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What is an effective cream for wrinkles and firmness? Correct usage and selection

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Wrinkles and tension that are worrisome with age. You want to improve even a little with daily skin care. The recommendation is to use wrinkle and firmness cream at the right frequency and correctly. I think the ingredients and usage are of concern here. Therefore, this time we will introduce in detail the ingredients and usage of wrinkle and tension cream.

Common wrinkles and tension worries with age

With age, wrinkles become deeper and more numerous, and the firmness of the skin is lost, making fine wrinkles and sagging more noticeable. First, let’s take a closer look at the areas where wrinkles and tension are conspicuous.

Where wrinkles are worrisome

Wrinkles are most likely to be noticeable around the eyes, eyes, and mouth where the skin is thin. Since areas with thin skin tend to dry out, crepe-like and linear wrinkles are noticeable. In addition, the loss of elasticity of the skin makes it difficult for the wrinkles carved when laughing to return, which tends to occur in the mouth, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to “ultraviolet wrinkles” that are caused by the adverse effects of collagen and elastin that keep the skin firm by ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays affect the entire face.

Where you are worried about the lack of elasticity

The lack of elasticity is noticeable in the eyes and cheeks. Collagen and elastin, which maintain the elasticity of the skin, decrease due to the effects of ultraviolet rays and aging, and the skin becomes unsupportable and sagging becomes noticeable. One of the causes of sagging eyes is that the number of blinks decreases and muscle strength decreases when using a computer or smartphone.

Daily casual habits cause a lack of tension.

What is the effect of wrinkle and firm cream? | What is the correct usage?

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Wrinkle and firmness cream is an item that moisturizes and cares for the skin. Let’s take a closer look at how to incorporate it into skin care and how to use it.

Order of use

The order of skin care is face wash, lotion, milky lotion, serum, wrinkle and firm cream. Apply wrinkle and firmness cream to areas where wrinkles and firmness are a concern. Avoid the nose and forehead, which are high in sebum, as they are high in oil.

Used after conditioning the skin with skin care

It is important to use wrinkle and firm cream after conditioning the skin with a lotion or serum. If you apply the cream first, it will be difficult for the lotion and serum to penetrate the skin. Be aware that your skin will be well-conditioned, as it can cause makeup to break down.

Use twice in the morning and evening

The frequency of wrinkle and firmness cream varies depending on the product, but it is basically twice a day in the morning and evening. Incorporate it into pre-makeup skin care and post-bathing skin care.

Gently stretch without rubbing the skin

It is important to gently spread the wrinkle and firmness cream without rubbing the skin. Even if you press or rub the cream strongly, it will not increase its penetration into the skin. Rubbing the skin may cause wrinkles and lack of firmness due to dryness, and may cause dullness. Try to apply it the right way.

How to choose wrinkles and firmness cream

There are various wrinkle and firm creams, but not all of them can be selected. It is important to select the ingredients, texture, moisturizing power, etc. on the premise that it suits your skin. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose wrinkle and firm cream.

Choose by ingredient

It is important to choose a cream that contains ingredients that help care for wrinkles and firmness. For wrinkles, we recommend retinol, which keeps the skin’s mucous membrane healthy, niacinamide, which is expected to improve wrinkles, and coenzyme Q10, which is essential for energy production, and vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, for tension deficiency.

Choose by texture

It is important to choose a wrinkle / tension cream that is easy to apply. If it is difficult to apply, you will not be able to apply the cream to every corner and the effect will be lost.

Eyes … Since the skin moves and is difficult to apply, we recommend using a soft and smooth texture.
Mouth … You can apply even a slightly hard texture without any problem.
Forehead … Since the skin moves, choose one with a soft and smooth texture.

You may purchase wrinkle and firm cream with different textures depending on where you apply it.

Choose by moisturizing power

Both wrinkles and firmness of the skin are related to dryness. It is important to take care with wrinkle and firm cream, which has high moisturizing power. Choose one that contains the following ingredients:

Ceramide: A component that fills the gaps between the stratum corneum cells of the outermost stratum corneum of the skin. It is an essential ingredient to maintain the barrier function of the skin, but it decreases with age. Therefore, it is important to supplement with wrinkle and elasticity cream from the outside.

Collagen: A component that keeps the elasticity of the skin. Collagen is reduced by all causes, including UV rays and dryness. Collagen inside the skin does not increase, but using collagen-containing cosmetics makes it easier to keep the skin moisturized.

Hyaluronic acid … Hyaluronic acid is a component that exists between cells in the dermis at the back of the epidermis. It has the property of holding a lot of water and has the role of keeping the skin moisturized. Hyaluronic acid decreases with age and dryness, so it is important to supplement it from the outside.

We recommend the wrinkle and firmness cream that contains all the above three ingredients. Check with a tester as it may not be compatible with your skin.


Wrinkles and firmness are something that you really care about as you age. By starting measures as soon as possible, it will be easier to keep your skin moisturized and firm. Wrong skin care increases the risk of wrinkles, lack of firmness, and dullness. While reviewing your daily skin care and lifestyle, use the wrinkle and firmness cream that suits you properly to maintain healthy skin.

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