sleep and a nutritionally balanced diet are also useful for UV care.

Be careful of lack of exercise

In the state of lack of exercise, active oxygen increases and the aging of skin cells accelerates. As a result, wrinkles are likely to occur, so be careful of lack of exercise. It is important to do moderate exercise such as walking and walking for 30 minutes a day.

It is important to continue exercising, so choose an exercise that is easy to continue for a long time. If you are lacking in exercise, start walking or walking, and when you get used to it, start jogging, swimming, or cycling.

However, strenuous exercise will increase active oxygen, so do not increase the exercise intensity too much.


Wrinkles are mainly caused by UV rays, dryness, and stress. Facial habits and incorrect skin care also increase the risk of wrinkles. Review your lifestyle, facial expression habits, skin care, exercise habits, etc. and aim for wrinkle-resistant skin. The more wrinkles you have, the older you look, so it is important to make an effort to reduce them as much as possible. Start wrinkle control today and aim for skin that looks younger than you really are.

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