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Rough, dull, dry … Japan’s only * 1 moisturizing serum for our volatile skin

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Dryness, dryness, rough
skin, bad makeup … Somehow, skin problems that occur, have you given up?

Even though I have good skin care, my eyes and cheeks are dry in the evening.” “When I get busy, I always get rough skin and pimples.” Everyone feels that their skin is upset, such as “I wear a mask all day long, so it’s easy to get rough skin.” I think there are many people who want to do something, but don’t know how to improve it, and can’t help it.

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The cause of skin sway is deep-seated lack
of moisture. Improves the water retention capacity of the skin and makes it positive every day!

When the skin is in good condition at the time of departure, make-up is fun and makes you feel better. On the other hand, if your skin is dry and your makeup is not good, you may not feel like that day. If you can improve the fluctuations of your skin that get better or worse, you will surely have more fun every day!
Skin fluctuations such as dryness and rough skin are actually caused by a deep-seated lack of moisture. This deep-seated lack of moisture creates a “moisturizing gap” in the skin, and even if it is moisturized or given, the water escapes more and more.
ONE BY KOSE Serum Veil is a new moisturizing beauty essence that increases the amount of ceramide in this “moisturizing gap” to improve the ability of the skin to retain its own moisture. Contains Rice Power ® No. 11, the only active ingredient in Japan * 1 that produces ceramide, which has the power to retain moisture, and can improve the water retention capacity of the skin. With ONE BY KOSE Serum Veil, which always keeps your skin moisturized and smooth, your skin will stay in good condition every day.

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