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Is whitening care done properly? Let’s review the causes and types of spots and correct care and aim for whitening

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Spots and dullness that cause you to look older than you really are. Even if you can keep your skin beautiful now, the reality is that it becomes easier for you to get dark spots and dullness as you age. Start care in your twenties to prevent future spots and dullness. However, you may not know how to care for whitening, or you may make it worse with the wrong care. Therefore, this time we will introduce in detail the causes and types of spots and the correct whitening care method.

What is whitening care?

Whitening care is care that prevents or improves problems such as age spots, dullness, and freckles. Incorporating cosmetics and foods that approach melanin can prevent future age spots and dullness.

It is difficult to completely remove dark spots and dullness with whitening care, so consider treatment at a medical institution in some cases. It is important to start whitening care in your twenties, as spots tend to increase rapidly from the early to late thirties.

Whitening natural enemy! About the cause and type of stains

To prevent blemishes with proper whitening care, you need to have a good understanding of the causes and types of blemishes. By continuing whitening care while removing the cause, you will be able to prevent blemishes efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at the types and causes of stains.

What is a stain?

Blemishes are melanin pigments that are formed inside the skin and are deposited on the face and body. When exposed to stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and friction, melanin pigment is produced from melanocytes. It is important not to irritate the skin, as melanin pigments are produced by various stimuli.

About the type of stain

There are the following types of stains.

Senile pigment spots: Round spots of a few millimeters to a few centimeters with clear boundaries with the surrounding skin. The melanin pigment is deposited on the skin due to the influence of the ultraviolet rays that have been exposed so far.

Chloasma: A brown stain with a vague outline that appears symmetrically. The imbalance of female hormones activates the production of melanin pigment, which is deposited on the skin. It tends to increase in people in their 30s and 50s, who tend to lose their hormonal balance.

Freckles … The feature is that small spots can be scattered around the cheeks from the nose. It appears from early childhood and increases in number as it grows. It also tends to darken during puberty and then lighten. The cause is said to be a genetic factor, but caution is required as it may become darker due to ultraviolet rays.

Friction melasma: By rubbing the skin with a nylon towel or scrubbing brush, melanin pigment is excessively produced and deposited on the skin. It is also considered to be a factor to wash the face and body strongly and to use a strong shampoo and cleanser.

Why do you get dark spots and dullness?

Melanin pigments are not immediately spotted because they are excreted along with old dead skin cells by the skin turnover mechanism. However, when the production of melanin pigment becomes excessive due to strong ultraviolet rays or the turnover function deteriorates with aging, the melanin pigment that could not be completely discharged is deposited on the skin.

It is also related to the fact that active oxygen generated by ultraviolet rays causes oxidative damage to the skin, and poor blood circulation prevents the nutrients required for turnover from reaching the skin.

What can whitening care do?

It is important to prevent irritation to the skin in order to suppress the production of melanin pigment. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with whitening care.

What you can do with normal skin care

It is important to review your usual skin care to prevent damage to your skin. Keep in mind the following skin care.

Face wash … It is important not to cause frictional damage to the skin when washing the face. Make sure to lather cleanser and soap to avoid rubbing your skin. If you use a cleanser that has too strong a detergency, the water and sebum that are responsible for the barrier function of the skin will be lost, so it is important to choose the one that suits your skin.

Moisturizing… When the skin’s moisture and sebum decrease, the barrier function of the skin deteriorates and it becomes more susceptible to irritation. Use not only lotion but also milky lotion to rehydrate and oil your skin.

UV protection … UV rays cause stains and dullness, so don’t just apply sunscreen, but use a hat or parasol to take proper measures. It is important to use a sunscreen cream that matches the intensity of UV rays, such as choosing SPF30 or higher, PA +++ or higher on midsummer days, and SPF20-30, PA ++ for a little outing.

Whitening care with quasi-drugs containing beauty active ingredients

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Quasi-drugs containing cosmetological active ingredients can be expected to have the effect of suppressing the production of melanin pigments and helping their discharge. Daily use will reduce stains and dullness. The point is to use it not only on the area you care about, but on the entire face.

Even if there are no spots or dullness now, melanin may be steadily accumulating. Continued use will increase the effect of preventing dark spots and dullness in the future. Even if you use a large amount, the effect will not change, so keep the amount used.

What is whitening care that can be done from lifestyle?

Whitening care from the inside of the body is also necessary to maintain white and beautiful skin. Let’s keep in mind the following life.

Get a good night’s sleep

Avoid night owls and get enough sleep to regulate the growth hormone production needed for turnover. Light sleep and deep sleep non-REM sleep are repeated, and it is important to sleep when sleepiness reaches its peak. If you receive a strong light stimulus before going to bed, it will be difficult to fall asleep, so avoid watching your smartphone or TV as much as possible. Sleeping immediately after eating can also reduce growth hormone secretion, so it is recommended that you finish your meal at least 4 hours before going to bed.

Do light exercise

Light exercise can be expected to have the effect of promoting blood flow. Nourishment will be delivered to the skin and turnover will be easier to arrange. Walking, jogging and cycling are recommended, but you can start with a walk. It is important to continue for a long time, so choose an exercise that you can continue without overdoing it.

Take a slow bath in a lukewarm bath

Slowly soaking in a lukewarm bath promotes blood flow and allows you to relax. It will also help to care for chloasma caused by stress-induced hormonal imbalance. It is important to always soak in lukewarm water, as soaking in too hot water will not only cause it to spill, but also wash away the sebum that protects the skin.

Take effective nutrients for spot care

The following nutrients are said to be effective in the care of stains.

Vitamin A: It has an antioxidant effect and works to suppress oxidative damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays. It is abundant in tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, etc.

Vitamin C: A nutrient that has an antioxidant effect like Vitamin A. It also suppresses the production of melanin, which is useful for the care of age spots and dullness. It is contained in green and yellow vegetables and fruits in general.

Vitamin E: It has the function of suppressing oxidative damage while supporting the function of vitamin C. It’s abundant in peanuts and avocados, but it’s also high in fat, so be careful not to overeat.


Start whitening care in your twenties. If you take care of age spots and dullness from an early stage, you can maintain white and beautiful skin when you are in your 30s or 40s. Let’s approach the skin from the inside by improving lifestyle and stress care while suppressing irritation to the skin with skin care. Careful care of moisturizer, serum care, and UV protection is important.

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