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What kind of wrinkles are there? Explaining the cause and preventive method

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There are various types of wrinkles such as facial expression wrinkles and dermis wrinkles. It is important to check each one because the cause, remedy, and preventive measures are different for each. Let’s deal with it appropriately according to the type of wrinkles. Here, we will introduce in detail the characteristics, causes, remedies, and preventive measures for each type of wrinkle.

Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth … What kind of wrinkles are there?

Let’s take a closer look at the types of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Facial expression wrinkles

Facial expression wrinkles are irreversible wrinkles around the eyes and mouth that occur when you laugh or get angry. Wrinkles caused by changes in facial expressions are temporary, but wrinkles do not disappear with age.

Dermis wrinkles

The skin consists of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue in order from the outside. Of these, dermal wrinkles are caused by a decrease in collagen and elastin in the dermis. It is very noticeable due to the deep wrinkles in the groove.

Sagging wrinkles

Sagging wrinkles are wrinkles that occur when the skin hangs down due to the reduction of firmness components such as collagen and elastin. It tends to form on the cheeks, mouth, and eyes.

Chirimen wrinkles (small wrinkles)

Crepe wrinkles are shallow, fine wrinkles on the surface of the skin. The main causes are rubbing eyes and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

About the cause of wrinkles

There are various causes of wrinkles. Wrinkles are more likely to occur due to overlapping causes, so check the causes for prevention.

Decreased skin elasticity due to aging

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, which maintain the elasticity of the skin as it ages, decrease, causing the skin to become dry and sagging and wrinkle.

Dryness due to aging

As you age, the ingredients that keep your skin moisturized, such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide, decrease. As a result, the skin tends to become dry, which makes it easier for crepe wrinkles to form. In addition, the reduced barrier function of the skin makes it more susceptible to UV rays, which will increase the risk of dermal wrinkles and sagging wrinkles.

Decrease in female hormone levels

After adulthood, female hormones tend to decrease with age. The decrease in estrogen among female hormones reduces collagen and elastin, resulting in an increased risk of dermal wrinkles and sagging wrinkles.


Photoaging is a phenomenon in which the skin ages due to the effects of ultraviolet rays. Wrinkles appear when the skin is thick and stiff. In addition, the destruction of collagen and elastin causes the skin to lose its elasticity, and the sagging causes sagging wrinkles.

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What can you do to prevent wrinkles?

To prevent wrinkles, it is necessary to eliminate the cause as much as possible. Let’s take a closer look at the awareness and care that leads to the prevention of wrinkles.

Fix facial habits

To prevent facial wrinkles, it is important to correct the habit of squinting your eyes and wrinkling your eyebrows. However, it will be difficult to fix the habit immediately. If you unknowingly squint or wrinkle your eyebrows, it is recommended that you ask the people around you to point out.

It may be easier to fix it by being conscious of “let’s not be pointed out” instead of “let’s fix the habit”.

Thorough moisturizing care

Thorough moisturizing care is important to prevent dryness and enhance the barrier function. The skin is deprived of water due to various causes such as dry air, friction, and sunlight. Moisturizing care not only before make-up in the morning and after bathing at night, but also when re-makeup.

Please replenish hyaluronic acid and ceramide with lotion or serum.

UV care

It is important to take thorough measures against UV rays to prevent the decrease of collagen and elastin caused by UV rays. Apply sunscreen, put on a parasol, and wear a hat and sunglasses. It is recommended to choose a hat with a wide brim so that the face is in the shadow.

For sunscreen, choose SPF and PA appropriately according to where you are going and when you are out. SPF shows how long the effects of UVB, which causes inflammation on the surface of the skin, are prolonged. PA exhibits the ability to prevent UVA, which penetrates deep into the skin and adversely affects collagen and elastin.

We recommend SPF20-30, PA ++ for walking and shopping, SPF30-40, PA +++ for outdoor sports and leisure, and SPF40 or above, PA +++ or higher for leisure and marine sports under the scorching sun.

Sunscreen is sweaty, so no matter how high your SPF is, you’ll need to reapply it diligently.

Measures against wrinkles that have been created

There is no choice but to take measures to prevent the wrinkles that have already been formed from getting worse. Let’s take a closer look at how to deal with wrinkles that have already been created.

Moisturizing care to prevent fine wrinkles due to dryness

If the fine wrinkles due to drying are left unattended, the number will increase and the groove will become deeper. Therefore, it is important to prevent dryness with daily skin care and proper cleansing. Moisturize your skin with a lotion or serum, and don’t let the humidifier dry your room.

Make sure to lather the cleanser thoroughly and wash it gently and carefully.

Take measures against ultraviolet rays to prevent engraving

It is still important to take measures against UV rays to prevent deepening of wrinkles. Wrinkles do not get deeper immediately after being exposed to UV rays. It’s not too late to start taking action, as the impact will gradually appear over time.


There are various types of wrinkles, such as facial expression wrinkles and crepe wrinkles. It is important not to reduce hyaluronic acid and collagen, which decrease with age, as much as possible. Even now, by starting to take measures against wrinkles, it may be possible to protect the health of the skin 10 or 20 years from now. Make sure to take proper daily skin care and UV protection.

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